[Malifaux]2 Ed- Ripples of Fate! Victorian Horror skirmishgame



  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    Reading the Nephilim cards more and I really really like how Grow works now. It’s no longer a pair of upgrades and is built into the models themselves, which is great.

    It’s also not tied to killing certain level enemies, just killing any enemies and devouring Corpse markers with their Bonus action.

    This turns Tots into flankers looking for injured enemies to finish off, Young and Lelus into damagers to prepare meals and Lilitus into meal lures. Rather than being a kind of additional scheme to try to accomplish the crew as a whole is built around Grow.

    Really big fan.

  • No-QuarterNo-Quarter Nothing To Fear But Fear ItselfRegistered User regular
    Goddamnit I thought I was out and they've PULLED me back in.

    I'm digging the streamlined ruleset and cards.

    If I stick with it, would any of you fools consider playing on VASSAL? I did it before in 2e, and I can only assume it's easier now.

  • -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
    Played a game with Titania tonight against my brother. We just played Strategy (Turf War) because we haven’t played in a year or so plus learning new stuff. I wanted to play Titania a lot last edition but always defaulted to Pandora. I’m not a fan of Pandora this edition so I’m using the excuse to change over to Titania.

    He took the Viktorias, with Vanessa, Big Jake, Malifaux Child, Taelor, a Ronin and a Bandito. I had Titania, Gorar, Aeslin, a Rougarou, 2 Autumn Knights and 2 Bultungin with Nefarious Pact on the Rougarou and Inhuman Reflexes on Titania.

    The crews main annoyance, Underbrush markers, is hilarious. I had 8 at deployment all over the board, and was up to I think 16 by the end of the game, with Titania shifting them around for bonus damage and various Fae using them for extra damage on attacks.

    Titania herself feels like they went with Royal Indignation as her template. At 14 wounds, Df5, Wp7, Hard to Wound, immunity to severe damage (counts as moderate), Life Leech and a 2 wound self heal trigger on her 8” range attack, she’s a huge tank. Just hurting her is hard, and she can easily heal back.

    Autumn Knights are deceptively tanky, as are Fae in general. Knights, Aeslin and Rougarou all have Hard to Wound, with Knights also having armour +1. With most attacks going down to 2/3/4, you’re usually only getting hit for 2, 3 if they get lucky. Titanias severe damage swap to moderate is a 3” aura so good placement and she can stop someone getting severe damage on important models.

    I had two highlights this game. First was the Bandido trying to knife an Autumn Knight, Red Jokering his attack. The Knight Red Jokers his defence, wins, declares Ram for Parry trigger and kills the Bandido. Just hilariously good luck.

    Second was an Autumn Knight charging a Viktoria, dying, being reborn through the Gorar, charging Viktoria again and killing her.

  • Jam WarriorJam Warrior Registered User regular
    After initial stock shortages and the pandemic, I finally got a game of third Ed. in yesterday!

    A win for my Lucius vs a Sonia. Great fun, though a full 50 stone game for a new edition and at least a year off playing may have been a little optimistic as it took us 5 hours. I barely felt the time go though as goddamn do I love this game.

    The thing Lawyers do now where that can draw the top card off the discard at the start of the turn is great. Use a 13 in defence to dodge an attack and then just pick it straight back up again!

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