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The PA Report - Ryse was supposed to be terrible, right? Surprise! It’s not bad at all



  • FaceGuyFaceGuy Registered User new member
    @Tube: "...thrusting enthusiastically with a tiny sword."

    Story of my life, man.

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    Shit that made me laugh.

  • dayoshdayosh Registered User regular
    @FaceGuy: I LOL'ed! :-D

  • kimjo42kimjo42 Registered User regular
    You lost me at "7-hour campaign".

  • AnthropophagicAnthropophagic Registered User regular
    I think "Better than we expected!" is what I was hoping for. After all the bad press, that is some good news.

    This looks like it will be a good bargain pick-up in about 6 months time.. something to spend an afternoon playing.

    It would have been nice to see some customization.. different weapons and armour to kit out your boy.. at least for tghe multiplayer. Which looks like it has some potential.. if nothing else.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    Looks like you got your wish: 770 weapons and armor pieces to customize with in gladiator mode. New info graphic on the Xbox fb page, yesterday.

  • RedthirstRedthirst Registered User regular
    Well, it wasn't surprise for me that the game by Crytek is kinda shitty boring interactive movie.

  • AnthropophagicAnthropophagic Registered User regular
    @tazsul Well.. I guess I need to look a little deeper then. I only checked out a couple reviews but didn't see that info anywhere.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I will probably still hold off, but I mean the game looks entertaining. Might not be a blockbuster, but if it can keep from getting too monotonous, I think it could still be a good bargain investment.

  • CaptainRedHookCaptainRedHook Registered User regular
    something about this game is oddly repulsive to me, and I have had difficulty pinning down why.

    Now I think maybe I just don't have enough of a history-boner for Ancient Rome to enjoy this game.

    Much as I've heard the game tries to have a tinge of "war is bad, Rome has corruption", it doesn't seem like it tries stepping outside of the historical narrative of the big, bad barbarians at the gate with their scary pagan ways (who are A-OK to slash to bits cuz they look like orcs) and the noble stoic Roman heroes.

    just seems, i dunno, historically biased or dishonest.

  • FrenchToastWaffleFrenchToastWaffle Registered User regular
    Sounds like they at least did QTEs in a good way. I hate QTEs where if you fail them, the enemy gets its health back or something along those lines. I don't want to be punished for failing a QTE by undoing my non-QTE progress. Succeeding/failing in a QTE should come with it's own rewards/lacktherof.

  • FluffleFluffle Registered User new member
    I logged in and saw your comment straight above mine and started freaking out. "Ack! What did I do to incur the mighty wrath of Tube?"

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    @Fluffle, my deepest apologies.

  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
    I have come to the same general opinion over the last week, checking out other editorial coverage and the bevy of trailers for the game. Paid for my copy yesterday, looking forward to picking up my copy and trying it out in about 9 hours!

    "Perception is reality." -unknown
  • JD JacksonJD Jackson Registered User regular

    Halo on the original Xbox and Super Mario 64 on the 64 were both great games at launch time (wrote 'lunch time' first, which is also true), that's all I can think of though.

  • MrMiscreantMrMiscreant Mean motor scooter Hiding in the back seat of your carRegistered User regular
    @CAPTAINREDHOOK: Crytek is a German company, so I'm guessing they're probably the last people to think of the Germanic barbarian tribes as "orcs." I'm not saying it's going to be an especially nuanced game, but I'd bet it doesn't have the kind of bias you're thinking of, either.

    LIVE: CitizenZero
    PSN: CitizenXero
    NNID: TheFennec
  • BarjackBarjack Registered User new member
    "Has there ever been a game with more negative buzz than Ryse? " - Well, i do remember when the PS3 launched, it had Heavenly Sword as one of the early titles (can't quite remember if it was a launch title or not).

    The feedback and reviews were similar in context, including the game's length, graphics, use of QTE's in certain sections, etc (If Ryse had followed the kinect way i guess we could have established yet another similarity in terms of hardware mechanics/gimmicks, due to the forced use of the syxaxis for certain combo moves).

  • mrthewhitemrthewhite Registered User regular
    @JD JACKSON I'll give you that but 2 examples out of 8-10 console launches is pretty weak odds. if you factor in all the games launched on day one (not sure what that number would be) the % of winners would be pretty dismal.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    @Captainredhook @Mrmiscreat
    The Barbarians are British (technically Saxons or Anglos or something I'm not 100% sure which group of people lived there at that time)... Not German. Large portions of the game take place at the edge of the roman empire... England.

  • mrthewhitemrthewhite Registered User regular
    @TAZSUL Technically the term Barbarian was used to describe any group that was viewed to be not a member of the civilized society, originally Greek but later Roman.

    Barbarians did include the Germanic although I don't know if they were used in this particular game.

  • NolandNoland Registered User new member
    RAtM and NIN reference in one article? Ben, I hardly knew ye! Ryse?

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    Yes, I know that. And I am telling them in this particular game the "barbarians" you are fighting are from, and in mostly, England, so it can't possibly be intended to be derogatory toward Germanics.

  • EssThreeEssThree Registered User regular
    So it's not bad, but it's not good either? That falls under my definition of mediocre.

  • iamnamelessiamnameless Registered User regular
    I wonder if companies can actually use this: release absolutely formulaic, totally disappointing trailer, make it look like the game would suck terribly, and then gain praise when the game turns out to be just average?

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    I find it fun. If you like modern brawlers, Space Marine, Batman Arkum (combat only not talking all the exploration) etc. Oh and you need to suspend your state of disbelief on the voice acting. Everyone (Roman and Brit alike) speaks English rather then Latin. Is it $60 worth of fun? I can't make that call for you not knowing what $60 is to you. Also I haven't tried the multiplayer (horde mode) that Ben neglected to even mention.

  • streeverstreever Registered User regular
    I only thought it sucked because of your earlier review! Honestly I probably wouldn't have thought twice otherwise.

    I think you should acknowledge your earlier kind of knee-jerk review in this story, instead of saying that "forums" tell us the game is bad ;-)

  • InfamousDSInfamousDS Registered User regular
    The LPs have already begun, and honestly I can concur with the lukewarm water opinion presented here. Not horrendous, but honestly not great either.

  • chironomidaechironomidae Registered User new member
    So I guess you could say the game was only... "Somewhat Damaged"?

    (This is in reference to the game being good but not great, as well as the third header of this article ("Broken, bruised, forgotten, sore") which are lyrics from the song "Somewhat Damaged" by industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails.)

  • streeverstreever Registered User regular
    Would you say that parts of the egg are quite excellent?

  • agwagw Registered User regular

    Well said; I had the same thought! It wasn't "forum rhetoric" that gave me a bad impression of the game; it was Ben's first impression! Of course that was just a first impression, but let's give credit where it's due. =)

  • WarpZoneWarpZone Registered User regular
    So. God of War minus Kratos.

    Hey, just curious. What did you think of Halo minus Master Chief?

  • ThreepioThreepio New Westminster, BCRegistered User regular
    I played RYSE at E3. I played it at PAX. I was bored both times, in short order.

    RYSE is the type of game you pick up three years into the console's life for $5 just to see what it was all about. RYSE is LAIR all over again. I have an Xbox One and I'm happy with it, but I refuse to apologize for RYSE.

  • ObbiObbi Registered User, ClubPA regular
    Ryse looks like one of those needed "here's what the new generation can do" games. I ain't gonna hold anythin' against it, looks solid. I'm a PC Gamer though, so as far as "next gen" games go, I'll have to hold off for Titanfall, I guess.

    Good article!

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