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The PA Report - The PlayStation 4 sold one million units in 24 hours, a number that is even crazier



  • [H]olyGeekboy[H]olyGeekboy [E], Custom PC Case builder ClevelandRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    That's a lot of consoles... but Apple's still way ahead on volume and logistics of launch:
    "The 9 million [iPhone 5S handsets sold] compares quite favorably to the five million iPhone 5 that Apple sold in the opening sales weekend last year, and four million iPhone 4S it sold during the equivalent period in 2011. "

  • mrthewhitemrthewhite Registered User regular
    @VIKINGTY When @Bastable says "Competitor's home turf" I believe he's referring to MS's home turf not Sony and he's right.

    Maybe take a minute to understand a comment before jumping to conclusions.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    @Ben "Your move, Microsoft"
    Apparently thier move was to also sell over a million consoles in 24 hours. Sadly that's not news worthy it seems.

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