Hymn of the Sands [PC]

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Hymn of the Sands

Hymn of the Sands is an epic game in 40 minutes, an isometric action dungeon crawler with light RPG and puzzle elements.

It is a capstone project by fourteen graduate students at the Guildhall at SMU in Plano, Texas.
We're currently at approximately week sixteen of eighteen and finishing up our Beta test, which is being updated frequently.
We invite people to freely play, distribute, and "Let's Play" the game.
After you play the game you'll be invited to fill out a questionnaire, to help us improve the game in these last few weeks of development!

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  • CoachMcGuirkCoachMcGuirk Registered User regular
    Hi everyone,

    I'm Dustin, the producer on Hymn of the Sands. We got great feedback from some Penny Arcade forum members on my last team game, Kraven Manor, so I hope you guys can help me on this one too.

    I'll post updates here; I'll keep an eye out for your questions and comments.

    Thank you!

  • WTFOMGamesWTFOMGames Registered User regular
  • kimekime Queen of Blades Registered User regular
    The website and the OP don't have all that much information on the game itself. Could you share more gameplay details?

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