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Hills Of Bones Demo [PC] [Arcade]

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Why the Hills Of Bones demo is the next thing that you are going to play



Hills Of Bones is a throwback to old school level based arcade games. I started the game by wondering what a modern sequel to DIG DUG would look like, and I ended up with a very original prototype that mixes classical arcade elements with more modern ones, while still keeping the sense of progression and reward that was so precisely crafted in the arcades of our youth.

Here, you must clear all levels, by picking up the disseminated artifacts and bring them back to the collecting point. The game starts easy enough, but will soon reach a challenge that will test the limits of your skills.


I have tried to go beyond the usual cliches of modern gaming and do a game that would appeal to a broader audience, but be warned, the later levels will demand some skills.

You might not have heard of Jovian Blue beforehand, because our first games were aimed at the flash/mobile market, but after a small foray there, I decided I could not keep making games that I wasn't really interested into, and I decided to attempt the paradigm shift toward quality desktop games.


Hills of Bones is Jovian Blue's second game in the particular victorian mystery setting that we have been creating, but don't expect any tired tropes and cliches here, Because we at Jovian Blue (and by "we" I mean "I", because I'm a solo dev) have been putting all the emphasis on good scenario and captivating storyline.
Yes, I said emphasis, not budget. I know that some people, on some more coarse places of the internet, like to make fun of everything that doesn't look like the latest AAA free to play of their dreams or pixelled graphics in the style of their first home console, and I've heard that the game looked more like a 1995 DOS game than a modern game, but most of these people were probably 2 years old in 1995 and they can't know about the very fine games that existed in the 1990s.


Anyway I stuck to my view, and strived to make the very best game that I could in the limits of my competence , and I have now reached a point where I have a game that I enjoy so much that I want to share it with the world.
All that I can tell you is that playing the first few levels of this demo will surprise you and change your view on what indie games can be. Just give it a try, the demo is only 26 megabytes.


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