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The PA Report - Killer Instinct is a low-cost fighting game that comes with an education

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin

imageThe PA Report - Killer Instinct is a low-cost fighting game that comes with an education

Killer Instinct is a hard beast to “review,” and it may show us some signs of how fighting games will be treated in the future. You’re also free to ignore this story completely and go try it when your Xbox One arrives; you can download all of the single player content, online play, and a single player for free when the Xbox One launches this Friday.

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  • LaziestUsernameEverLaziestUsernameEver Registered User regular
    I have no doubt that this game will be incredibly fun, but, at the risk of sounding like a total fighting game snob here, I'm not really a fan of the idea that it can be boiled down to "an electric game of chicken". Sounds a little too simplistic (not that simplicity is a bad thing here).

  • VenkmanVenkman Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    $20 unlocks the first 6 characters now, with the next two included in that price. $20 is "season 1", so to speak. And don't forget the $40 version also comes with the arcade version of Killer Instinct 1, accessories, and skins - supposedly this includes skins that makes the characters look like the original character models. That will be odd to see.

    Venkman on
  • Beefy256Beefy256 Registered User new member
    Just a suggestion. When you refer to previous stories, you should probably have links to them. Maybe the words "previous stories" should be that link.

  • Dark JaguarDark Jaguar Registered User regular
    I enjoy story modes... Without SOME sort of story, these are just action figures. Don't misunderstand, the story of the original Killer Instinct was a fusion of every 90's stereotype you can imagine, wrapped into every fighting game cliche storyline. Also there was a skeleton. (To fight animated skeletons, aim for their hip bone, the easiest spot to dismember them from.) However, it was at least THERE. There's all these new looks, and now I'm understanding there's no explanation for why these characters even exist. I enjoy at least a TOKEN gesture of storyline, thin as it may be.

    As it stands, I actually would prefer this "buy the characters you like" model not become the industry standard. I'd rather not get repeatedly matched against players all using the "demo version" and nothing but Jago, or whoever's in there in the limited version. To that end, I must say I'm looking forward to the next Smash Bros more than this. (That said, a minor complaint to Nintendo, I am not a fan of the whole "we don't need subtitles or numbers" thing a lot of series like to do these days. I'd prefer a title I can actually state to people with no room for confusion.)

  • Twist_of_Cain87Twist_of_Cain87 Logan UTRegistered User regular
    I never understood the idea of a story tacked on to Fighting games. My only concern was ever playing with friends at my house and talking shit to each other. Having grown up playing fighters in arcades, the only way to play these games that made sense to me was with other a handful of other people.

  • A_Wild_NeurobiologistA_Wild_Neurobiologist Registered User regular
    That roster is kind of embarrassing. 6 characters, 21 possible match-ups. You're going to see the same fighting styles again and again, and that's even if all of the characters are perfectly balanced and the whole roster is used equally (and assuming you're not all playing for free with the demo character). I dislike almost everything about this game. The one good thing is that you can goof around with the original KI, but I've been doing that with friends on an emulator for some time now.

  • dayoshdayosh Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Okay, so...first, we had Combo, we have Combo-Counter Breakers. I'm trying to picture a day, years down the road, when we have Combo-Counter-Counter-Counter-Counter...Breakers. Ow, my head...

    Insert obligatory Xzibit meme here.

    dayosh on
  • mpurekampureka Registered User regular
    I was going to ask why you would pick this game up over any of the other free to play fighting games out there that use similar models (Tekken Revolution, Dead or Alive 5 whatever it is, Soul Calibur whatchamacallit) and then I realized that this is the only "2D" fighter in the list right now.

    It's a shame it sounds so dumb.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    6 at launch, 8 characters, in Season 1... Plenty of room to grow.

    @Dark Jaguar
    Play mode coming soon, I believe. Assuming that's not now old news.

  • CrookedKnightCrookedKnight Registered User regular
    Room to grow is well and good, but only having six characters at launch means the game you get right now has *vastly* fewer matchups (and thus, far more monotony) than any other fighting game I can think of, and that is a real hit to the quality of the game, even if you're the type to pick a single character and never use anybody else.

    Even Street Fighter II shipped with eight characters.

  • A_Wild_NeurobiologistA_Wild_Neurobiologist Registered User regular
    To add to that, the BARE MINIMUM version of Street Fighter IV, the arcade version, had 17 playable characters. It is now up to 39 characters in the Super Street Figher IV version, and the new DLC will add 5 more. Seeing 6 characters as a full roster for anything being called a completed game is sad.

  • Casey ReeceCasey Reece Registered User regular
    Why have six fighters is my question. Why not have two? Like in the olden early NES days.

    So having a complete roster at launch is deemed unnecessary for the fans of the series. The original game, which launched almost two decades ago, had what . . . twice the roster size as this?

    Not only that - but you get to pay outrageous amounts of money for incomplete software. Why develop a full game and release it all at once? That's way too easy on your customer's wallet. Why not really give them 20% of the full experience, line it up with supposed extras like costumes, throw in a few gimmicks from a marketing angle to get another squeeze at that wallet from the extra hardcore . . . and there you have it! Sixty bucks for a fifth of a game!

    Man - and I thought Microsoft was busy spending all its time wondering how to take away my rights. Turns out, it's been busy out back cooking up ways for me to pay the equivalent of a system for a single game. I can't wait until all the DLC hits - and then the extended editions - and who knows, maybe by the time the X-Bone's successor is ready to hit the market, those who've handed over a few hundred dollars might actually have a finished and complete game.

    I'm really hoping their launch fails them hard. The best word I can find to describe their attitudes towards their fan-base is contempt.

  • HazHaz Registered User regular
    Even Skullgirls was lambasted for having a meager roster of _eight_ characters, and that was an indie game. A "AAA" game financed and published by Microsoft has no excuse for only providing six characters with two more in the pipeline.

  • FitzchivalryFitzchivalry PAXAUS Cookie Brigade Coordinator Orrstrahleeeeah mate!Registered User regular
    My biggest issue is that you have to buy a bad game and a console I have no desire to own, just to get the Pins from the PinUltimate edition..since its more expensive than the base game, there wont be many people who buy PU edition that want to onsell their pins, unless someone pays exceptionally big money for them. Rather just purchase them at the store..

  • ParatechParatech Registered User regular
    Exactly how is paying $500 for a mediocre, watered down game a good thing?

    I purchased a 3DS and got a better deal out of DOA for it. My cup runneth over on the 360 with fighting games. I've snagged several solid fighting games on the $360 for under $20.

    This makes the time I purchased a Sega Genesis and only had Sonic the Hedgehog to play for a month look good, at least that was only $129.99.

    Exactly what is good about KI on the XBOX One, let alone a reason to buy it and a XBOX One?

  • Huttj509Huttj509 Registered User regular
    @paratech Why is KI the only thing you're getting for XBoxOne?

  • ParatechParatech Registered User regular
    I'm not getting it, or an XBOX One, but you have to get an XBOX One if you want it.

    Saying this is a good deal for an exclusive is a joke. Several people have made valid points that this game has too few characters compared to other *better* fighting games that aren't exclusive to one system.

    This whole article is fail and absurd.

  • InfamousDSInfamousDS Registered User regular
    Cuz its free, and $500 probably means you can only afford free for the first few weeks.

  • SiddownSiddown Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    InfamousDS wrote:
    Cuz its free, and $500 probably means you can only afford free for the first few weeks.

    So you can afford $500 for the unit, the kick @ss TV, the internet connection to download the free game, but you can't afford to buy a single game?

    Siddown on
  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
    I pre-ordered the physical (non-pin) version back during E3, but can't figure out if that's a real item or not. Hopefully I actually get the Ultra Edition (and soon)...

    "Perception is reality." -unknown
  • MrMiscreantMrMiscreant Mean motor scooter Hiding in the back seat of your carRegistered User regular
    @CROOKEDKNIGHT: Street Fighter II also cost $70 for those eight characters.

    Killer Instinct 2 had 11 characters, yes, but for $60. Getting six ~ eight characters for $20 doesn't sound like an affront to humanity to me, but then again, I actually bought a single DoA character for $4, so KI's model just seems like par for the course. (Tekken Revolution takes a *long* time to grind out the credits for a character; buying one outright costs ... $6 or so? And there are how many characters?) I guess I understand disliking the model in general, but so far nobody's been able to explain what KI is doing differently from the other FtP fighters out there -- I mean *other* than launching as a console exclusive right as system wars are reaching a fever pitch.

    LIVE: CitizenZero
    PSN: CitizenXero
    NNID: TheFennec
  • SoldancerSoldancer Registered User regular
    @Dark Jaguar

    I'm in the same boat. I especially like the Arc Systems games (BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, P4A, even Battle Fantasia) because they have a really good story modes. BlazBlue in particular features branching decision points, a huge and complex backstory, and reasons for fighters to get into a scrap besides the tired "fighting tournament" setup.

  • er910er910 Registered User regular
    I miss arcades...

  • hickwarriorhickwarrior Registered User regular
    'we’ve described in previous stories.'

    The link in that article refers to this article. Might wanna fix that.

    As for KI just having 6 characters? That's fine. I'm playing skullgirls, and I got access to the 7 right now. Besides, that pricepoint for 8 characters? Not bad at all.

    But I won't be getting this. I like PS stuff more than xbox if I go by the history.

  • SoulcleaverSoulcleaver Registered User new member
    Nothing to lose... unless you want to actually play the game.

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