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The PA Report - The Xbox One may mean free-to-play games cost $60



  • Dorkmaster FlekDorkmaster Flek Registered User regular
    I'm getting pretty gorram sick of this. Microtransactions in a $60 AAA title are totally unacceptable. I don't care if they're "optional". The very existence of them warps the game design and balance. It's in direct conflict with the artistic vision of the game. There is no justification for it other than "make more money", and it won't stop unless we as consumers demand it does. Stop buying these games. Stop spending money on them. Please.

  • CrazypillsCrazypills Registered User new member
    edited November 2013
    You know, I'm gettin really tired of this sensational garbage, and frankly I'm disappointed that Ben has put this up here (though his commentary is far more relevant and informed than the actual piece). Ryze is in no way a free to play title, and definitely doesn't deserve to be on the list. You can buy two different sets of armor will real money (both of which are cosmetic I believe), but other than that, the system functions like Mass Effect 3, where you can buy an equipment pack for a buck. It's great for people who have lots of money but very little time, and please remember that the money spent on packs and character customization goes toward making games that are required to do very well in a flooded market. If you don't wanna spend extra money, fine, but stop complaining about it - fight it by not spending money. Some of us don't have twelve hours a day to play games anymore.

    Crazypills on
  • SparroHawcSparroHawc Registered User new member
    edited November 2013
    Ryze is not a free-to-play game, you are correct - but that changes nothing about the fact that *they are using free-to-play tactics to get more money out of people*. What is the basic tradeoff in a F2P game? Money versus time. The fact that you even say "lots of money but very little time" is telling, right there.
    If there is a grind, especially if there is a *randomized* grind if you want a specific item, then you are looking at F2P tactics right there. Don't pretend it isn't.
    I would personally rather have a game where you can work towards specific goals. You want a weapon? Earn a reasonable amount of in-game credits, over one hour of play instead of twelve, and unlock it that way. Don't make me play roulette on a versus multiplayer game.

    SparroHawc on
  • Farmer42Farmer42 Registered User regular
    You're talking like long periods of grind for questionable drops is new to F2P instead of a long standing tradition in multiple genres.

  • InfamousDSInfamousDS Registered User regular
    I came to learn recently that software companies have been pushing software-as-service (only installed as needed and fee as long as you have it) for years. Some of the software has "optional upgrades" which add to the fee.
    The parallels seem clear to me. DLC is the upgrade, microtransactions replace the fee in some cases and supplement it in others, and all of this is considered an excellent business practice in enterprise software.

    What I'm saying is the B2P is just the beginning, and the season pass will come to mean something much more sinister in the coming years.

  • zero_travelerzero_traveler Registered User new member
    I think the answer to this is,people will start moving away from the mainstream titles and into the Indies.

  • likalarukulikalaruku Registered User regular
    The title & description to me both sounded like you we about to imply that pre-existing FTP games would drop their microtransactions & convert to the standard model on the Xbone. Well, I could tell you that people don't like it when something they used to get for free suddenly costs money, & many FTP players are drawn to these games because they couldn't spend money if they wanted too, so people would avoid the Xbone version & play them on their computers.

  • Xenogear_0001Xenogear_0001 Registered User regular
    I just want this model to die in a fire. DLC, microtransactions, all of it.

    Just let me pay for the full experience at a fair price. It's not that hard.

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