Strongroom - Fast Paced, Freestyle, Arcade Stealth (Prototype)

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Hi all, I'm Adam Langridge, I used to work at Lionhead studios on games like Fable II and Black & White 2.

For the last few months here at Wonderstruck, we've been working hard on Project: Strongroom - a fast paced, arcade stealth game that focuses on luring enemies out of your path instead of killing them or sitting still and waiting for them to look the other way.

It's a whitebox Prototype, meaning the graphics are blocky, but we’re really excited about the gameplay and would love to know what you guys thought.


You play as a world renowned art thief, relying on your wits (and cool gadgets) to evade and bewilder the guards between you and your prizes. In this game, you’re a thief, not a thug. All your obstacles will be avoided or manipulated, not murdered.

Here's an example of the gameplay.


Click on the link below to play the in browser prototype (no download required, but Google Chrome is recommended). If you want to keep your progress, you will need to register.


If there are things you like or hate about it, please let us know about it here. Or fill in the feedback form!

We hope you enjoy it, and thanks for helping us make this game better!

Here's Some Concept Art to whet your appetite:





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    Wonderstruck ChrisWonderstruck Chris Guildford, UKRegistered User new member
    Awesome, thanks for posting this Tube! I'm Chris, I'm also working on this game as a programmer and designer, and I can't wait to find out what people think of it.

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    RunawayDevRunawayDev Registered User regular
    It's a really cool game! At first I was rather taken aback, because the text was really small. When I'm playing games I play on a computer connected to a HDTV on a couch, so I can understand that the text is fine for normal situations, but it was small enough that I had to physically move to read it. Part of that was because I couldn't figure out how to full-screen in your web player. Perhaps I missed something.

    As far as gameplay goes, it plays really smooth. Played the first couple of levels, and it is polished enough that I get the impression that it's been playtested and iterated generously. I thought it was kind of odd when the game taught me that sneaking was a single click, because I hadn't figured out any other kind of way to move yet, so I tried double-clicking to no result. So it left me uncertain of what I'd learned until I got to the part where it teaches running. Then I had an ah ha! moment and relaxed. After that it was considerably more fun.

    And as far as the thread goes, I wish that I could click on your images to go to a zoomed in version, or that there was a link to a higher quality gallery or something, because I can hardly see anything in a lot of them, especially the last image. I can see the idea but not the execution, which mildly irks me. Especially because it gives the impression of looking so nice, I'd like to sit back and take it in, in detail.

    Kudos, game is already fun, so it should be smooth sailing to get to a nice finish, just need to implement and iterate on the art as you've done on the gameplay and I'm sure it'll be a fine game.

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    AdamLangridgeAdamLangridge Lead Wonderstruck GamesRegistered User new member
    Thanks so much for the feedback! It means a lot to hear it. I totally hear you about 'single-click' - we must figure out a way to explain that better!

    When I'm back in the office on monday I'll upload some higher res versions of the concept art. Our artist - Claudio has done some great work.

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    AdamLangridgeAdamLangridge Lead Wonderstruck GamesRegistered User new member
    And here are some mahoosive bits of concept art!




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    AdamLangridgeAdamLangridge Lead Wonderstruck GamesRegistered User new member
    Thanks to everyone who's been playing the game so far - we're really glad you're enjoying it.
    Based on some feedback, we've made the cursor more responsive, and also made it more difficult to bump into walls when you're running around!

    If you haven't tried the demo, now's a great time!

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    AdamLangridgeAdamLangridge Lead Wonderstruck GamesRegistered User new member
    Thanks so much for everyone's feedback. Based on how people have been playing it we're continuing to the next phase of development - prettification! Watch this space!

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