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Short story comics

CliveClive Registered User new member
edited November 2013 in Artist's Corner
Hello world,

This is my first time posting on the PA forums. (so my apologies if the images are huge)

Here's the plan. I was going to do short 5-10 page comics about characters with super powers "saving" the world. They would be free to download, and be about 5 key characters.

Blueprint: He's a tall British guy who's power is when he draws a mechanical device into schematics they manifest into real life. (Draw back: he's a sh*tty artist.)
((edit: img removed by author)) I removed the image because it had a link to my site and didn't want this thread to get locked.

Clive & L: Both characters have the same power. When they pick up game controller weapons they actually work in their hands. Example when L grabs a Nintendo gun used for the game Duck Hunt. It actually works and shoots lasers.

Subject 42: Is an alien who was fused with a computer that had blue screened. Every electronic he now touches also breaks, including his own ship. And now he searches for a way to get home or unfuse itself from the pc that's stifling him. (special thanks to mom for this one.)

Toolbox: Is a tri-plegic girl who's wheelchair turns into armor giving her the ability to stand up and fight. She also uses a blow torch and a nail gun as weapons. I was thinking of adding a tow cable as sort of a cable and extra mobility options.

What do you think? Also I would love to get some feedback on how to draw backgrounds if anyone has any tips.

-Many thanks, Clive

The tools I have
(Sketchbook Pro 6) (Manga Studio 5) (Surface Pro 2) (Photoshop illustrator)
Media I have already
(Facebook Page) (Twitter Account) (website) (Deviant Art) (Email)

Clive on
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