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The PA Report - There is no way to pause Need for Speed: Rivals, and that’s kind of a big problem fo

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin

imageThe PA Report - There is no way to pause Need for Speed: Rivals, and that’s kind of a big problem for many gamers

This decision makes sense at first. The game automatically puts you with a group of human racers, and you can warp to their location, challenge them to races, or work together to fulfill different objectives.

Read the full story here

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  • GunganGungan Registered User regular
    Welcome to massive multiplayer with a persistent world console gamers!

  • TridusTridus Registered User regular
    Ugh, pass. Sometimes the phone rings, or someone comes to the door, or I have to get up to make dinner, or the baby needs attention, or... yeah this list can go on forever.

    Maybe this game was designed by people on crunch, and they figured everyone should play on the same schedule.

  • TiberiusEsuriensTiberiusEsuriens Registered User regular
    Haha, I love the flavor image. Of all those reasons, Tiny Death Star is definitely the most distracting thing I have had to deal with lately. Good thing Hearthstone is a turn based game!

    I lol'ed. I've been dealing with that for years. Anytime someone knows they're interrupting my gaming always asks the same question, "Are you online?" Whenever I say yes they roll their eyes and walk away... unless it's my wife, then the response is, "not any more, honey." ^.^

  • AndrewG009AndrewG009 Registered User
    I get that in a multiplayer game, you don't really have an option. But if a game is designed in such a way that completing a single player level is way more important that letting my dogs outside, responding when my wife calls me through the house or even stopping for a bathroom break, then I'm immediately turned off to the prospect of playing it.

    When did a "pause" screen become next-gen bleeding edge?

  • Loser4NowLoser4Now Registered User regular
    It sounds like EA wanted to make a persistent world, and succeeded. Allowing anyone to pause at any time seems counter intuitive. I'm sure EVE players (a PA Reporting staple) would love to pause the action. But that's not how the game was designed.

    So... working as intended?

    @Tridus: So pick up the phone, answer the door, or go make dinner. You lose some points. It sucks, but the game sounds fun enough that when you're done you just get back on and win some points.

  • RunningmanRunningman Registered User regular
    I think it depends on the game; in rare cases (Demon's/Dark Souls) I think it can add to a sense of danger or urgency, but I think in most cases a totally single player game should have a pause function. It's not going to detract anything to have it and a lot of us can't guarantee uninterrupted time for games.

    I guess in our brave always online future this kind of line is going to get blurred a lot and a pure singleplayer experience will be rarer and rarer. I hope we don't abandon it completely, though. Not everything should be a social experience!

  • Ben KucheraBen Kuchera Registered User staff
    Keep in mind EVE is an MMO. Rivals can be played by yourself, in offline mode. This is a completely artificial limitation.

  • Loser4NowLoser4Now Registered User regular
    @Ben : From my first read, didn't realize the limitation was also during single player.

    "It’s more like an MMO than a standard racing game in some respects. Being able to pause the game would be detrimental to the social experience in any number of ways."

    The no pause in single player, offline mode is a bit of a puzzler.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    I sympathize.. Kinda. 10+ years of MMOs have removed my expectation that the game world must stop for me to pee/answer the phone, etc. I think @Gungan nailed it. What you have is a console persistent mmo, one where you can't stealth, hearth, or fly up in the air to avoid negative consequences.

    Additional: lack of pause in offline play is odd. I wonder if it's a result of a change late in the dev process after E3. May haps the game was originally intended to be online only?

    tazsul on
  • excaliburdjexcaliburdj Registered User new member
    Well, let's be honest. There aren't any other games out there that allow you to pause the multi-player either. Can you imagine how frustrating COD or GTA Online would be if you could pause right before you were going to lose something? It sounds like par for the course with multiplayer, honestly.

    Now I understand in some games there might be places for you to hide. In Battlefield, for example, depending on where you spawn and the condition of the map there are places where you could lay down for a whole 20-30 minute match without somebody so much as walking by.

    You have opportunities in those games, though, to leave the lobby...back out of matchmaking and sit at the menu screen for a while if you need to go do something. Is that not the case here?

    I can't imagine that delivering your coins to your safehouse is any different than needing to take a flag in Battlefield. It's an objective in the race.

    That being said, it would be extremely convenient in this case if the game was smart enough to know you were playing AI-only and let you pause it. I don't see any downsides to that. The rub comes in when you're playing with other real people. In that case, no, pause shouldn't be an option.

  • TyrusPeaceTyrusPeace Registered User regular
    This is the case for any multiplayer game. I get that the banking/risk system with points makes playing for a long time in a row more of a priority for some folks, but it's still not a requirement. You can just play for a race and exit, post-banking, right?

  • TheMagicLemurTheMagicLemur Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    This, like Diablo 3, is the natural progression of people who demanded multiplayer in fucking everything: Multiplayer-only by design, whether you want it to be or not.


    That said, I'm sort of terrified by the amount of defense this is getting; wanting to be able to stop your game when LIFE intervenes isn't exactly entitlement. Man, people are severely cowed nowadays.

    TheMagicLemur on
  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    Starcraft 2 can be paused in multiplayer. You have a limited amount of pause and any player can unpause, so you better tell them first but you can.

  • Ben KucheraBen Kuchera Registered User staff
    "This is the case for any multiplayer game."

    The problem is that, in this case, the limitation is in the single-player game as well. It's like if EA said you couldn't pause the SP campaign in BF4 because the other mode is online.

  • RatelRatel Registered User regular
    If you are not a bitter 14-year-old boy with no social life, you are not a relevant target market for AAA game developers. They likely did this on purpose to discourage the "wrong sort of player" from playing.

  • Conniption-FitConniption-Fit Registered User regular
    It would at the least severely limit the instances where I could play that game and make it less desirable. I choose SP more often because I need to be able to drop out and when I do play multi it tends to be co-op only with friends who will more than understand if my toon suddenly stops doing anything.

    Thing is, didn't Left 4 Dead already solve this where at any point you could let the comp take over for you? couldn't they do that with the understanding that the comp will be the least effective.

  • Paul_czPaul_cz Registered User regular
    Ridiculous. Limiting framerate on PC, making the game unpausable, making all the cutscene bullshit unskippable...developers need to be called out on all that, repeatedly hammering it into their heads, until they stop with this shit.

  • pasmithpasmith Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Honestly I can't see how this is a big deal. The point of the game is to race. If you have to walk away and lose your points before you bank 'em, you just need to race more to re-earn them; it's not a very deep game, really. Having to race some more in a racing game and calling it losing "a significant amount of time" seems odd to me.

    I mean sure, it'd be great if they added a feature to pause the game when you're playing alone, but when I have to walk away and I come back to find I've been busted, it's not like a freak-out moment for me. And if I have to go to the bathroom or something (ie not a "drop the controller immediately!" interuption) a hideout is usually pretty close by, and I just bank the points.

    Put it this way, I don't think it warrants being called "a big problem" in a headline on a major gaming site.

    pasmith on
  • TridusTridus Registered User regular
    @Loser4Now Or I'll just buy some other game that doesn't punish me in single player mode for having other stuff happening in life sometimes.

    This is a fairly ridiculous problem, particularly in SP. But even in MP, games either let you pause (Starcraft 2, and of course every turn based strategy game ever), let you go to a safe spot quickly (Diablo, Path of Exile, etc), or the consequences of simply getting up and maybe dying are so trivial that it doesn't wipe out extended periods of play time's effort (pretty much every shooter ever).

    This is none of those things, and knowing it means there is zero chance I buy this game.

  • Gamer8585Gamer8585 Registered User regular
    I love playing video games, and used to be able to dedicate hours of my time playing. However even back in the halcyon days of college where I had an abundance of time and money I still need to pause sometimes to take a shit or answer a phone call.

    Now I'm a family man with a non-gamer wife. If my baby is crying and/or my wife calls for me telling her I'm can't attend to our child/help her out will quickly get my cerebellum deformed by the business end of a skillet.

    Even in MMO's there are usually ways to get to a relatively safe area quickly if you're soloing and not in combat.

    In WoW there's: the Hearthstone (Instant teleport to your home location 30min cooldown [15min with guild bonus]),

    Mage portals to a friendly capital (assuming you are a mage or questing with one),

    Monks can use "Zen meditation" to warp to the "Peak of Serenity" in Pandaria.

    Once you can fly you can just mount up and take to the air (assuming you're in a zone that allows it).

    In EvE you can set a course for HiSec space and/or dock with a friendly station.

    And even in other games if you know the area you're in well enough you can usually get your toon to a spot without mob spawn points or patrols (admittedly more risky, but better than nothing).

    The fact that a single player game can't even implement a pause button or some type of similar functionality shows just how divorced game designers are from the reality of most of their customers. In mulitplayer sessions it makes sense to not have a pause button, because that could either impart advantage, facilitate trolling, or inconvenience everyone, but for singleplayer just give us a way to take a piss without f!@$ing up everything.

  • TheMagicLemurTheMagicLemur Registered User regular
    You guys, Ben's said this like twice now: Even when playing by yourself and not in a lobby, it does this. THAT'S the issue. And while I think it's hilarious because the forced insertion of multiplayer-centric design has finally become as irritating to FANS of multiplayer games as it was to me so often, I can see the frustration. I mean, hell, even Diablo 3 lets you pause while playing solo.

    @Tazsul: I was just about to point that out myself. It's like people don't seem to understand the difference between 'online multiplayer' and 'MMO' anymore; In a game like WoW or EVE Online, you can usually find a point to go AFK for a few and be alright; a game that requires constant focus and attention NEEDS a pause feature, even if it's an honor system/group consensus one like Starcraft's that relies on your fellow players not being dicks.

    And ANY single-player experience needs a pause feature, period. I agree with Yahtzee Croshaw on this, that not having the ability to pause is like the game implying you have no life and/or bodily functions. It'd be like having a DVD that didn't let you pause it, which is to say, stupid.

  • SimianLogicSimianLogic Registered User new member
    i stopped playing LoL entirely after my son was born because i couldn't guarantee that i wouldn't be needed for a 30-45 minute chunk of time (even after he "went to bed"). borderlands 2 was the only multiplayer game i found that i could still play

  • BrymBrym Registered User regular
    Eh... you can't pause Dark Souls either.

  • raykremerraykremer Registered User regular
    Yeah, I guess there's really no way to pause something that's running online multiplayer without causing other problems (what do people do during a WoW raid if the doorbell rings?), but no pause in a single player offline game is stupid.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Well for me: I say "Crap! Pizza guy!" in vent, take 1sec to position my toon where I may be reasonably safe, and run to the door, sign the check fast as I can and race back. Most of the time I don't die, and we still kill the boss. Obv. I'm not a healer or a tank. Luckily I play a rogue so I can still do roughly half my dps just with autoattacks. Thus happens to me about once every 3 weeks. Usually one of my guild mates will make a joke when I get back. It's really not much different then if someone disconnects.

    TL/DR life happens, even when you are fighting a progression raid boss.

    Additional: Back in BC we had a healer get arrested mid raid. Now THAT is a whole different scenario. LoL.

    tazsul on
  • eleisoneleison Registered User regular
    I think this kind of thing is a side effect of the industry's lack of game designers who have time for families. If you live by yourself (or with a SO who accepts that game time is your time), it's easy to look at something like this structure as completely normal. After all, it's how you play when you play games anyway. You don't pause, except to use the toilet or grab a snack, and, as others who don't see the problem have pointed out, those urges don't normally come on suddenly, so you have plenty of time to bank anything you might stand to lose before satisfying them. Even as a fairly-new father (one-year-old daughter), my gaming habits have changed entirely from the way they used to be. I get annoyed enough now when cutscenes can't be paused, but if I have to walk away during one, I just shrug and say, "I guess I'll miss that part of the story." If I came across a game I couldn't pause, I wouldn't play it longer than it took me to find out I couldn't pause it.

    I have to be honest: I'm going to be watching next-gen titles with a little more caution going forward, and if this becomes a thing, I may be taking a page from Alex Nichiporchik's book and turning to piracy to "try before I buy." If I bought a game that was so fundamentally broken, I would be furious.

  • FoggenFoggen Registered User regular
    This kind of thing is passable in a known superhardcore game like Dark Souls, but developers have to recognize that games with a more casual structure can't do this shit.

  • FrenchToastWaffleFrenchToastWaffle Registered User regular
    This would make sense if it weren't for the fact that it happens in offline mode. I don't get what reason there could be for that. If there were online features in the offline mode, I could at least begin to understand, but this really just seems like a huge oversight.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    Having thought about it over lunch I'm gonna have to go with "This looks like a tacked on single player mode" to me. Did they build the multiplayer mode first? I think so. That would be a great question to ask the studio.

  • phatbhudaphatbhuda Registered User regular
    While I agree that not being able to pause in offline mode is a hassle, I'd say it's far from "more or less unplayable for people in those situations." Like others have said, it would slow your progress. I've been playing as a Cop, so it wouldn't even really do that for me. I can come back to the game and not have lost any speed points.

  • GunganGungan Registered User regular
    @You can't pause Dark Souls either.

    True, but once you kill the enemies in the area you could stand there until the end of the world and they won't respawn so it's not exactly a big deal if you can't pause.

    My comment was mostly tongue in cheek... but having no pause in the offline single player mode really doesn't make any sense.

  • Basis ChangeBasis Change Registered User regular
    @Brym @Foggen @Gungan
    As much as I love Dark Souls, I don't think the comparison works. Because Dark Souls constantly saves your progress, at any moment you can quit the game, and resume from the same place in which you quit. It's like a clunky pause, where the unpause mechanic takes ~30 seconds. Not the most convenient, but sounds like it's miles ahead of the NFS Rivals setup.

  • BrinkmanBrinkman Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Waaaaaaah. I can't pause games like Left 4 Dead either. This isn't new and it's done for a reason not because EA wants to be dicks (for once).

    Brinkman on
    It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. -Thomas Jefferson
  • DeathAngelDeathAngel Registered User regular
    @Brinkman: I'm pretty sure I can pause my L4D game when I'm gaming with bots, i.e. offline. That doesn't seem to be the case here.

  • ParatechParatech Registered User regular
    Apparently video game players are expected to have no life.
    I've heard that's true of people who make video games, but I didn't think they thought that of gamers.
    Obviously I'm not a video game player, although my friends and family might disagree.

  • grimjinxgrimjinx Registered User new member
    This is why I quit playing RE6

  • ruzkinruzkin Registered User regular
    @Brym - as others have pointed out, you can save and quit Dark Souls at any time and resume exactly where you were. Many people seem confused on this point - the bonfires are continue points, not hard-save points.

  • PyrianPyrian Registered User regular
    @TAZSUL, @RAYKREMER: "At least I've got chicken."

  • KahnvexKahnvex Registered User regular
    Offline, no pause = total bullshit. Glaring oversight, whatever you want to call it

    Online, no pause = totally expected.

  • rpm285smrpm285sm Registered User regular
    Wow. Can't believe how many people can't be bothered to read before commenting. I expect it at Kotaku but I thought the commenters here were at least a little better. No pause in a single player game is a deal breaker. Thanks for sharing Ben, I won't be wasting my money on this game now. That's a shame cause I was looking forward to it.

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