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The PA Report - It was a great two years, but now it’s time to say goodbye

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin

imageThe PA Report - It was a great two years, but now it’s time to say goodbye

I’m not really interested in crying over spilled milk; sometimes these things work out, and sometimes they don’t. I’ve had a wonderful two years at Penny Arcade, and the few times I worked directly out of the office I enjoyed the commitment and joy that everyone found in their work.

Read the full story here

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  • StrykStryk Registered User new member
    edited December 2013
    I'm a bit confused. Are you saying PAR is shutting down entirely, or that you, Ben, are personally leaving? Either way, it sucks, but there was a beginning and so shall there be an end. I hope everyone lands on their feet, which I'm sure they will. There were some very talented folks here, from everything I've read personally. From the way you speak of it Ben, it sounds like they are hard working folks as well.

    EDIT: Thanks to the other folks who commented and cleared things up. I see now that PAR as a whole is shutting down. Best of luck to the PAR staff.

    Stryk on
  • SlytheSlythe Registered User regular
    Godspeed, sir.

  • TriplizardTriplizard Registered User regular
    Wow, super bummer. I've really enjoyed the content here. Good luck with your next endeavor.

  • AvenroshAvenrosh Registered User regular
    I didn't see this coming at all so I'm pretty shocked. But best of luck to you Ben in your future endeavors! I've found PAR to be a source of great articles and news in its entire run, thanks!

    @STRYK See today's Penny Arcade news post for more info.

  • Pro_IcePro_Ice Registered User new member
    edited December 2013
    And thanks to you for making it such a great place. Sad day indeed.

    Best of luck to Ben and the team on their future endeavors.

    Pro_Ice on
  • zegotazegota Registered User regular
    Wait, what? What is happening? This is utterly unexpected and unexplained!

    "I’m very happy with PAR, and if this is how it ends, that’s not too bad. "

    If? IF? So ... are you leaving, or not? Is PAR shutting down? And if so, why? Just a business decision, or something else?

    In any case, if we don't get answers and this is the last PAR post, let me say I've thoroughly enjoyed the experiment. It's one of the only gaming sites on the net whose commenters aren't a bunch of shitbags, and I'll absolutely miss it. I hope you'll still be around posting on the Twitters and the like.

  • RatelRatel Registered User regular
    Seconding the confusion and also the appreciation of the previous posters.

  • HassunHassun Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Is this PAR ending or just one person quitting?

    EDIT: nvm, it's the entire thing.

    Hassun on
  • tehstrausinatortehstrausinator Registered User new member
    It gave me a sinking feeling to see new articles gradually slow to a trickle, and then they stopped. PAR was the one source of gaming journalism that was actually worth my time to visit and read (outside of PA itself). You will be missed for your coverage of the Oculus Rift alone. Best of luck in your next big thing.

  • CopperBoomCopperBoom Disney InteractiveRegistered User regular
    What?! This was the only reason I even CAME to PA's website.
    Oh well.
    Thanks for everything.
    I really enjoyed it.
    NHS, QT3 and GC will have to pick up the slack for the void this will leave.

  • Graisse TotaleGraisse Totale Registered User regular
    Whoa what?

    Even after I stopped reading Penny Arcade because of the dumb things Gabe said, I kept reading PAR because I trusted you folks to be interesting and non-horrible.

    (How messed up is it that "this is never appalling!" is a huge compliment for games journalism? But so it goes.)

    Anyway, I'm sad and surprised to see PAR end.

    Good luck in whatever you do next, Ben.

  • zegotazegota Registered User regular
    For those who were as confused as I was:

    Maybe it's not the time to suggest edits to posts, but maybe you should add that link :-) Best of luck, Ben, I'm sure you'll land somewhere great.

  • miaAusamiaAusa GOD Gamer Of Daters ValhallaRegistered User regular
    I'm depressed this is ending, i loved the par

  • BananaPoetBananaPoet Registered User regular
    I'm pretty happy about this to be honest. The point of PAR was that video game journalism was sick because of sites like Kotaku that rely on sensationalism to drive up ad revenue. Then all you did was post links to Kotaku, and you even said in one article that you loved Kotaku. Well if Kotaku is so amazing, why does PAR exist?

  • AustenWAustenW Registered User regular
    This can't be real. Please tell me you're just taking a job at Polygon where you can continue to crank out this awesome stuff. Please give me some good news! This is seriuosly tragic!

  • EntriechEntriech Registered User regular
    It's a shame that you can't sell journalism like you can sell pins and books and albums. Best of luck, PAR team. Losing a voice in this business is always unfortunate.

    Gamecenter/Gamertag/Steam ID/PSN: Entriech
    Guild Wars 2: Entriech.3507 | Scythe Gearsnap, Phlork, Irenic
  • orthancstoneorthancstone TexasRegistered User regular
    See y'all around. I appreciate the work you put into PAR.

    PAX South 2018 - Jan 12-14!
  • NemrexNemrex Registered User regular
    Sad to see you guys go, but good luck on whatever projects you do next.

  • JeverageJeverage Registered User regular
    @Bananapoet: the point of the Cut was to highlight good writing. Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, good writing can occur on Kotaku. It can occur anywhere.

    As for Ben "saying he loves Kotaku" and that being somehow damning...We're talking about game journalism here. Grudges and hatred are a bit silly, no?

  • pusherbotpusherbot Registered User regular

  • SevoranSevoran Registered User regular
    Ben, I think Mike and Jerry are making a huge mistake by shutting your corner of the site down. Since I started reading a year ago, you and Sophie have been my go-to resource for introspective and thoughtful gaming journalism. You are a talented writer, and I am sure you will have no problem choosing from a number of publications that offer you a new position. No matter what happens, though, stick to your guns with your journalistic style. Not only is a great, but also It is sorely needed in the industry.

    Best of luck!

  • DarkongDarkong Registered User regular
    Well that sucks. This and Extra Credits were the only reasons I visit Penny Arcade anymore.

    Good luck with whatever you and the rest of your team move on to Ben, this place will be missed.

  • Twilit SoulTwilit Soul Registered User new member
    Well this is sad.

  • BrohameBrohame Registered User regular
    Hey Ben, we didn't agree a whole lot, but it was fun and interesting. Good luck, I'm sure you'll land something good. Stay classy.

  • anakanemisonanakanemison Registered User new member
    Would you mind just doing the same thing you're doing here, somewhere else?

  • TyrusPeaceTyrusPeace Registered User regular
    Wow, this comes as a surprise. You guys did a great job! I'll do my best to follow your work in the future, but I'll definitely miss this.

  • eatgreencrayonseatgreencrayons Registered User new member
    They don't see where gamer journalism and commentary fit in to a gamer comic strip, so they throw it out in order to focus on selling more memorabilia.. ?

  • NoTrueSpacemanNoTrueSpaceman SeattleRegistered User new member
    What a bummer! PAR has become my go to place for gaming news.

    And no more PATV? :(

  • ziddersroofurryziddersroofurry Registered User regular
    I get the feeling you folks will be just fine. Thanks for being some of THE best people in the game industry, and for caring enough about people in AND outside of the industry to tell the truth, even when it hurt.

    You folks are awesome.

  • FreeBryd!FreeBryd! Registered User regular
    Good Riddance.

  • IoloIolo iolo Registered User regular
    Oh dear, what an unpleasant surprise. :(

    PAR has been great. I'll miss it, and wish you and th cew well in whatever comes next.


  • zarkorzarkor Registered User new member
    This is the best article I've ever read, Ben. Seriously, keep up the good work.

  • inafieldinafield Vancouver, CanadaRegistered User new member
    What?! Um... so where are we supposed to get our quality gaming information? I'm mostly a lurker, but dang!! I've been reading this since it started and there isn't anything as well spoken or balanced out there! PLEASE find a way to let us know what you do or where you go next... even if it isn't video game journalism.

  • AnzekayAnzekay Registered User regular
    I am pretty damn disappointed about this, that's for sure.

    I assume it's unlikely you'll be at PAX AUS next year, Ben? It would've been nice to meet you in person again.

  • GameIndustryVetGameIndustryVet Registered User regular

  • GunMageGunMage Registered User new member
    Very surprised and saddened by this move. The initial mission was idealistic and great (not pigheaded) and you guys delivered to a great degree. PAR has been my only source for gaming journalism the last year and a half and I have greatly appreciated it. The interview with the guys from Don't Starve on intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in game design for example, was outstanding. I really got a lot out of that.

    I hope Ben & team will land with their feet on the ground, but either way I honestly see PAR shutting down as a big loss. I guess I can understand the sentiments explained in the post linked but really wish PA would have found another way of addressing the situation, which certainly seems possible.

  • dcsobraldcsobral Registered User regular
    This really sucks! :(

    I really enjoy your gaming articles, Ben. On PAR, and on Ars Technica before that. I hope I'll be reading them from another source soon!

  • GameIndustryVetGameIndustryVet Registered User regular
    I'm pretty disappointed here. Was it an issue of traffic or something else?

  • themizarkshowthemizarkshow Registered User new member
    Very sorry to hear about this. I never used the comments much, and didn't get into the community side of things, but it was always one of my most checked game sites and the writing here is way above par for the course (hahah puns...). I wish you all the best in future endeavors and thank you for your time writing here. You made the whole industry up its game.

  • LoneGunmanLoneGunman Registered User regular
    What the hell? Why drop PAR? I know there are other sites but they have a different perspective. I always preferred PAR's because it felt more like an extension of PA. I guess good luck on whatever's next and, well, poop.

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