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The PA Report - There is no way to pause Need for Speed: Rivals, and that’s kind of a big problem fo



  • Titanium DragonTitanium Dragon Registered User regular
    Yeah, I have to say it is silly that you cannot pause in offline mode.

  • EssThreeEssThree Registered User regular
    Sounds like incredibly poor game design to me. Pass.

  • NecroxNecrox Registered User regular
    Deal breaker for me.
    I have no kids, pets or serious obligations aside from work, and a game without any sort of pause is an automatic pass. It'd have to be an amazing game where pausing is just not possible to design into it (such as multiplayer game modes).
    Remind me why I'd be playing a game on the games terms for no reason? Why would a game need to dictate when I go to the bathroom or get a drink, eat, stop to talk to my girlfriend, or help out around the house? Even if those things aren't crucial "must be done this second" events, I have a hard time seeing why the game should dictate how I break up my day when it's not absolutely impossible to avoid in the game design.
    Lazy design that negatively impacts my day = no money from me.

  • RedthirstRedthirst Registered User regular
    Its strange that there's no pause option in offline mode. I think it can be added without much problems, but yet again, its EA we are talking about,
    But its not a surprise that you can't pause in Online mode. That shouldn't be expected in the first place.

  • status253status253 puyallupRegistered User regular
    Maybe play after they fall asleep for the night? Maybe instead of playing a video game play with your babies, because there is no pause for them and before you know it they ain't babies no more. This story, article, blog, or conversation starter is pure garbage.

  • Intangible 360Intangible 360 Registered User regular
    @Ben: So are you going to be similarly upset when you cannot pause the Titanfall or The Division single player? I think there is a better article to be written on this subject that is more thoughtful about what we are giving up when all of of our games adopt MMO-like connected experiences.

    Remember - "If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." -Carl Sagan
  • z64danz64dan Registered User regular
    "Honey, can you put the dishes away before our family gets here, while I vacuum the upstairs?"

    "Um... no... can't pause this racing game for some reason..."

    4 months later, divorce is finalized.

    Thanks EA

  • never-nudistnever-nudist Registered User new member
    Playing video games is Ben's job so that's not an option. And I don't know if you know this, but babies also cry at night. Children are exciting to have, but also tiring. Video games are one of the few leisure time pursuits that have been possible to do when children are under the age of 5. Its impossible to go to movies, go on vacations, or anything else. Are you suggesting that people should have no time to themselves when a child is born.

  • dayoshdayosh Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    Not really a racing fan to begin with, however the lack of pause feature in single player is disturbing, indeed (can you imagine playing something like "Skyrim" with no pause? Ugh.). While I know a large majority of the racing-gamer-crowd on here doesn't appear to be a fan of the extremely limited selection of Forza 5, it probably does at least boast a pause feature (I presume Ben would have mentioned it had it not). There's also GTA 5 (I believe that released on next-gens) if you're the sort who loves a good police chase.

    Also bear in mind that the next-gen systems will likely be seeing more racing games (hopefully with a pause function) in the future. It just sucks that this game, which seems to offer a very enjoyable experience, had to leave out a feature (a CONSOLE feature, no less) that is so basic that it's been around since the NES. I can certainly sympathize with the racing-game fans out there, and moreover, any gamer who manages to maintain a social life /parenthood /plant.

    Dear EA - please do not punish gamers for not being able to play your game with every waking moment. Instead, reward those gamers for playing your game in the time they are able to put into it. Kk thx.

    dayosh on
  • Dr_AwkwardDr_Awkward Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    It works like this:

    With pause, you don't need safe zones. Without a pause, you need a safe zone for your players, or trigger an AI to take your place for the moment. It really doesn't matter what game you're playing, you need somewhere your character can go or an AI you can rely on if life wants attention.

    The increasing lack of respect towards a player's amount of time he/she has for games is the bigger problem. No pause, safe zones, or an autopilot AI that allow him/her to go AFK is only a piece of that problem.

    Dr_Awkward on
  • X_mirage_XX_mirage_X Registered User regular
    I have been an avid gamer all of my life. I am now 36 years old and have 2 kids. My oldest is 7 but developmentally disabled and blind. He is safe to play by himself but her regularly needs me to find him a toy or get him food or drink etc. It is like have a 1-2 year old that weighs 60 lbs.

    I don't play online games because of this and I understand that it is just the way it is. For a single player game to not have a pause option is completely ridiculous in my opinion. I have tried Demon's/Dark Souls and they are unplayable for me. They seem like good games but I don't generally have 1+ hours in a day that are uninterrupted to dedicate to it.

    For a driving game to not have a pause option is completely outrageous. Thanks for the heads up on this Ben because I won't buy it and I won't miss it.

    Thankfully there are plenty of great games out there that DO have the ability to pause. I will stick with those. :)

    For all of you who think this is entitlement or whining? Grow up...

  • SiddownSiddown Registered User regular
    The interesting part of this is as anyone who follows Ben on twitter would know, he loves the game except for this one tiny thing.

    While I get why Ben wrote this piece, I am a bit surprised how many people consider this a show stopper. As a single dad with an autistic child, I have just as much reason as any to not like this, but at the same time, "not being able to pause the single player game" ranks pretty low on my list of requirements for me to buy a game. In this case, if something happened that would require me to pause I'll just lose the race while I get up to do it. Not really sure what the big deal is.

    That being said, I'd be shocked if there wasn't a patch for this because it really doesn't make any sense to not be able to pause.

  • Generic 123Generic 123 Registered User new member
    Has anyone else noticed that most of the stuff posted on this site isn't really journalism? Hey Ben, how about getting a response from the company and maybe some actual investigation and reporting before you post something. When Tycho first announced The Penny Arcade Report, he touted it as an attempt at serious, more in depth video game journalism, but for the most part it has fallen well short of those lofty expectations. It's not entirely your fault, Ben. This is symptomatic of what is wrong with pretty much the entire apparatus of journalism today and the rise of the "Professional" blogger. Still, this "article" is perhaps one of the most egregious examples I've seen yet. Is it supposed to be a review? Is it supposed to be a blog? It's definitely not journalism, and if I can't tell what the heck it is or what it's trying to do, I'm not sure why I should read anything on this site.

    Best Regards,

    Your Evil Twin


    To all those who will inevitably say, "well if you don't like it don't read it!" I can't just walk away. Video games are an important part of contemporary life. They are an important medium for artistic expression and they are worthy of serious coverage by a dedicated group of professionals and consideration by the broader public. And also, sometimes PA Report does a very good job of reporting on the economics of video games, their cultural impact, copyright issues, and so forth. But when I click on a "Featured Article" and get this schlock, it frustrates me. Publish with intent! If Ben wants to blog, add a blog section to the site.

  • dayoshdayosh Registered User regular


  • Generic 123Generic 123 Registered User new member

    That's incredibly sad. Short enough?

  • 3clipse3clipse I will build a labyrinth to house the cheese Registered User regular
    @KenBuchera u mad bro?

    Hobnail wrote: »
    It's okay to use Oddjob so long as you don't mind me deliberately obliterating your toilet with a precisely calibrated rectal assault
  • Generic 123Generic 123 Registered User new member

    No of course not. As I said in my first post, when The Report was started, there seemed to be an expectation on the part of Tycho and others that it would elevate the discourse about videogames. While this has technically been accomplished, it's not much to write home about considering the previous standard was sites splashed with product endorsements, filled with reviews cut and pasted from company press releases. It's disappointing to me that the really good content posted here is the minority. And again, if Ben wants to blog, he can have a blog, but labeling it "Feature" is misleading. I hope that my criticism isn't perceived as griping, because I would like for the site to fulfill its stated purpose and be a place that elevates the discourse. I'm just saying that as far as I can tell, that goal hasn't been accomplished yet, partially because of the content itself (which is a different topic) and partially because content is essentially mislabeled. That is the issue that I'm trying to address here. Maybe I could've sent my concerns to the staff directly, since my criticism isn't relevant to the content of this specific article, but again as I said before, this piece is emblematic of a trend I've noticed here, so I wanted to point it out to the audience at large as well. YMMV

  • teknoarcanistteknoarcanist Registered User regular
    edited November 2013
    @KenBuchera Allow me to solve the mystery for you. It's called an "editorial".

    teknoarcanist on
  • Generic 123Generic 123 Registered User new member

    that is precisely the point I am getting at. The site does a poor job of distinguishing between editorializing and other forms of coverage. A clear distinction is important, at least to me.

  • trip1eXtrip1eX Registered User regular
    IT's good to know that I'm getting into if I do choose to buy this game in the future. Thanks.

  • BrohameBrohame Registered User regular
    It's just one of those things you have to budget time for. If you don't HAVE the time, then either don't play, or be willing to suffer the consequences. Everything in life is a choice. If I'm playing an MMO and commit to a raid for instance, I won't commit in the first place if I don't know if I can stay for the duration without interruption. It's just part of normal time management and a part of life.

    It's not the games fault you have 2 babies to watch. Or you want to order Pizza. Or you have to poop. Should have thought of that before you hit play.

  • AKAthatoneguyAKAthatoneguy Registered User regular

    You really need a label to tell you that something like this is an editorial and not a news item or game review? You couldn't tell by the first few lines or even the headline that it's an editorial? Seriously?

    Allow me to counter-vote that we DON'T need to label something as an editorial just because a troll or two pretends not to know the difference between opinion and straight news coverage. The world has been dumbed down enough, thank you very much.

  • ShiroKumaShiroKuma Registered User new member
    I had never heard this and it matters a lot to me. If I'm playing any game and my kid starts flipping out, the game is paused or the game is over. I'm not the sort of person who can tolerate being "punished" for having a life outside of the game, either. Thanks for helping me dodge a bullet.

  • RedthirstRedthirst Registered User regular
    I agree. But in case of MMOs it's not possible to implement pause feature there. But there should be pause feature in single player games.

  • McDosyMcDosy Registered User regular
    A friend of mine couldn't play the Souls games for the exact same baby-related reasons. At least in those, you can quit anywhere and it saves your game.

  • simlandsimland Registered User regular
    And this is why I closed out my WoW subscription. Children need attention and they are significantly more important than a few pixels.

  • AngrydurfAngrydurf Registered User regular
    This is the standard for MMO's though and many of those chug along quite successfully. It changes how you play certainly, Goals become more about a playstyle where you can easily hide or bank your points rather than maximize your progress. Which in some ways is a shame. This is why I stopped raiding in WoW (and for quite awhile stopped entirely). Now in a game with an offline mode it seems absurd you can't pause to answer the door even in that mode but no one accused EA of being friendly to their customers ;)

  • CrookedKnightCrookedKnight Registered User regular
    It's completely reasonable to cut pausing in multiplayer. It's completely UNreasonable to leave it out of single-player. Bad design, plain and simple.

  • wormspeakerwormspeaker Objectively Terrible Registered User regular
    Seems like with all the hype around "driveatars" or however they spell it, that they could have just made the AI take over racing for you when you pause.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    Wrong game.

  • wormspeakerwormspeaker Objectively Terrible Registered User regular
    @TAZSUL There's more than one game where you race cars and get points? Why would you need two?

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    Apparently one of the games only is published on one of the consoles. Apparently the car game on the Xbox is the one with drivitaurs (part driver part bull?) and the one on the ps4 is the one where you can't pause.

  • wormspeakerwormspeaker Objectively Terrible Registered User regular
    @TAZSUL Is it fair to assume that one is the only true realistic game experience with highly polygonal vroom-vrooms, and the other one is a hack game which only virginal losers would play?

  • droiddestdroiddest Registered User regular
    I'm not sure how they'd even implement it. You're playing with other people so what do you do when someone pauses if you're chasing them? I'd say this is along the lines of any PVP mmo. Log out, or prepare to get bitten if you're afk.

  • manadrenmanadren Registered User regular
    It makes a certain amount of sense not to have a pause option in multiplayer online games. The problem with Need for Speed: Rivals, in this sense is that it was designed primarily for online multiplayer. Playing the PS4 version, as far as I've seen, there's no way to play the game offline without logging out of the Playstation Network.Given that, I think the lack of a pause is more of an artifact of an assumption that no one would not play online, given the option.

  • tazsultazsul Registered User regular
    One would assume. Not being one for electronic matchbox cars myself I can't say for sure which is which. If I was under duress I would guess the one with the less numbers was for "posers" in the vernacular of the youth.

  • ffaristocratffaristocrat Registered User regular
    It's amazing that days after this article got posted, there are people posting here who genuinely believe Ben is complaining about not being able to pause in *multiplayer*. So much reading comprehension fail going on...

  • BardicBardic Registered User regular
    @Ben - The bigger issue than pausing, for me at least, is the fact that if the game decides to migrate hosts while you're in the middle of racing or escaping from cops, you end up busted when it migrates. I'm tired of companies using players to act as servers for their games. I was just shy of a hideout and lost 120,000 points one time because of the fracking host migration. Came back, and was automatically busted without even being able to continue driving.

  • wormspeakerwormspeaker Objectively Terrible Registered User regular
    @TAZSUL Indeed, numbers are very important to virtual automobiles. If one has fewer numbers, then obviously it must be the inferior experience and therefore conclusively prove that the hardware it runs on is a commercial failure.

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