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The PA Report - Crappy PC port? Meet the guy who can fix it

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin

imageThe PA Report - Crappy PC port? Meet the guy who can fix it

The ability to apply fan-made patches and mods is one of the strengths of the PC as a platform, and it seems more than a little shady that a fan is doing a much better job of fixing many recent releases than the publishers or developer. By his own admission these fixes don't work for 100 percent of the people, but still. He's doing the Lord's work.

Read the full story here

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  • MutonMuton Registered User regular
    Mods and the fan community is why PC gaming will never die. It's not just with fan patches either, although I'm constantly amazed that fans out there often do better with games than the publishers. The modding community is so badass out there that they breathe life into games long after you're done with them.

    Had enough Medieval 2: Total War? How about a Lord of the Rings Total War?

    Or maybe a World War I themed version of Napoleon: Total War?

    How about a Star Wars themed version of Mount and Blade? Yep:

    Or even abandonware. In 1999 Microsoft came out with a game that was way ahead of it's time called Allegiance. A 3D multiplayer space simulator where you fight as a team against other teams, and one person is the commander playing it RTS style. Multiple star systems, up to 300 players and 6 teams, multi-pilot capital ships, but it was too early and poorly developed to make headway and they abandoned it after a beta release, never actually publishing it. The community picked it up, and now it's free and one of the best games I've ever played:

    And all for free.

    Consoles simply cannot replicate that kind of community involvement, and will thus never replace PC gaming.

  • SlytheSlythe Registered User regular
    Shamefully I've had the DSfix page bookmarked but never took the time to research the guy behind it. His blog is pretty interesting and this guy really takes this hobby seriously.
    The article doesn't link his blog so allow me to plug it here:

  • plaintomatoplaintomato Registered User regular
    The guy who saved Dark Souls. Seriously, a publisher could get an easy good-will headline just by sending this dude a check. It's not like avoiding the admission of guilt is saving them any face.

  • trevoracioustrevoracious Registered User regular
    DSFix saved my life.

  • Dorkmaster FlekDorkmaster Flek Registered User regular
    So this is the guy who saved Dark Souls for PC gamers! Seeing as DS ended up being one of my favourite games of all time, I owe this guy a few beers if I ever meet him IRL.

  • MachinesMachines Registered User regular
    He's sipping on estus! Praise the Sun! \o/

  • Ace42Ace42 Deaf-Mute United KingdomRegistered User regular
    It is always breath-taking the lack of care or thought that goes into porting games to the PC. Simple things that should be obvious up front to anyone get over-looked all the time.
    Frame-rate caps to stop GPUs melting themselves on console-quality graphics; depths of field sliders; refresh rate adjustment; key-binding menus that are comprehensive and don't break functionality; the ability to turn off Gamepad controls in EVERY SINGLE Unreal3 PORT because conventional joysticks being plugged into the PC always make your avatar spin on the spot and look at his feet; etc etc.

    How can the people porting these things be *so bad*? You'd think someone would've drawn up a "things to check before your release your port" check-list that includes these very basic and fundamental things...
    But then, anyone who reads The Trenches knows how crappy QA get treated; so I guess it's no wonder these things get released in such poor states.

  • EphyonEphyon Registered User new member
    edited November 2013
    If this can be used as a forum for “check out these guys that really deserve a hell of a lot of credit” examples, people really need to give props to Twallan, the guy responsible for at least attenuating many of The Sims 3’s horrifying bloating and scripting issues to the point where the game is capable of running kinda-sorta-mildly well on a PC that has not been brought from the future:

    For a game that has earned EA like a bazillion dollars, running TS3 is like filming snuff porn for CPUs. To call it "badly optimized" would be an understatement. Twallan’s Overwatch is pretty much mandatory to make the thing work, and the regularity at which he updates everything is astounding. Several of his mods have gone through hundreds of revisions.

    Ephyon on
  • GunganGungan Registered User regular
    Yep. I got Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines on Steam... stupid me didn't read that it is not compatible with Win 7 or better. Oh look, an entire community that created patches that fix every major issue with the game and let it run on Win 8.

  • RapzidRapzid Registered User regular
    Wait, so this guy fixed the resolution on Dark Souls? A gentleman, and a scholar.

  • EssThreeEssThree Registered User regular
    Man, what a champion! I just wanna give him a hi5 and maybe even a hug.

  • NecroxNecrox Registered User regular
    Jolly Good Show! Three cheers and another orange juice for that man.

  • Sgt.Big_BubbaloolaSgt.Big_Bubbaloola Registered User regular
    Is it wrong for me to want that he never gets employed by any of the software companies? That he stays as this wandering miracle in the desert of crappy PC ports?

    Well gosh, I suppose I might as well settle in for a nice cuppa ...... this is gonna be good!
  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
    Someone snap him up for a studio with a lot of PC versions of multiplatform titles, stat!

    "Perception is reality." -unknown
  • EpicHailEpicHail Registered User regular
    @HEADHUNTER I'm surprised they haven't scooped him already, if he is doing as the article says.

  • ziddersroofurryziddersroofurry Registered User regular
    Can they please fix Saints Row 2's crappy port, and maybe get Scarface:The World is Yours to run on Windows 7/8? Cus that would be so amazing.

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