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The PA Report - DC looks back on 75 years of Superman, and for some reason they seem to see a loser



  • likalarukulikalaruku Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    The consensus among readers is that starting from either 52 or the latest full universe reboot, DC has just been issuing one big "f**k you" after another to it's fans. Currently the only folks still reading are masochists with endearing optimism, internet comic reviewers, & folks who get dopamine highs from being in a constant state of "pissed off."

    likalaruku on
  • bojac6bojac6 Registered User new member
    To all the people saying there's no way to make Superman interesting, I say look no further than any Thor comic. Thor is, arguably, more powerful than Superman and just as "infallible." He tries to do the right thing, and sometimes it bites him in the ass. What part of The Dark World would not have been a great Superman movie, where Asgard is just Metropolis, the City of Tomorrow, and Loki is a disgraced Luthor? You wouldn't need to change a thing and it would be a great Superman movie.

    Superman can make tons of interesting stories, just everyone lately gets so hung up on his powers and trying to "challenge" him physically, that they forget about how to tell a story.

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