Schoolyard Snodown [PC, OUYA]

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Schoolyard Snodown is a side-scrolling, snow-chucking, wise-cracking beat 'em up (that's the technical genre term) set to release in early 2014 for the PC and OUYA. This is the first game from the Schoolyard Scoundrels, who have been working on the title in their nights and weekends.

Play the free demo here!

Snodown: The Game
  • Two-player side-scrolling beat-'em-up action
  • Ranged combat, interactive environments, and unlockable abilities
  • 13 boss encounters
  • 7 levels with robust level design and variable layouts that change as you unlock new abilities
  • Secret bosses, hidden levels, multiple endings! Woah!

Almost every beat 'em up in the history of beat 'em ups has focused on punching. Don't get us wrong - we love punching! But, we wanted to mix it up a little.

Instead of having a primary melee mechanic, the primary mechanic in Snodown is ranged: chuck snowballs. This opens up a lot of design opportunities! Where in classic beat 'em ups you were most commonly in danger if you were very close to an enemy, in Snodown you can be in danger even if the enemy is all the way on the other side of the screen. For beat 'em up veterans, this will feel fresh, fun, and exciting (we should know - we're veterans ourselves!). For players new to the genre, we hope this will inspire you to check out some of the classics that in turn inspired us!


We also wanted to incorporate level mechanics commonly found in regular other side-scrolling genres: additional abilities that unlock over the course of the game, a primary hub that lets you return to previous levels, additional content that you may not be able to access the first time through a given level, and lots more!

Additionally, we wanted to through some of our own crazy ideas into the mix. The enemies that spawn throughout each level will change depending on your specific ability kit at that time. Let's say on your first playthrough you go through Level A to B to C to D, but on your second playthrough you go D to C to B to A. The enemies you encounter and techniques they use to beat you will be different in every single level!

And finally, beat 'em ups have some pretty common tropes. We wanted to take these tropes and play around with them, avoid them, or completely turn them on their head. We don't want to spoil too much, or we might give it all away, but you can expect some gold ol' mischief!


Again, we have a (FREE) demo!
We have a (humble) website!
We have a Facebook!
We have a Twitter!

There's still a lot more work to be done before Snodown's ready, so any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

-The Scoundrels

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