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The PA Report - It was a great two years, but now it’s time to say goodbye



  • E-gongaE-gonga Registered User regular
    I first came to PAR not because I knew the writers, nor because of the bold mission statement, but because it was the only videogame site that the firewall at work would allow me to access. It was blind luck that brought me here, but it was some damned fine writing that kept me coming back.

    In the two years I've been here, I would like to think that I've grown as a gamer. I would never have tried indie games like Journey or Gunpoint if it wasn't for PAR promoting the indie scene and making me realise you don't need big budgets to make great games. Your enthusiasm for competitive gaming brought back my teenage love of a good beat em up, and although I couldn't keep that fire burning I'm glad that I gave Street Fighter VI a chance.

    I think it's also helped me grow as a person. I'm more understanding of the furry and bronies cultures, I've had my blinkers removed in regards to the underrepresetation of women in gaming, and some of the articles of sexism in general have helped me identify feminist issues in my own writing.

    So thank you Ben. Thank you Andrew. Thank you Sam/Sophie. You were all great. Best of luck for the future.

  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Registered User regular
    I'm really shocked and dismayed that one of my few trusted sources of video game coverage and journalism is going away. Reading the Report was a part of my daily routine and I strongly feel that Ben, Sophie, Andrew, Dabe and Kristin did awesome work that really added to the collective video gaming audience.

    I'll miss PAR greatly, but I know that all of you will continue to do great things wherever you choose to make your next homes. I have a lot of respect for everyone involved with this endeavour, and will definitely follow your work in the future.

    Thanks for everything!

    "Perception is reality." -unknown
  • OrctaviusOrctavius Registered User new member
    Thank you for the past two years and good luck to the entire team in all of your future endeavors.

  • dcsobraldcsobral Registered User regular
    As a wise man once said, "So long, and thanks for all the fish." (that man being Douglas Adams, of course :))

  • TownshendTownshend Registered User new member
    The goal wasn't pigheaded, it was laudable. The insistence that it was still the goal when the site delved into reblogs, TV reviews and articles similar to every other gaming site was.

    The site "mission statement", what it was and what Ben said it was were three different things. There's been some good stuff but it's been a directionless two years for the most part. Hopefully things work out for everyone involved. They're all good writers.

    “In the name of peace and equality
    We join hands in brotherhood
    To defend these ideals from evil
    Will we stand and fight”

    - Excerpt from the national anthem of the Atlantic Federation
  • akjakakjak Spooky GymRegistered User regular
    I'll miss PAR a lot. You guys were doing so much right, why can't you keep on doing it?

    3DS Friend Code: 3737-9749-7483
    Puzzle&Dragons: 399,873,301
  • Ace42Ace42 Deaf-Mute United KingdomRegistered User regular
    I'll miss PAR, it is easily one of the best and most honest review sites out there.

  • RemonisRemonis Registered User regular
    I am, just, I mean, what? This was my site for game news now. There was actual journalism, actual reporting, not the clips and bites copy pasted everywhere else. Now what am I supposed to do?

    Ben, Andrew, Sophie, Kristen, and Dabe, thank you all so much for your work here. Here's hoping you can keep up the promise of this place in your future endeavors.

  • DerpadoodooDerpadoodoo Registered User regular
    What a shame, I'm sorry to see you guys go. This is the only gaming news I care to read, everything else just seems like TOP 10 ____ and such garbage aggregators. But why the shutdown?

  • ModabModab Registered User regular
    I'm incredibly sad to see PAR disappear. It was one of the last things holding me to the entire Penny Arcade experience, and I suppose with this I will simply stop visiting. Thanks so much for your excellent articles!

  • Gamer8585Gamer8585 Registered User regular
    Oh no. I'm really going to miss PAR. From the PA news post it sounds like Mike and Jerry want to shed all parts of PA that don't involve making webcomics or selling merch. I can't say I agree with them on giving PAR the ax, because it produced some damn fine work and highlighted other good work from the big sites and small sites.

    Stuff I would have not known about or gotten lost among top 10 lists and press releases. Ben, Sophie, Andrew your work will be missed. If you can make any more posts here please let everyone know where you're going so we can keep following your work.

    Idea: Last article being an interview with Mike and Jerry about the changes to PA and the future. Would at least cap things off nicely.

  • DanundhibikoDanundhibiko Registered User regular
    I don't understand this, why amputate the sites left leg? It wasn't just a comic strip anymore, it was something beautiful. I lived for the updates to checkpoint, I learned about the Ouya, The occulus rift and Justin Carter from PAR, and I laughed at the comic strips. WHY SO MASOCHIST?!

  • ZydekoZydeko Registered User new member
    I am incredibly sad to see you go. The writing team at PAR is absolutely top-notch. Ben and Andrew, your back-and-forth op-eds were always a great read. And Ben, your coverage of the Oculus and your general optimism towards the current advances in VR technology have been inspiring.

    This is the only site I have been coming to for gaming news since it launched. It is, in fact, the only site I have ever looked to for gaming news, as the layout was simple and the articles were almost always quality -- at the least, I never felt like my time was being wasted.

    I'd also like to take a moment to thank the community that has formed around PAR. In an age where reading "the comments" has been compared to forcing one's hand down a garbage disposal or eating live bees, this site has been a haven for considered and intelligent discussion. Not always, mind you. But mostly, and that was enough to keep me reading past the sign-off for most articles.

    Here's hoping you've inspired enough people that someone picks up the torch. You showed me what game reporting should aspire to.

    I'll be watching to see where you land. Good luck!

  • dustinanglindustinanglin Registered User regular
    Sad day :(. Best of luck on your next venture, Ben.

  • LeChiNeLeChiNe Registered User new member
    Wow. That sucks. I created an account for the sole purpose of expressing how much I enjoyed your articles and I sincerely hope you find some other occupation that's as rewarding as you described PAR to be. Penny-Arcade has the right to do what they want, but the truth is that the direction they are going in doesn't really do it for me, and PAR was definitely the reason why I kept loading the site so often. I still enjoy their comics but I'm so bummed by the death of PAR that I think I'll just stop visiting altogether.


  • jumpingdingosjumpingdingos Registered User new member
    Well. Bye.

  • BenSteinBenStein Tempe, AZRegistered User new member
    I came to PAR because I loved your articles when you wrote for ArsTechnica. I'll be sure to follow you wherever you end up writing. Keep up the good work.

  • CollisionRunnerCollisionRunner Registered User regular
    What is going on? Could we possibly get some more information? This is the only site I go to for gaming news, and that's because of how well-written it is and how much I respect the authors, creators, and caretakers of this site. It seems entirely out of left field to me, but maybe I've missed something? Was the site just not doing well, or what? Because everyone I've ever talked to about PAR has had nothing, but love and respect for it.

  • DrJDDrJD Registered User new member
    Wow, I think this is only my second (and, probably, last) comment here, but I just wanted to say thanks, Ben, for all the good work. I followed you here from Ars, and now I will have to follow you to wherever you (hopefully!) go next. Good luck!

  • MaJoRMaJoR Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Well... that was unexpected. This is very little information. I'd really like to know more about what is going on. Is Penny Arcade just changing their direction? Did PAR fail in some way?

    Well, I'll admit things were a little rocky for me with PAR. For all the talk about it being "two way", the site redesign was decidedly "one way". Every comment and criticism regarding it was ignored. I haven't seen a single change to the design ever since it came out. But I'm a freelancer, I get it, it was designed and paid for it before you even announced it, it was done and that was that. But you could have at least talked to us about that... Instead you opened it up for criticism that was ignored and made promises that were never kept. I've been a lot less active here ever since, and have hardly commented. But despite that... I've never stopped coming here every day. PAR was always a fantastic resource for gaming information. The design of the site, from "The Cut" to long form articles was very innovative, and helped us to know when great stuff came elsewhere and to read fantastic PAR stuff as well. I've followed half a dozen sites from exposure on PAR. I've read EVERY SINGLE original PAR article and close to 90% or so of The Cut. PAR is unique, and very valuable. Gaming journalism is a lot less without it.

    Is there any chance that a post can be put up to help us follow where you guys go from here? You did great work, I'd love to keep following you guys as you move on to new things.

    MaJoR on
  • gacbmmmlgacbmmml Registered User regular
    Wait... what? What exactly is the issue here? This is literally the first site I visit every morning.

  • DruzilSupremeDruzilSupreme Registered User new member

    I just want you to know that the PAR has been, in my opinion, THE best gaming news site - hands down- for the last 2 years. I hope you will continue to work in the industry, Ben. I'll follow your writing wherever you go.

  • DaevaDaeva Registered User new member
    Intriguingly, Extra Credits also suggested PATV is ending in January as well.

    I think Penny Arcade may be consolidating.

  • Branden BeanBranden Bean Registered User regular
    It's sad that this is so abrupt. I want to thank everyone at the Penny Arcade Report for all of their work over these two years. Ya'll may not have been the white knight super-saviors of game journalism, but you damn well added something amazing to it that nobody else could, and you also propagated a great many wonderful articles that I otherwise might have never found.

    You shall be missed. Best of luck to all of you in the future.

  • GravebornGraveborn Registered User regular
    For people wanting an excuse for PARs shutdown. Read the front page. They want more time/money/resources to make crappy RPG games and selling kitschy $35 pieces of scrap metal to their fans, instead of actually contributing prospective and knowledge about the game industry.

    Mike and Jerry are going through a mid-life crisis and we all have to pay for it. They want to prove to themselves they can be "artists" and not just 2nd rate web comic writers. So.... here we go, hold onto you pants and watch two middle aged white guys implode in public. Should be interesting to watch at least.

  • LokjeLokje Registered User regular
    Man, that makes me really sad. The PAR has become one of those websites I look forward to reading on a daily basis. I will miss it a lot. Wish I could have somehow done more to keep it around.

  • Rogal_DornRogal_Dorn Registered User new member
    This is the first time I posted, I have been reading PAR since the first article went up. I check PAR four to six times per day at work for new stuff. I do not read the rest of the internet for gaming news. I come here because I know I will get the best of what is out there. I am going to grieve for this site, as I have no idea where to get good news. However, if PAR is not profitable for PA then I believe it should be discarded as if it was a malformed spartan baby. IF it was profitable and there was not something that I am missing then it is a real shame. PA is not a large company, last I saw there were less than two dozen employees there. This site exists for one singular purpose, to make money for Mike and Jerry. I don't find this to be a bad thing, profit can be a very noble ambition. I love PA, I thrive on everything PA does, and have rewarded them with the spoils of my daily labors and a sizable chunk of my annual PTO (Thanks PAX!!!.) Good luck to you Ben! I respect you and your efforts here. Thank you so very much, you forced me to really think about quite a few issues that confront our culture these days.

  • MarloweMarlowe Registered User regular
    You'd think it would be polite for Gabe/Tycho to push out some official statement? This just seems awkward that the team leaving is giving the news.

  • akins286akins286 Registered User new member
    Very, very sad to hear this. I absolutely adored reading The Cut and the reviews and editorials on PAR were always top notch, even when I didn't 100% agree with them.

    I pretty much just lurk here, but I want to thank everyone who works on PAR for helping me become a better gamer and a better person. I've tried out games I never would have that I ended up loving (Ben's enthusiasm for the fighting scene prompted my purchase of Divekick for instance).

    I've grown more aware of issues of sexism and bigotry not only in gaming, but also in my own life that up to that point I'd been largely ignorant of. Your writing has helped me grow as a person.

    As sad as I am to see PAR close, I'm also excited to see what you guys all do next. I'll be following your career paths from here and hoping you all land on your feet, which I have no doubt you will.


  • RoninXRoninX Registered User regular
    That's too bad. This was a great site. Hope all the PAR contributors continue to write at other sites...

  • ScarvyeScarvye Registered User regular
    lol @ Graveborn's sense of entitlement.

    Ben, you've done excellent work here - I've really enjoyed following PAR since it opened and look forward to following you wherever you land. Best of luck.

  • TaznakTaznak Registered User regular
    This makes me sad.

    Many people may not share my opinion in this, but I don't give a donkey's arse about Pins or Thornwatch or The Lookouts or Daughters of the Somethingwood. Maybe Tycho and Gabe care more about this because they're married now and have kids and that changes their outlook on life and that's fine, but I for one care far, far more about PATV and PAR than those new projects.

    So this all makes me sad. Kind of how WoW became an MMO very focused on casual players eventually made me feel like I didn't feel at home there anymore, even though it was the right decision for the game; Penny Arcade is also turning into this alien site about which I just don't much care for anymore, as its primary appeals for me were PAR, and both Checkpoint & Extra Credits from PATV- the Penny Arcade comics were a nice bonus on the side, but hardly indispensable. So I'm happy for Gabe and Tycho that they're finally going to be able to do what they wanted, but I simply won't feel at home anymore in Penny Arcade. I don't think I'll still be around in a couple months to even tell whether this was the right decision for this site.

    Goodbye, Andrew and Ben; your articles will be sorely missed. Sophie's... not so much, I'm afraid. Goodbye, fellow commenters; you're the best forum community I've ever been a part of, and I'll miss you guys too TT

  • thebackpackthebackpack Registered User new member
    I was shocked to hear about this. PAR was the first (and so far, only) game news site I have followed, and I am sad to see it go.
    Still, You, Sophie/Sam and Andrew will hopefully not vanish, and I will keep seeking out your work.
    Best wishes

  • AkaelAkael Registered User regular
    Wow, what a lovely time of year to fire a bunch of people, nice work Penny Arcade.

  • EssThreeEssThree Registered User regular
    PAR was my daily read for gaming articles, supplemented by a trip every couple of days to Polygon. This is absolutely craptacular news :|
    Gonna hunt you down on Twitter, Ben!

  • coconutcrowcoconutcrow Massachusetts, USARegistered User regular
    edited October 2017

    Thanks for everything PAR, PATV. You'll be missed.

    coconutcrow on
    Steam, Wii U, PSN: CoconutCrow
    3DS Friend Code: 4210-4889-9706
  • try_againtry_again Registered User new member
    So sad to see the site go! It was a great run guys and girls! It's been a pleasure reading you take on videogames and videogame news. All of you truly set the bar high for gaming news. Can't wait to see what you will all be doing next. I'm sure it will be of great success. Quality like this just doesn't go away. I checked the site every day and always found interesting articles to read. Thanks for every single word.

  • BlindLokiBlindLoki Registered User regular
    I love you all.

    I don't wanna start an awful long rant, I just wanna say that.

    Thanks. And good luck.

  • Casey ReeceCasey Reece Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    @Ben Kuchera

    "I want you to know that I read every e-mail, every comment, and every tweet that comes my way, even if I don’t respond directly. This was always a two-way relationship, and I enjoyed our interactions and getting to know everyone out there as a community of readers."

    Quite honestly Ben, I disagree.

    Your outreach to readers was minimal, stand-off-ish, and quite frankly, mis-informed or rude most of the time. It seemed to me, despite the comments section being one of the strongest portions of the site (I love almost everyone in the comments section - even if, guaranteed, that feeling isn't mutual), it got frequently ignored, or at the very worst, misrepresented. If I were to give an actual tip Ben, it's to interact with your future audiences *MOAR*. Like, I don't know how many comments, facts, and discussions I've read that were on par or greater than the material represented here - and, like, well, who cares, right?

    Caring would have meant responding. That entire quote of yours up there Ben is disingenuous - and a complete throwaway.


    Remind of you something? The way I've responded to, like, many, many, many of your topics (but when I agreed, I was just as vehemently on your side). Ever know why I did this? Because you set your mission goal so high (to improve games journalism). But I didn't do it to deter you Ben, I did it to spur you on. Your mission statement hit me right where it counted - and there's a reason I came back here every day. I thought your goal was incredible - and while not everything contributed rested that well with it - the overall feeling of the site was one of LEGITIMACY. Con-grat-u-fucking-lations - because you did it! You achieved a site on the web that brought the gaming journalism back - full force!

    Of course that would die if the peanut gallery would be throwing softballs - right? :P

    But everyone who contributed here - EVERYONE - helped towards that goal. But Ben was no doubt in the lead chariot spot - making sure that this whole thing was possible. So, really man . . .

    Thank you.

    You did good. No, scratch that - you did great.

    If absolutely nothing else - you gave everyone everywhere a clue as to what they should be expecting out of their games journalism. Like, really man - you struck one big. And exactly where it counts. Even if the effects and the roll-out might not be felt for years. You still did it.

    And all the great minds, likewise, in the comments section - will carry this moment forth with them wherever they go as well. Your legacy will live on from here Ben. And it will be great.


    As far as Penny Arcade throwing away both the PAR and the PATV (re: Checkpoint and Extra Credits) - I get their "motive" - but it still doesn't actually ring true.

    Extra Credits was of the exact same mind as Penny Arcade was. It's like two amazing beings and minds lining up at the same spot. I'll follow Extra Creditz and watch them till the day I die. This "well, we're changing the infrastructure" reeks of such bullshit concerning this (and the PAR as well). It's like, the response to lightening the load on the cart isn't to kick your brothers off of it and into the ditch.

    If Penny Arcade doesn't want to be the multi-headed hydra it became - then the heads that need to be chopped off are the PINS and other monetary bullshit that makes them a neat profit - but gives us absolutely fucking zero in terms of what we came here for in the first place. Brain food. Not ritzy trinkets. Brain. Fucking. Food.

    As brilliant as the Penny Arcade comics themselves are - it's the posts of Jerry that really seal the deal. That's brain food right there. Man, that guy is a TROUGH!!! And Penny Arcade Report, with the articles and angles (the Oculus - fighting game tourney's - "real world" gaming stories like Twin Galaxies) just took it to the next level. Arm in arm.

    So, great Penny Arcade. Truncate. Spend more time with the family. Get more of your own projects out the door. Great. But why can't the Penny Arcade Report guys keep doing the report? Why can't Extra Credits keep doing shows? It doesn't line up.

    Usually, when everything's fine and dandy, you don't find the top talent being taken to the chopping-block.


    This is all getting away from it though. Drink it in though - lovers and haters of the Casey Reece - looks like this will probably be the last time you're going to see an epic essay-bomb appear in the comments section.

    Really though guys - I love you all. And by love, I mean respect and feelings akin to holding hands. It was mentioned before by the (great) E-Gonga - this place literally opened minds and broke down bad old habits. That includes staff, commentators, and the couple haters who loved sending me messages on the Penny Arcade forums (expecting that I hung out there - which I didn't - only here).

    It's been great. Keep the light alive in your hearts - all of you - and keep pushing those buttons! :D

    Casey Reece on
  • EssThreeEssThree Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Just read all the comments. Totally agree with the sentiment that appears to be felt about the PAR being one of the best things to come from Penny Arcade. The whole organisation is diminished by this decision.

    EssThree on
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