Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Fort

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imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Fort


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    TanglebrookTanglebrook Registered User new member

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    shark jacobsshark jacobs Registered User regular
    i like the flag made of malachi's shirt

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    FandeathisFandeathis Registered User regular
    My favorite thus far!

    You fuck wit' Die Antwoord, you fuck wit' da army.
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    MrBenMrBen Registered User regular
    Great artwork - love the size. Great visuals! Luv ya, KR!

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    Michael HuntMichael Hunt Registered User new member
    Lovin the art Katie, looking forward to the first story arc!

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    LostNinjaLostNinja Registered User regular
    The third panel with Malichi just sitting on the log giving orders is hilarious. That and Seventeen's facial expressions make think one of my favorite comics this far.

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    Peter EbelPeter Ebel CopenhagenRegistered User regular
    I'd probably buy a book of these.

    Fuck off and die.
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    FujitsuLifebookT904FujitsuLifebookT904 The Greatest Registered User regular
    Fort humor...

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    stickwriterstickwriter Registered User regular
    and boulder-kicking to boot.

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    RaakamRaakam Too many years... CanadalandRegistered User regular
    The store, art and humor are spot on. The coloring is incredible. Wow.

    My padherder
    they don't it be like it is but it do
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    denimdemondenimdemon Registered User new member
    Got damn that looks awesome.

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    linforcerlinforcer Registered User new member
    I'm loving the art, but so far the comics haven't really made me laugh yet. Something Abby's JSPH is doing all the time (and her last halloween is scratching other itches). I guess I shouldn't be comparing such radically different comics, but I can't help myself.

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    J. D. MilknutJ. D. Milknut Lord of Chipmunks Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    I'm with you, Linforcer. But I am hoping that Katie is just finding her rhythm. The set she won SS with were all laugh-out-loud funny, so I know she's got it in her! :)

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    mushymushy Unprofessional Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    I identify with Brian on this one.

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    BuchoBucho One careful pwner Registered User regular
    The lip-biting, cheek-puffing expressions in the fifth and sixth panels is so dead on. There's something really classic-comic-strip about the particular joke in this one too. Love it.

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    MekkaBMekkaB Registered User regular
    Love it.

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    Justin138Justin138 HartsvilleRegistered User regular
    Freaking funny as always.

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    IamdigidudeIamdigidude Registered User regular

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