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Reaper Bones Kickstarter 2

prophetic_joeprophetic_joe Registered User new member
Hi there PA Fans. I am a long time reader but first time poster I plan to hang out a bit but I can't get into this forum at work do to some block on the comp that prohibits anything that is tagged Games. Anyway I wanted to let you all know about something you probably already know. LOL

Fresh off the final shipments of the first Bones KS Reaper brings you the Return Of Mr. Bones! The First KS ended with the final value of 240 minis for $100 this one is heading up quick and though it may not be the insane value of the first KS you currently get somewhere like 140 minis for your $100 pledge. Remember though there is still a ways yet to go, 7 days to be exact. It has giant rats, a Kraken, new sculpts, new dragons, new mouslings and coming soon a dragon with ruins sculpt that has been teased and looks amazing and fricken huge. Did I mention the Kraken? Currently for your cost to get the full core set you are paying less than $1 per mini and it will only get better. Go to the KS check out the latest Vid update, check out all the cool stuff you can get and Pledge! Pledge! Pledge!

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