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Hello everyone. So I'm new here to these forums and figured this would be a great place to interact with other artists. I'm no stranger to DA and have a Tumblr, but rarely do I get any feedback on my work. So yeah, I've got a BFA in Graphic Design, but we never did a lot of drawing in that program aside from the mandatory drawing classes. I can make a web site and tell you if that font works, but I didn't get serious about my drawing skills until after I graduated (I regret not being as active in practicing my skills as I wish I had in college). Now I'm working towards an Associates in game design and I've bee applying myself towards my sketching and digital painting.

I'll post some of my recent stuff to get the ball rolling:


These three were some figure drawings from stock photos off DA.


Some sketch requests off my Tumblr and some fanart from Sam Bosma's Fantasy Basketball.


I'm also working on a web comic. The last one is the most recent page.

Now that that's out of the way, I hope I can actually stick around these forums, contribute and meet some new artists I can talk to.

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