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3rd Annual The Cult of the Leaf meet up



  • RPSuttonRPSutton Registered User new member
    Last night we started at the media tower and then moved to under the edge of canopy when the rain picked up. None of the bystanders had any problems with us being there.

  • patrickcentralpatrickcentral Registered User regular
    Damn, wish I'd found this thread before now.

    You may know me as:
    @patrickcentral / ferroptic / sharktopus
    evidently I need to unify nicknames
  • UncleangryUncleangry ACAM Volunteer Registered User regular
    edited April 2014
    Glad I was able to meet a bunch of you Friday night, It was well worth it.

    I would have posted earlier, but I'm just getting my bearings back together today after a grueling Sunday night. We started packing up the ACAM room shortly after 4pm. The teamsters started moving the cabinets to the docks around 7pm and we didn't get out of there until midnight. By the time we were done driving all the arcade cabinets from Boston back to Weirs beach New Hampshire and then back home it was around 3am.

    I did sneak in one more smoke while waiting out back at the loading docks though.

    it was an Ora Vivo, very nice indeed. Hope we can do it again next year.

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    Uncleangry on
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  • KumaKuma Registered User regular
    Yeah, great idea. It should be done again next year

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