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Pinny Pal lounge

Manic2kManic2k Brotherhood of the Squirrel [AUS]Registered User regular
This thread is more casual and is a place where pinny pals can hang.

Playing a game or reading a book and want to recomend it to other pinny pals?

Do it here :D

This gives us a place were we can bond even more as a community.

This OP will be edited with guide lines for this thread soon.


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  • InsaneloonInsaneloon Jefferson City, MissouriRegistered User regular
    A great idea! Thanks for starting this thread.

    I would like to recommend Wool by Hugh Howey. Mike gave it a shout out at a Q&A panel last year, and I read it a few months ago. Really a great read, with another book out soon if not now.

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    Sorry guys, no chat thread for now.

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