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Mountain Dew / Doritos promotion has PAX East and Prime (2014) 3-day passes available

EhefkaeEhefkae Registered User regular
If you happen to have 25,000 points saved up for the "Every 2 Minutes" promotion from Mountain Dew and Doritos (the one where you can bid in auctions for Xbox One), you can spend those points in the marketplace on that site to purchase a 3 day pass to either PAX East or PAX prime. As of right now it looks like they have 40 East passes and 39 Prime passes available. It seems that there is a limit of one of these items per person. (The items are arranged in "tiers" and you are limited to one "tier 1" item per person, so it's not one of each, per person, it's one total.)

I've already got my passes for East, but I hope this info helps someone! Also, I'm totally not affiliated with this promotion or any of the companies involved in it. I just wanted to share the news in case it might be helpful.


  • ClixClix This guy I know Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    PAX: Brought to you by Mountain Dew & Doritos.

  • SmallLadySmallLady Registered User regular
    It's odd that they can sell PAX Prime tickets well before they even go on sale.

    "we're just doing what smalllady told us to do" - @Heels
  • LazorzLazorz Tokyo, JPRegistered User regular
    edited November 2013
    How much even is 25000 points? That seems like a hell of a lot of MTN Dew and Doritos, seeing that the Xbox One bundles are going for ~35000 points on the auctions.

    Lazorz on
  • Jenny_SpaghettiJenny_Spaghetti I am 3 ginger midgets in a trench coat. Calgary, CanadalandRegistered User regular
    Plot twist: they're Prime 2013 passes.
    SmallLady wrote: »
    It's odd that they can sell PAX Prime tickets well before they even go on sale.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    they had this same promotion at pax prime 2013. They obviously have some pre-alloted tickets for the contest.

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