Can't scan or delete folder from Windows temp folder

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So upon a routine virus scan, I noticed some files my virus scanner could not access. It was a folder in my c:\windows\temp folder that Avast was having trouble with, only named a Guid and containing what looks like backups of system folders like Program Files, ProgramData, Users and Windows. Although not exact backups since there doesn't seem to be much in them. I already asked over at the Avast forum, and following their advice I ran CCleaner which removed all of the temp files/folders except the one I was expecting. Digging further, I found that the folder in question is owned by TrustedInstaller. I am assuming that changing the ownership of this folder will solve my issue, but I just wanted to confer with the wise minds in the forums before proceeding.

And for reference, I did just upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1, so I think this folder may have been a backup created during the upgrade. Since it is in windows temp I figure it is fine to remove, though.

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