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[East Asia] - Year of the Plague



  • DoodmannDoodmann Registered User regular
    shryke wrote: »
    Doodmann wrote: »
    I don't think it's whataboutism but more a "hey you know that's also happening here...right now, right?"

    I'm not sure in what way it could possibly be relevant to the East Asia thread outside that context.

    Good point, I didn't realize what thread I was in.

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    nope nope nope nope abort abort talk about anime
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  • DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    Doodmann wrote: »
    shryke wrote: »
    Doodmann wrote: »
    I don't think it's whataboutism but more a "hey you know that's also happening here...right now, right?"

    I'm not sure in what way it could possibly be relevant to the East Asia thread outside that context.

    Good point, I didn't realize what thread I was in.

    Guess who also didn't realize what thread I was in?

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  • MazzyxMazzyx Comedy Gold Registered User regular
    China-Based Executive at U.S. Telecommunications Company Charged with Disrupting Video Meetings Commemorating Tiananmen Square Massacre

    This happened over the summer. The allegation is as follows:
    Jin, officials from the PRC government and others allegedly collaborated to identify meeting participants and to disrupt meetings hosted on Company-1’s U.S. servers, at times creating pretextual reasons to justify their actions to other employees and executives of Company-1, as well as Company-1’s users themselves. In particular, in May and June 2020, Jin and others acted to disrupt meetings held on the Company-1 platform to discuss politically sensitive topics unacceptable to the PRC government by infiltrating the meetings to gather evidence about purported misconduct occurring in those meetings. In fact, there was no misconduct; Jin and his co-conspirators fabricated evidence of TOS violations to provide justification for terminating the meetings, as well as certain participants’ accounts. Jin then tasked a high-ranking employee of Company-1 in the United States to effect the termination of meetings and the suspension and cancellation of user accounts.

    As detailed in the complaint, Jin’s co-conspirators created fake email accounts and Company-1 accounts in the names of others, including PRC political dissidents, to fabricate evidence that the hosts of and participants in the meetings to commemorate the Tiananmen Square massacre were supporting terrorist organizations, inciting violence or distributing child pornography. The fabricated evidence falsely asserted that the meetings included discussions of child abuse or exploitation, terrorism, racism or incitements to violence, and sometimes included screenshots of the purported participants’ user profiles featuring, for example, a masked person holding a flag resembling that of the Islamic State terrorist group. Jin used the complaints as evidence to persuade Company-1 executives based in the United States to terminate meetings and suspend or terminate the user accounts of the meeting hosts.

    Company-1 though not identified is known to be Zoom.

    So just a bit more fuckery out of the CCP coming out this week.

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  • TraceTrace GNU Terry Pratchett; GNU Gus; GNU Carrie Fisher; GNU Adam We Registered User regular
    I am siiiiiiick of China's bullshit.

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  • zagdrobzagdrob Registered User regular
    edited December 2020
    Trace wrote: »
    I am siiiiiiick of China's bullshit.

    (Edit not CPP phone) CCP nationalism in the modern age is weird and scary. It is full on Cyberpunk human botnet and if you point out the nationalism they call it.racism.

    Not sure how to fight it other than letting the CCP collapse on it's own which...is probably our best bet at this point.

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  • CelestialBadgerCelestialBadger Registered User regular
    The CCP seems unlikely to collapse as long as they continue to deliver economic improvements.

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  • MayabirdMayabird Pecking at the keyboardRegistered User regular
    I had thought about putting this in the US foreign policy thread, but this is pure East Asia so it fits more here. Mostly, this is a question: we talk about the Chinese government, but considering that Xi Jinping is basically absolute dictator-for-life, more power than the emperors of old even had, and anyone who dares cross him or go against him in any way will feel his retribution (even extending to the highest figures in the Chinese Communist Party and billionaires), how much can we really talk about "the government" versus just "Xi"? Is there really a difference anymore?

    The importance of this question is that there's a fundamental difference between a government and absolutist rule of one person. A government implies an entire apparatus of people who work at different aims and purposes, who might find common ground for different things, where there are theoretically some checks against maniacal power-mad lunatics. Absolutist rule means there's nothing stopping Xi from anything he might desire or wish; he has nothing but yes men left (if they know what's good for them), and no limits to his insanity, greed, and/or cruelty, as he may want.

    It just seems like we're entering a very, very dangerous stage from the previous merely very dangerous stage we had all been in before.

  • zagdrobzagdrob Registered User regular
    Xi is certainly powerful, but he is still operating as the head of Chinese government with the blessing of the Chinese Communist Party. He may be powerful because he is bringing prosperity to China and he is working towards the goals of the CCP not his own arbitrary whims.

    He certainly doesn't have the power in China of a Mao or a Stalin (although time will tell if he consolidates it). He will maintains at least the fiction that he is serving Chinas long-term interests with the support of a large chunk of the populace and in general while he may be funneling millions or billions into his pockets and the pockets of his cronies at the time being it also is serving Chinas larger national insticts.

    The things that will show how solid his power is will be either a major economic downturn / recession, or a war. I think his personal rule is more brittle than you might expect compared to say Putin or Un and more along the lines of Ergoden if he starts crossing or costing the Chinese elite their fortunes.

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