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The best part of [Steam] Thanksgiving sale is DLC sandwiches the next day!



  • PierceNeckPierceNeck Simi Valley, CARegistered User regular
    Can I safely ask about a game without getting it gifted to me or should I wait?

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  • TaramoorTaramoor Registered User regular
    The cold winter chill has already torn through my bowels like an undercooked Thanksgiving turkey, and the pain of Black Friday still lingered in my limbs. Is there any day more aptly named than Black Friday? Truly the empty void that was once humanity's heart is revealed on that day beneath all others. The darkness of the unthinking hordes staring back at you like the eyes of a long-dead hobo, little streams of liquid still streaming from his skull, crushed beneath the hill of someone clamoring for nothing so much as an Xbox.

    But there is still light to be found in the darkness. A single tiny candle of humanity that fights desperately against the shadows that forever close in around us, and for a brief time that candle shines brighter when a monocle is placed before it. Truly there is classiness out there in the gaping maw that is the world, and it is found in this thread and in this forum. A lone bastion of hope amidst the soul-sucking misery of the selfishness that rules man's heart and mind.

    @an_alt has seen fit to gift me Max Payne 3.

    That's why I prefer to remain quiet in these threads and calmly post my little weekly giveaway, so I don't have to spend twenty minutes coming up with over-the-top Max Payneian metaphors.

    Three hours remain.

  • GoodKingJayIIIGoodKingJayIII Registered User regular
    @Ceno is the classiest of crabs! Thank you for Surgeon Simulator.

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  • oakkeoakke Registered User regular

  • StericaSterica Wow! That was shit.Registered User, Moderator mod

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