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The PA Report - Ryse was supposed to be terrible, right? Surprise! It’s not bad at all

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin

imageThe PA Report - Ryse was supposed to be terrible, right? Surprise! It’s not bad at all

Has there ever been a game with more negative buzz than Ryse? The $60 Xbox One game had a disastrous showing at E3, people were buzzing about quick-time events that you couldn’t lose, and it’s common knowledge that the game is a prime example of what happens when you focus on graphics over game play and interaction.

Read the full story here

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  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    Typo, paragraph 3 last sentence. Can rather then came.

  • CrookedKnightCrookedKnight Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    So you play it more like a rhythm game, running for score and combo length, than a beat-em-up? I can get behind that.

    CrookedKnight on
  • SilellakSilellak Registered User regular
    I look forward to the first next-gen game that looks as good as Ryse and Killzone and doesn't have to come with a qualifier like "It's barely almost good!"

    Fingers crossed Infamous and TitanFall will be the first two.

  • GunganGungan Registered User regular
    Well... I don't know anybody who was actually looking forward to this, whether it was good or not... at least it's not a complete waste of time?

  • mrthewhitemrthewhite Registered User regular
    "Hey, it's better than we expected!" This needs to be a box quote lol

  • VerbsVerbs Registered User regular
    RYSE seems to be a fairly obvious attempt to replicate God of War on the Xbox. How'd they do? I've heard that God of War has gotten pretty stale (I only played 1+2 on the ps2)... Is Ryse is a shallow copy of that formula or is it just a mediocre game on its own merits?

  • TridusTridus Registered User regular
    So the action is "repetitive", the plot is "not very surprising", and it barely sneaks into the "good game category". And yet somehow on Twitter Ben was positive about this.

    That, my friends, is the awesome power of incredibly low expectations. This same review would sound terrible if written about a game that people expected to be good. Instead its a game people expected to suck horrifically, and it only sucks moderately.

  • GunganGungan Registered User regular
    edited November 2013

    I haven't seen anything that would indicate RYSE has even half the personality that the early God of War games had. GoW had Gods and monsters, and magic, and puzzles, and stuff. As far as I'm aware, RYSE is strictly Romans vs Barbarians.

    That being said... wish people would stop using the same music for their launch trailers all the damn time. Give it up. Mass Effect 2 used it first, and it was the most gripping launch trailer of all time. That song will always bring up Mass Effect nostalgia. I know another game tried to use it too and I can't even remember the name of it right now. I'm sure I won't remember RYSE either in a year.

    Gungan on
  • roflstomproflstomp Registered User regular
    I've seen commercials about it, but like Xbox One commercials, they didn't show my anything about the friggin product. I have no idea if this game is a third-person RPG, a first-person RPG, a platformer, a puzzle game, or whatever. I've only seen cinematics, no gameplay footage. That's a real pet peeve of mine.

  • GunganGungan Registered User regular
    edited November 2013

    Funny you should mention the commercial for this. If you read the disclaimer at the bottom, it says that it's not actual gameplay footage, and 3/4 of the commercial is live action. It's pretty hilarious.

    That being said, it's a 3rd person action adventure brawler.

    Gungan on
  • SomeguitaristSomeguitarist Registered User regular
    My favorite line of the story. "Well, that’s the narrative that you read on the forums"

    No, Ben, that's the narrative I read right here.

  • BrohameBrohame Registered User regular

    I laughed. To be fair, now they actually played the game rather than responded to the idea of never-fail game mechanics. I'm just puzzled how any game you CAN'T fail could be anything but bad. It's not a game then, it's a cut scene you can interact with... kind of..

  • kemuri07kemuri07 Registered User regular
    Yeah. Sounds like a whole lotta "We had the lowest of expectations for this game." Doesn't exactly inspire confidence when you begin a review with:

    " It’s not the best game I’ve played this month, but it’s far from the worst."

    And yeah, "It's better than we expected!" Deserves to be a tagline on the box.

  • itchy richitchy rich Registered User regular
    @verbs, this game sounds more like spacemarine than god of war, to me, in terms of gameplay. But you might be right. I enjoyed the most recent godowars, but I also pine for a simpler time when double jumping from one platform to another was a key aspect of winning.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    Rockband 3. Never fail, bit 5 staring a song feels infinitely better then no staring a song.
    Any driving game: last place is still finishing, but finishing first is way better.
    Any of the last 3 Mario games with the golden racoon suit etc
    Mark of the ninja: once you start an execute the guy is dead, if you do it right he dies silent, if you flub it he makes noise.
    Mortal Kombat Fatalities

    And you can totally die in ryse, just when you get to the execute point (think fatality) the guy will die, but if you do it right you get bonus XP etc.

    No failure mechanics are not new.

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    My favorite line of the story. "Well, that’s the narrative that you read on the forums"

    No, Ben, that's the narrative I read right here.

    You know you're posting this on a forum right?

  • MinogustiMinogusti Registered User regular
    Loved the NIN reference!

  • TheMagicLemurTheMagicLemur Registered User regular
    God, this sounds dull as shit. Sixty bucks is a LOT of money to drop on a short, un-engaging game.

  • TheMagicLemurTheMagicLemur Registered User regular
    @Tube I believe he was saying that this didn't make it sound any better than the criticisms leveled at it.

    In which case I would have to agree; even Ben can't seem to do more than damn it with faint praise.

  • The_UlfThe_Ulf Registered User regular
    Well, that's good to hear although a bit short of inspiring.

  • MachinesMachines Registered User regular
    I think he's referring to the article, not our forums.

    And to be fair, this does make it look pretty terrible, just not as bad as we feared.

  • SomeguitaristSomeguitarist Registered User regular
    @Tube - I was referring to the articles. There's one full article and one Cut to another article, both lamenting the lack of gameplay and interaction.

    That type of talk wasn't something that propagated over a forum; it was cultivated by those types of articles and others on other sites as well.

    Sidenote- I'm not defending the game at all, I just thought it was really funny that he wrote 'That's the narrative on the forums' when all the narrative on the forums is about what was written in the articles!

  • Oblivion_NecroninjaOblivion_Necroninja Registered User regular
    What disturbs me the most is that apparently the executives thought the WORST parts of Ryse were the BEST parts, since that's what they were showing off...

  • iamnamelessiamnameless Registered User regular
    I love how just recently there was an article titled "Bioshock infinite is blah blah blah terrible", with a link to an article stomping the game into mud for not having the most brilliant narrative in the world. Now there's an article praising the average game for not being a complete failure. What's with this weird push for mediocrity?

  • dayoshdayosh Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    This is going back to what I had posted earlier in a different article: I really think developers are doing themselves a disservice at unveilings when they put the majority of their emphasis on shoving things in our faces and telling us how to feel with buzzwords:

    "Look! Look here! See!? Doesn't this look EXCITING!? Doesn't it make you feel 'Rad' and fill you with...*checks a notecard*...'BadAssery'!?"

    I think many developers could better spend their time (AND save money on their budget that would otherwise be spent on needless over-hype and fanfare) if they simply set up a few consoles, and let people actually play their game.

    Ben, you're a journalist; you've been to these sorts of shows, so I'm sure you've seen your fair share of developers dancing like coked-out clowns, while waving images in your face and telling you to get excited. I'm also fairly certain you would agree that a person can acquire a far better understanding for a game just by playing it for 10 or 15 minutes than any over-blown video clip slideshow would allow.

    Not that any AAA developer is ever going to read these comments, but it seems to me they could save lots of money (and headache on both sides) if they just kept things simple. Developers shouldn't speak for their game; the game should be allowed to speak for itself.

    dayosh on
  • VerbsVerbs Registered User regular
    Ah, my mistake. I must have just imagined too much of a God of War comparison. Ancient setting, excessive violence, third person... but it seems to stop there. God of War has mythological monsters, magic skills, platforming elements. From the sounds of it, RYSE's combat is simpler too (deflect, attack, shield break). Well, so much the worse.

  • A_Wild_NeurobiologistA_Wild_Neurobiologist Registered User regular
    You hear that, guys? You should totally get into the next gen right now! We have a game confirmed to be not the worst game of the month!

  • Paul_czPaul_cz Registered User regular
    This generation launch is pathetic.

  • mrthewhitemrthewhite Registered User regular
    @PAUL_CZ This statement has been repeated for just about every launch in the past 15-20 years. I don't understand why some people think that THIS time they'll get launch line up right and release a killer game on day one.

    It's not happening and probably never will for various technical and logistical reasons.

  • 2late2die2late2die Registered User regular
    "It’s not the best game I’ve played this month, but it’s far from the worst."
    Oh man, that's the kinda endorsement every game developer is looking for! ;)

  • mrthewhitemrthewhite Registered User regular
    @IAMNAMELESS It's all about expectations unfortunately. Bioshock was high expectations so it was terrible by comparison, Ryse was low expectations so it's amazing by comparison. Fortunately some reviewers can distinguish the difference.

  • Casey ReeceCasey Reece Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    @Dayosh - You're undervaluing one very important detail there Dayosh. Most games don't innovate or do anything spectacularly new with game-play. So, what they do do, is present you with a particular slice of fantasy-themed pie (in this case - it's Rome) and then ask you, "Wouldn't you want to be on the front lines of an exploding Roman legion battle? Catapults? Screams? Men falling from high towers. Forming your shields together - getting your muscles tightened for that huge run on the castle wall?!"

    At this point you're going, "Yes! Yes! A million times yes! Bring me to this magical garden of game-play goodness!"

    And then they drop you off in the exact same game-play environment you've seen for the past twenty years. Doing the exact same things. With perhaps a twist here or there. But nothing grand enough to actually separate itself from the dozens/hundreds/thousands of titles that have done the exact same thing before.

    Trick is though, while you're standing there with the representative, imagining all the amazing battles and cool moments he was talking about, you're now effectively trying to achieve their vision with their game. They've got you excited. You've bought into the idea. Now you're going to do all the work to make it seem passable. You'll be pretending you're controlling a Roman legion, you'll get yourself into that experience, and you'll essentially be trying to prove to yourself why the representative is right. And you'll hopefully be ignoring all the flaws it obviously has, while giving it the benefit of the doubt, actually trying to help it achieve its vision.

    Funny enough - that's the attitude we should approach all games with. But it's no mistake that these companies have those representatives there to make sure that every moment of your experience with the game is surrounded by somebody who already loves it to high heaven. Sure, it's their job. Sure, it's yours to ignore what they say. And most journalists probably tell themselves that's exactly what they do. And to be fair - most of them do try and do it.

    But that's the thing - it's so subtle. Someone standing besides you beaming with positive energy while you're doing anything is most likely going to influence your perspective or feeling towards that product in a positive way. Even if you turn around, and catch them smiling from ear to ear for no apparent reason - your emotional frame of mind will be more likely to respond to that positively - even if you're not making yourself aware that this is what's going on.

    Even someone asking you excitedly, "Did you see this? Did you do that?!" takes away the time, reference, and standing you would have to say, "Why's this like this? It doesn't feel all that natural," or even start asking questions concerning art design, game design, anything at all that the representative may not know the answer to.

    It's so desperate it's almost comical. Having someone who's being paid to stand beside you and explain to you why the thing you're doing is fun. Telling you where to go. What to do. If a friend did that to me when he was trying to get me interested in a game, I'd let him do it, but secretly be annoyed that I can't experience it myself first hand. Just like how most games journalists are secretly annoyed that they can't experience it themselves first hand. Too bad they're too stupid to know why it's a bad thing, but then again, the gaming press has proven itself to be little more than the advertising arm of the industry.

    I mean, Penny Arcade Report of all things, is writing favourable write-ups about a fighting game that only has six playable characters. When the franchise it's based around, which came out around two decades ago, had around double that number of playable characters (and looked better as well), I would figure that it would factor in pretty heavily in the write-up. Well, would the fact that the bonus content of said game be directly related to the gaming outlet reporting on it be of any consequence? In any other industry - in politics - it would. In this one, we just assume that's the way it goes, and that as awesome as journalism could be, technically, it's still a Doritos and Mountain Dew world we choose to live in.

    Casey Reece on
  • FluffleFluffle Registered User new member
    Third paragraph from the end:
    "...but there is nothing to do accept hack away..."

    Perhaps a phonetically acceptable substitute, but I feel like the word you were looking for was "except."

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    Play nice.

  • drunkenpandarendrunkenpandaren Slapping all the goblin ham In the top laneRegistered User regular
    What if the entire point of the game was to simulate the dullness of war and to un-glorify the workings of the soldier?

    Origin: DPPandaren
    Steam: pandas_gota_gun
  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    A realistic portrayal of the combat style of a Legion would involve a lot of standing in a shield wall and thrusting enthusiastically with a tiny sword.

  • dbrowdydbrowdy Registered User regular
    @A_Wild_Neurobiologist: I LOL'ed! :-D

  • Casey ReeceCasey Reece Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    @A_Wild_Neurobiologist - I hope I can somehow convince you that my writing "your" instead of "you're" was a genuine, not-noticed error, and not the by-product of my outrageous stupidity.

    As for my comments - yeah, they have a lot of words. I prefer conversations over quick phone-calls, but I can appreciate the capacity for both. Thing is though - there isn't an official word-limit on these posts. My understanding is that the contributor may contributor what they please, regardless of its length.

    If you feel that the value in my posts does not measure up to your time; great. Don't read my posts. There you go. Problem solved. And for all the people responding to what I said afterwards, ignore their posts too. In fact, ignore anyone who doesn't fit in with whatever you deem important to yourself.

    Just don't go around telling them how to act as if the entire place is your playground. Know that when you don't let other people's annoyances get to you, they may be doing just the same with yours.

    Casey Reece on
  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    @Casey Reece, no need to defend yourself, that's a moderation issue. The user has been infracted and publically warned, we don't need to continue the conflict.

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