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The PA Report - Without the dark there can be no light: what would have happened in Space Marine 2 a



  • SushewakkaSushewakka Registered User regular
    That'll do, @Fixer40000 . That'll do.

  • metalsonic_69metalsonic_69 Registered User regular
    Got this with PS+ a long time ago but never got around to playing it. Guess I better re-download it.

  • BrinkmanBrinkman Registered User regular
    This is such a great and silly game. I really hope to see more though. Maybe fine tune the controls a bit to allow a more fluid transition between attacks. The Batman Arkham games seem to achieve this perfectly. Either way, I love the franchise, I love what they did with the game, and I hope to see more down the line.

    It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. -Thomas Jefferson
  • itchy richitchy rich Registered User regular
    For the record I finally bought this game yesterday and it was totally worth 10 bucks! Thanks for the suggestion! The other reviews I'd read all complained that it was 'repetitive', and I guess it is a little, but I like killing orcs Repeatedly, so... it's perfect?

    Good stuff! Might not be as fun if you never played one of their tabletop games (which I have *cringe*). Best video game I've played based on 40k franchise, which isn't saying much, but seriously it's awesome!

    I do want note however, that the reviews that call it repetitive are a little unfair (imo). When I read 'repetitive' it made me think of games like skyrim or other rpgs where you have to endlessly grind through boring (imo!) fights and monsters, but this isn't like that at all! Granted some of the goodness comes from obscure references to the tabletop game and the orc classes and weapons that I kept trying to match up to things in the rulebook... so I guess its sort of 'niche' or whatever.

    I'm sad there won't be a sequel.

  • PaRaDOXnzlPaRaDOXnzl Registered User new member
    Kickstart it brother! STFU and take my money!!?!!

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