Impressions of TempleCon?

stebuustebuu Crabs are fucking crazy, and I hate horsesRegistered User regular
Have any PAX East people gone to TempleCon (in RI)? I and some of my cohorts didn't manage to get PAX East tickets, and one of them floated the idea of going to TempleCon. I hadn't even heard about it until yesterday, so I'm curious about impressions from people who have also gone to PAX East.


  • LordBraska1999LordBraska1999 Bahston, MARegistered User regular
    I have and I also have a group of friends that participate pretty heavily (it's their PAX EAST) It's not the same. T_T So Templecon is much more niche than PAX. It's alot of fun but unless you are really into Steampunk, your gonna have a bad time. If you have any serious questions about it....PM me.

  • crowtalescrowtales Registered User regular
    I know that TempleCon has had a great reputation in the Warmachine and Hordes community as a fun Wargaming con. I know nothing of it first hand though, and haven't investigated any of it's other offerings.

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