(armature) art work and fan art by William Colvin

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hay anyone who reads and looks at these - most will be uploaded by photo on a phone ( i rlly should scan them or do better picture but w/e maybe when i can be bothered 2 )
so plz expect some blurryness- bad cropting and posible focusing issue due to this reason.
(also idn how upload into thread or if it possible 2 do so- so i will be placing a link to the picture from my facebook plz do not try add me on facebook if it comes up and plz let me know if the link dosn;t work . thank u)

quick thing- i have had 0 drawing lesson's i pretty much learn everything i know threw trial and error - drawing mostly been a hobby till recent years -
i honestly don;t know if my stuff is any good - i can;t trust what my friends and family say because well there friends and family and i dislike my own work.
also rarely any of my work have color - and are all sketches that i am posting on this thread-

simply made this here see what some people other then friends and family think of my artistic skill.
be as critical as u like, or praise as much as u want. i wont get offended or big heading over what anyone says (i personaly dislike most of my art)
anyways here first few


Link to facebook picture incase img dosn;t work: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201871830738398&set=a.10200641573382733.1073741825.1262204277&type=3&theater

first one is: A3 , 2b/2h/hb lead pencil with some color, fan art sketch of inchigo fully hollow mask. by william colvin


Link to facebook picture incase img dosn;t work: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201872269949378&set=a.10200641573382733.1073741825.1262204277&type=3&theater

second one is:A3, 2h Lead pencil sketch of roy mustang - from full metal alchiemist - (fan art of a digital posta) by william colvin


Link to facebook picture incase img dosn;t work: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201872270149383&set=a.10200641573382733.1073741825.1262204277&type=3&theater

third is: A3, charcoal sketch of roy mustang - from full metal alchiemist - (fan art of a digital posta) by william colvin

Plz post or msg or something me if these pictures / link no work.
(also these r first few i'll put more up if this thread works n gets any attention -also idc for correct grama so plz don;t complain to me about it)

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    Nothing in this thread works, images or links. Please try again at a computer so you can better compose your thread. Taking the time to post good photos and working links will encourage our members to take the time to give you feedback.

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