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[Malifaux]2 Ed- Ripples of Fate! Victorian Horror skirmishgame



  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    edited May 11
    So after a long Infinity run I got in a game of Malifaux today. Ran Titania against my friends Viktorias, for his... third ever game I think.

    I ran
    Titania - An Audience with the Queen, Behold my Glory
    The Gorar
    Aeslin - Taproot
    Mysterious Emmisary - Mysterious Conflux
    The Thorn
    The Claw

    My friend took (unsure of upgrades)
    Viktoria of Ashes
    Viktoria of Blood

    Strategy and Schemes
    Dig their Graves
    Marked for Death

    I took Dig their Graves (Titanias scheme placement makes this really easy) and Mark for Death (since it was going to get bloody). My friend took Marked for Death (same reasoning) and Inspection.

    First turn was the usual jockeying for position on both sides. I saw him moving a lot to the center, so my goal was to have Titania and Barbaros cause a trap in the center, with Barbaros using Challenge and Titania using Behold my Glory to hand out She Will End Us All to burn through his hand and stop a lot of actions. Unfortunately I had too much faith in Titanias Impossible to Wound and Hans and Viktoria of Ashes plinked her down below half in the first turn. Next turn I really wanted to stop Johanna flanking me so I activated the Emissary first to drop a Hungry Lands marker (which I could have done at first turn since it was a 0 action) which let Ashes get another turn of plinking at Titania. Second shot on a double negative flip he red jokered, and finished Titania off. Lesson learned - plan your 0 actions. If I put the Hungry Lands marker down turn 1, Titania would have activated first to get some scheme markers down.

    I was pretty sad. Her first outing and she went like a chump. But no, this is Malifaux! I gritted my teeth and soldiered on. The Tooth used Challenge of Summer on Ashes, who moved her Cg into The Tooth and got her free swing, doing 2 damage after armour on a double negative damage flip (seriously get used to double negative damage flips against Fae). The Tooth hit Ashes twice, then red jokered the third, taking Ashes down in retaliation. I felt much better! Opponent moved Blood and Taelor up the center, Blood in range of the Student of Conflict who Sisters in Spirited her over the fence. Aeslin hit Blood a couple of times, giving her slow and dropping her to 2 wounds. Johanna braved the Hungry Lands marker and took some damage getting through it.

    I got initiative next turn. Aeslin finished off Blood then moved to go after Hans. The Tooth used Challenge of Summer on Taelor to get her close, took the free hit and hit her in return. Barbaros used Marked for Death on Taelor and took her to 1 wound. Emissary finished her off, giving me 2 VP. Johanna moved up and finished off The Tooth, who as also Marked for Death. Second mistake of the game - I used the Gorar to rebirth The Tooth. This gave the opponent a second kill (sacrificed Gorar) for a Reckoning VP. By now we were 3-2 (my opponent got a VP last turn from Inspection). The Claw took out the Student of Conflict with his ranged spear. Turn ended and opponent got a second Inspection VP.

    Next turn, Emissary finished off Johanna and Aeslin Marked for Death a Ronin and killed it, giving me 2 more VPs. All my opponent had left was a Ronin (behing cover on the board edge) and Hans. The Claw used Challeng of Winter on Hans to get him close, but failed to kill him. Aeslin moved up to help, but wasn't in range to help finish him before the end of the turn. I needed to flip a 5th turn to kill Hans and the Ronin to draw the game, but it ended. Lost 4-5.

    Lessons learned. Don't give up when your master dies like a chump at the start of the game. Also don't give up if you're getting reamed - my friend got crushed on total kills (I only lost Titania and the Gorar) and still won. Also remember good activation order and remember your 0 actions! Titania would have lived longer if I had.

    Also, the Autumn Knights are badass. I heard a lot of griping that people would still rather take an Illuminated but these guys are the business. For 7ss they've got some real damage in their attacks, a good opposed Wp lure with good triggers, and for a 7ss minion they're hard as nails with 7 wounds, Armour +1 and Impossible to Wound. Plus their triggers place or work with scheme markers that Titania and Aeslin put down.

    -Loki- on
  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    edited May 13
    Wyrd put up a page describing all of the models from wave 1 and 2, with brief descriptions of the tactics around them. At this point, I really wish they'd just release the cards for free. Maybe do a 6 month or 1 year lag to promote sales of the most recent book. Here's the page, click on each faction and scroll past the masters.

    However, the art for Nekima is... slightly different to the released mini. Alt Nekima confirmed.

    Test print they showed at Adepticon (lots of speculation it was an alt Nekima, now confirmed)

    Also the wave 5 open test cards are out. There's some good stuff in there. I'm really exceited for the Neverborn stuff. Hinamatsu is a really awesome thematic beater for Collodi (when he Strums he gets 5 AP! Though 2 are melee only), the Cyclops is like a Teddy-lite for Titania. Bultungin (North African Werehyena myth) is a good glass cannon beater minion. Grootslang looks like a super fun hit and run beater. Adze is a super Will o the Wisp. Serena Bowman, from Divergant Paths, is by far my favorite. Whipping enemies with the black blood from inside other models with the ability. Also she can give 3 Neverborn Minions or Enforcers an upgrade that makes them Nightmares (fun for Dreamer) and gives them From the Shadows. So awesome.

    -Loki- on
  • BurnageBurnage Registered User regular
    That Nekima model is a huge improvement on the current one.

  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    I'm a fan of the current plastic Nekima, and this one doesn't really address the key complaint of the current Nekima (the massive decrease in size from 1.5E), but yeah it's a super nice mini.

    Like Barbaros I'd be happy to have both in my collection.

  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    edited June 4
    Had another game, this time I brought Pandora. A guy in our Infinity group has started Malifaux after over a year of badgering about it, and he picked up Ten Thunders, starting with Misaki. Game was using the book schemes. Turf War, A Line in the Sand, Plant Evidence, Breakthrough, and I forgot the others. I took Breakthrough and one of those that I forgot, he took Plant Evidence and one of those that I forgot.

    Pandora, The Box Opens, Aether Connection
    Primordial Magic
    Widow Weaver
    Baby Kade, Depression
    Insidious Madness
    Insidious Madness

    Misaki (unsure of upgrades, though I know he didn't take either Limited)
    Katamaka Sniper
    Katamaka Sniper
    Thunder Brother
    Thunder Brother

    Game started with the shuffle to the center. He put his snipers on the flanks and did some early damage to Teddy. Pandroa, Widow Weaver, a Sorrow and a Madness took a flank and ganged up on a sniper to kill it. Then they moved to the middle. Insidious Madnesses made a rush for his backline once he had moved up, and spent the game moving about at their stupid fast walk dropping scheme markers. Teddy retreated after being whittled to 3 wounds, then made a rush for the other Sniper to kill it. Izamu and Ototo tried to take the middle but thanks to a few web markers both had abysmal Wp and Pandora killed both over two turns, doing Misery plink damage. Sorrow was focused down by Ototo because my opponent disliked the Misery damage but was still killed by Pandora.

    Near the end he had an amazingly good hand and charged Pandora with Misaki. Even when I had a great hand as well - two 13's, a 12 and a Red Joker, I could only draw his onslaught from her at best. He got the Assassination trigger off twice due to having a 13 of Crows and a Red Joker, so I had to throw 4 cards to stop Pandora just being outright killed. By the end, Pandora was on 1W. I set about getting scheme markers down and cleaning up the rest of his crew, putting my hopes on the game ending. It did.

    We ended up drawing 9-9, since all 4 turns we both had 2 non-Peons near the middle, and we both got 5 scheme markers down for Breakthrough or Plant Evidence. Overall it was a tough, hard fought game and super fun. This guy was already good at Infinity, and he's showing some real skill with Malifaux after only a few games.

    Strange side note. The henchman gave him a game and was teaching him some flat out wrong rules. For example, Companion on Shang. He taught him that chain activating did not take the activation of the model that chain activated. I had to explain to him it did, but the benefit was not giving the opponent an activation between the models and the drawback is potentially giving your opponent an extra uninterrupted activation later. He also taught him that the game ends at turn 3, which I just.... I got nothing. That game he played super aggressive turns 2 and 3 because he thought it ended there. After I showed him it goes to turn 5 with potentially 3 more, he was happy to keep going but annoyed the henchman taught him something else wrong.

    -Loki- on
  • NisiNisi Registered User regular
    Your Henchman sounds horrible. I suppose I'm lucky to have a really active and competitive meta in my area. The guys who won the ITC Trump Card are predominantly from this area and in my meta.

    If anyone ever feels like playing a game on vassal let me know, been playing a friend pretty regularly and feeling comfortable with vassal games now.

  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    There were two guys from the group in for that game, the new guy I played and one of the older regulars. Apparently there's talk of shifting where our group plays and one of us signing up to be henchman. The problems with that are the only places we really have are one of the groups garages, which Wyrd very likely won't accept as a 'venue' for a henchman, or renting out a community hall every month. We've been looking at the second option, but even then it's hard.

    The primary issue is yes, he's a bad henchman. I've commented about it on Wyrds forum before and got a personal message from Aaron asking which henchman it is (I mentioned he doesn't use the official prize packs, and Aaron asked who it was because he was wondering why - prize pack access is one of the two only advantages to being a henchman). I didn't feel like naming names because I was under the impression the rest of the group liked him, but now that the rest of the group seems to be as annoyed with him as I am, I might.

    Honestly I'd be fine with a bad henchman if he just used the bloody tournament packs. I've got no issue showing up for his tournaments, since I get some games in. What irks me is he doesn't give out Guilders, and the prize packs all contain 1 guilder for each person as a participation award. If I slowly built up guilders I'd be happy.

  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    Monday preview - Guild Monster Hunter! If you haven't seen the card (it's in the open beta rules currently available) they're Minions with the Family keyowrd, making them Ortegas. They're ranged offensive models (who'da thunk it?) that get bonuses against enemies that cost more points than themselves. They apply a condition called 'Stalked' that lets them and other Monster Hunters get free pushes towards those models, and if they do, they get free attacks, and if they kill Stalked enemies, they heal and get card draws.


  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    Another Book 5 Monday preview - Bultungin. These are based on the East African Werehyena myth. Which is fun because it ties into Abyssinia from The Other side. They're also (as per their most recent update) Fae, tying in with Titania. Gameplay mechanics, they're glass cannons. They're really easy to kill. But they've got an Ml 5 single action melee attack and a Ml 6 double action melee attack. If the single action melee attack damage is reduced to prevented in any way (Incorporeal, Armour, soul stone reduction, etc) they have a mask trigger to immediately take the double action attack. They're basically Armour hunters.

    They also have an Ability that lets they discard a card any time they get pushed to take the double action melee attack. And they have an ability where if an enemy scheme marker is dropped in LoS, they get a condition that pushes them at the end of the turn, possibly getting a last ditch attack off before the turns end. Plus a zero tactical ability to discard an enemy scheme marker and put the top card from your discard pile back into your hand.

    Definitely a 'burns hot and short' type unit.


  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    edited June 23
    Few crickets around here these days...

    Continuing with the 'I have a terrible henchman', the new guy in our group had a game with the areas other henchman. This guy is a self proclaimed 'Jack Daw Master' (ironically the same guy who I played in the league who is a 'super competitive Lilith master'). His crew was the full Jack Daw box, 2 Hanged and Hans. He then proceeded to tell the new guy that Hans can ignore LoS while shooting, showed him the card for a few seconds, enough to see it vaguely but not understand it, then took it back.

    He proceeded to shoot him off the table with Hans firing through buildings and mopping up with the rest of the crew.

    Both of these guys are official Henchmen listed through Wyrds website.

    -Loki- on
  • UreshiiAkumaUreshiiAkuma Registered User regular
    I finally got the Titania box, still need to put it together. Now to resist my daughter's call to paint her in pinks since "she looks so pretty! but don't do the blood!"
    Of course the box has the bonus alt McMourning. Since I picked her up at the Easter sale, I need to decide what to do with a second one. Maybe I'll paint one as a Guild version and one as a Rezzer version. I've never played McMourning as Guild, so might be good prompting to do that as well.

  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    edited June 28
    Titanias box is great to build. All of the models are really characterful, and they're not complex or difficult as has become the standard for Malifaux stiff. There's some really thin parts, like The Claws spear and The Thorns whips, so be careful clipping them off and cleaning mold lines.

    Had a game against a friend. He was playing Asami and I was playing Lilith. He was basically using Asamis box, plus a pair of Jorogumo and a pair of Katanaka snipers. I was using Lilith with a pair of Terror Tots, The Thorn, a Rougarou, the Cherub, a Doppleganger, the Mysterious Emmisary and a Wisp (wisp was just to add an extra activation).

    I had the worst game. He was drawing killer hands turn after turn, and I was drawing awful hands and flipping equally awfully. Absolutely nothing I did worked. I got a kill or two, but he fairly easily locked me down because I lost about 3/4 of my flips and had nothing to cheat. By mid turn 3 I called the game, which I'm generally loathe to do with Malifaux, since I couldn't get any schemes or the strategy. I wanted to try the Tooth/Rougarou pounce engine, since it can get 10 attacks in a turn using Tooths pushes and the Rougarous pounces, for a minimum of 21 damage. But no. The cards said otherwise.

    We ran a quick henchman hardcore since we had the time. He ran Bettari, a Jorogumo and 2 Yokai. I ran Candy, Baby Kade, Iggy and a Doppleganger. This game went much better. Candy shut down the Jorogumo since it activated first in turn 2, and Iggy burned it to the ground with some help from a Doppleganger copying Baby Kades Carving Knife. Iggy then absorbed a wound for Candy after she ate a charge from Bettari, then Baby Kade hit Betteri twice, red jokering the damage on the second attack killing her. Then it was just mop up of the Yokai.

    Deployment shot of the board we used.


    -Loki- on
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