MOTW 11/13/13: You are not a hugger!

TexiKenTexiKen Dammit!That fish really got me!Registered User regular
All-New X-Men #18, the O5 aren't at the O2 but WX in .CA .

One of the best single issues Bendis has done in quite a while. And the art, the art:





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    MetalMagusMetalMagus Too Serious Registered User regular
    Again, while I appreciate the re-kindling of the Kitty-Illyana friendship (which, like the majority of Claremont-created female relationships, was a gentle nudge away from being outright sapphic) I just can't get over how lazy the reset is.

    Kitty, you remember exactly WHY Illyana doesn't know what Colossus is up to? Because the last time he tried to help her she tricked him into bonding with the demon lord of destruction in order to teach him a lesson about how irredeemable she was. I know Bendis gets a lot of flak for writing characters how he wants with a general disregard for how they've been written in the past, I kind of understand why now.

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    Caveman PawsCaveman Paws Registered User regular
    Ice burn on the Drake!

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    CadeCade Eppur si muove.Registered User regular
    Isn't Illyana still actually a demon and not the real deal..........though that detail appears often over looked.

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    TransporterTransporter Registered User regular
    Last time I checked she is actually Illyana, but she's full on demon crazy, forever, since even though she has her soul sword, she doesn't have a soul

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    AmiguAmigu Registered User regular
    Oh X-Men. You so continuity laden.

    BitD PbP Character Volstrom
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    cckerberoscckerberos Registered User regular
    Why exactly was Kitty intangible anyway?

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    Golden YakGolden Yak Burnished Bovine The sunny beaches of CanadaRegistered User regular
    cckerberos wrote: »
    Why exactly was Kitty intangible anyway?

    She instinctively went intangible as a result of someone suddenly flying at her unexpectedly.

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    BlankZoeBlankZoe Registered User regular
    Specifically someone who has had a somewhat dubious history of mental stability

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    BalefuegoBalefuego Registered User regular
    someone who is not a hugger

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    UltimateInfernoUltimateInferno Registered User regular
    Batman #25 Gordon asks about the hole Bruce and Alfred just came out of (Proto bat cave)



    Superior Spider-Man #21 some interesting developments...



    Cataclysm Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 Spider-Man returns to the streets!


    "Ride or Die?" asked Goku

    "Ride or Die" confirmed Dominic Toretto, as they took off to find the Dragon Balls in hopes of reviving their friend Sonic
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    WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
    Since I was beaten to the All New and Superior, I'll go with Superior Foes #5 ,
    was hard to pick a moment , so I'll go with the opening , Story Time with the Owl
    Bonus Moment!
    Superior Foes is so good, this issue especially, cover to cover fun times.

    Steam! Battlenet:Wisemantobes#1508
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    BlankZoeBlankZoe Registered User regular
    Personally my favorite bit was
    the reveal that Boomerang has been lying about Silvermane's head being the heist target and he is actually stealing the only known portait of Dr. Doom without his mask on

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    nightmarennynightmarenny Registered User regular
    I'm still not tired of it mind you but I get the feeling Bendis's favorite thing about writing SPider-man is the public turn-around from hating him and loving him since this is like the forth or fifth time he did that with Ultimate Spidey alone.

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    CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
    To his credit, the public is fickle and stupid and has the memory of a goldfish.

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    wirehead26wirehead26 Registered User regular
    My MotW is the entire first volume of Sonic/Mega Man: When Worlds Collide if only for the Eggman/Dr. Wily interactions.

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