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BIOS Hangs during Memory Testing--bad RAM?

SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today!Registered User regular
I'm thinking it is, but I'll take any suggestions: in the last week, my boot-up for my old desktop has gone from about 10 seconds to around 40. The 30 seconds come when the BIOS is testing ram--the screen literally freezes at "Memory Te..." and hangs for a half minute before completing and then resuming. There are no other problems.

My BIOS is set to quick boot up, but disabling that and enabling doesn't help. All signs seem to point to bad RAM, but testing all my modules one by one seems to suggest that if it is, more than one of the RAM modules has the issue (rather strange, I've had my share of bad RAM, but never more than one module at a time).

Anyone encounter this before? I'm running an EVGA 780i with Phoenix Award BIOS 2.053.E6. I'm really hoping it's not something wrong with my motherboard, I'm not in a position to fix something that expensive (versus free replacement RAM from G Skill).


  • SynthesisSynthesis Honda Today! Registered User regular
    edited October 2013
    Fuck, turned out to be more obvious: a bad USB device. I've got an old Zune HD as a backup MP3 player that stopped charging five days ago, the same time the slowdowns started, I think because the dock died. Shame, thing is still a good MP3 player, hopefully it's just the dock.

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