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Match Fast - 2 Player Reactor Game

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Match it up now! Fast fingers and a sharp eye will make you a winner of a Match Fast: 2 Player Game! One device – 2, 3 or even 4 players together in this multiplayer game!

Let the tap battle begin! Matching games are famous for their simple rules, but watch out – it’s harder than it seems. This game tests your reflexes and concentration. The aim of the game is to be the first to spot the match! This fast game will get you and your friends occupied for hours. It is an incredibly addicting game that can be played while you are sitting or standing, whether indoors or outdoors because this is no Internet needed game.




*3 different modes of playing – 2 players, 3 players and 4 players
*Vivid colors and HD graphics
*Interface suitable for kids of all ages, teens and adults
*Available for iPhones, iPods and iPads
*Numerous different symbols – from hearts and stars to fruit and candy
*Animated symbols bring even more confusion in this 2 player reactor
*Invite your friends from Facebook to play together
*This cool game develops mental processing skills for both kids and adults in a funny and interesting way
*For every correct match, you get +1 point, and for every mismatch you get -1
*The main goal is to score 10 points first

There are bunch of different symbols on the screen and you should scan and search for the single repeated one. The more players there are, the harder it is to spot the matching symbol. With the help of this brain training game, kids improve their visual perception and reflexes that can help them later on in learning process.

Perhaps the best thing with this tap game is that it helps you socialize and make friends, because being it cannot be played in a single mode. It’s always better to share excitement and amusement when playing games with friends.
Who will be the first to say “BLITZ”?!

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