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Dungeon Defenders or Monaco for an upcoming LAN party?

F4NNF4NN Registered User new member
Hi! I'm hosting a LAN party this weekend and I've narrowed down the main games for the party. The only problem is that I can't decide which is a better game for us, Monaco or Dungeon Defenders. They both look really really fun and they both have good co-op. I'm having 3 other people over so all together it will be a 4 man party. Have you played either of these games and if you have what are you thoughts on them? Thanks in advance!


  • ZxerolZxerol Registered User regular
    Can't really go wrong with either, but in Monaco, things can go south real fast make everyone scramble and curse and go nuts, and everything goes madcap. In other words, exactly the type of shit you want at a LAN party.

  • PMAversPMAvers Registered User regular
    Sounds like IT'S CRIME TIME MOFO.

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