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Connecting a wireless router to a modem as the same network

MrDelishMrDelish Registered User regular
So I have the following:

-cable modem with a wireless and wired network
-Tomato router connected by ethernet to the modem

I'd like to have the router extend the modem's network so all devices can talk by LAN (like Chromecast and file sharing) but I haven't gotten it to work. I've tried using various online tutorials to no avail, however. I currently have done the following:

-set the Tomato router's IP to the modem's IP range ( for the modem and for the router)
-disabled DHCP on the router
-various settings on the wireless section of the router

In these various settings I've been able to connect to the internet using a computer that's connected to the router but the file share computer that's connected to it can't be accessed by devices on the modem's network. How do I extend this thing?


  • dispatch.odispatch.o Registered User regular
    Stop using the modem for anything other than as a modem. Everything should be using the router as the access point.

    Modem <<---- Router <--- Everything Else

    The simple way would be to set up your network on the router without dhcp, just assign each device an ip, I use 192.168.0.(10-19 for my pc's, 20-29 iphones, tablets, etc on wifi, 30-39 for my consoles) subnet mask can stay default and I use the google dns servers in router and individual device settings ( and

    It shouldn't be much more difficult than that.

    If you're trying to use the modem because your router lacks wifi, I'd suggest just getting a router with wifi and doing to above.

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