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The PA Report - It was a great two years, but now it’s time to say goodbye



  • DomopunkDomopunk Registered User new member
    This is my first post, and I have to say that I am quite disappointed, though I respect that Ben needs to move on with his career and life. I hugely enjoyed the articles on PAR, which might be holdover feelings stemming from my enjoyment of his Ars Technica articles. PA will be poorer for his absence, and I hope that it can be as informative and entertaining without him. I was a PA devotee before Ben arrived here but I have to admit that my interest in the comics (and connected posts) has waned in the last year or so. His articles have kept me coming here more than the other parts of the site. I wish Ben the best in what he does in the near future, and I will follow him wherever he goes.

  • iltailta Registered User regular
    Sorry to see you guys go. Personally I don't give two fucks about the pins but I get that they are probably bankrolling a lot of the other stuff I do care about, and I do like all those side projects. It's just a shame you guys couldn't just spin off into your own site. I've really enjoyed keeping up with video game news from you, guess I'll have to stick with No High Scores and Polygon for now.

  • Nate_001Nate_001 Registered User regular
    Well that was a surprise. Like many others have said Ben, I followed you here from Ars and I'll follow you on to your next stop as well. I hope the timing of this whole thing doesn't completely ruin your holiday. I wish you well and hope to see you writing again soon.

  • SkarcesSkarces Registered User regular
    Well this is unfortunate.
    While I may have disagreed with, or downright hated some of the articles and external links on the site. (Especially the click-baity rage-inducing ones.) The coverage of up-coming games was superb. I never would have heard about Gunpoint or Spy Party otherwise.
    I have no idea where I'll go to get news on stuff like that now.

  • J. D. MilknutJ. D. Milknut Lord of Chipmunks Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    The only thing that wasn't great about PAR were the comments. You will be missed.

  • AutoimmuneAutoimmune Registered User regular
    This is a crushing blow for me. To be honest, Penny Arcade the actual webcomic has been incredibly hit or miss lately, and were it not for the Report, I don't think I'd have been here even half as much. Now that you folks are gone...I'm not sure how much more of me this website is going to see.

    Yet chains in Hell, not realms expect.
  • HauntingtonHauntington Hipster Doofus Registered User new member
    "There was good game writing before PAR, and there’s going to be good game writing after we go away."

    Like Erik Kain?

  • JaffaJaffa Registered User regular
    Don't know where I'm going to get gaming news with the garbage filtered out now. Without a doubt PAR, Extra Credits and Checkpoint were the best parts of PA for me. The only reason I don't include SU&SD is because I follow them on their own site. Hopefully those other things won't die off now they have been detached from PA. The strip is meh, the merch is tat, Tycho's posts are really the only interesting thing that remains.

    I'll miss you Ben (and the rest of the staff), just as I have missed Sophie's great writing since she left. I don't comment much but I will also miss @E-Gonga, @Zegota and even @Casey Reece. A bit. Never did work out how to refer to people with spaces in their name on this thing. The comments were always worth reading, which you can't say about many places.

  • NuurgleNuurgle Redmond, WARegistered User regular
    To be honest, I never knew PAR was a thing until about 6 months ago. Since then, I've only occasionally seen something that looked interesting to click on, and then half the time it was a rehash of information I'd already seen elsewhere. It sucks to see anyone ever lose their job, but this was never a big draw for me check out PA any more often. It was just a sidebar to checking out the new comics, which has always been what got me to come here in the first place.

  • Rolling BirdRolling Bird Registered User regular
    Thank you so much Ben. You and the entire Report team have been such a class act, and I will continue to follow you wherever you end up next.

  • 3Suns3Suns Registered User regular
    Ben, I followed you over here from Ars (though I read PA since the donation days). Quite disappointed to see PAR go. It was just the right slice and amount of gaming news for me. I would also say that especially before the site redesign, you were pretty good to your original goal of high quality gaming journalism (after the redesign, it became less unique).

    I am sure that with Pinnies, the other Merch, and the PAX shows to pimp them at, website hits are no longer the financial concern that it must have been before the Pinnies. As long as PAX keeps going, the PA business is as secure as it ever was. An absolutely brilliant business idea - unfortunately making the greater "Empire" unnecessary. :(

    Be sure to announce your presence when you settle down again. (And I would say to Jerry and Mike to let us know as well - as I refuse to do Facebook or Twitter). I would like to follow your work at your next stop as well.

  • aminoaccidentaminoaccident Registered User new member
    It sucks the PA Report is being killed off, someone else or the community could have picked up the reins for the editorials. Ben is great, but not irreplaceable (it would take a few people to replace him though, to his credit)

    PA Report for me went from this kind of strange rudderless beast, to a daily resource for the under reported - but important - nexus of gaming news.

    I'll guess I'll move onto Polygon now, or something else. Suggestions?

  • ubergineubergine Registered User regular
    I have PAR bookmarked, not Penny Arcade. I click through to the comic when I remember to.

  • TheMagicLemurTheMagicLemur Registered User regular
    Hmm. On the one hand, I liked having PATV as a hub for Extra Credits and Checkpoint. On the other hand, I dislike Ben immensely, so that's fine.

    Honestly, it's a net loss, and frankly I am ten kinds of not interested in pins or Lookouts or any of that stuff, anyway. I respect Jerry and Mike's decision to focus on their own creative growth, but I guess I feel like the PAR and PATV, even if I super, SUPER don't like Ben, fits the site more than their (In my opinion) uninteresting side projects. I'm kind of not looking forward to more of that stuff.

  • RazzunoRazzuno Registered User regular
    This is a real shame. PAR has been one of my main go-to sources for gaming news for a while now. I doubt I'll be coming to this site as much now since the comic has grown dull and the merch is uninteresting. I hope you find a new job soon as this is certainly a blow when you have a family to support. Good luck and stay safe!

  • jplayer01jplayer01 Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    You've got to be kidding me. This was one of the best sites for gaming news next to Polygon. What the hell is going on? Oh, and once PAR is gone, there'll be no reason for me to keep visiting the PA site anymore.

    jplayer01 on
  • PavioPavio Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Ben--I'm going to miss the PAR. Obviously I'll be able to find you elsewhere now, but it still sucks.

    And to Jerry's reasoning--it's just stupid. If having PAR and PATV even exist requires a level of effort that keeps him from side projects, he's doing it wrong. Is he (and Jerry) spending all his time micromanaging them?

    Sorry, but it just doesn't add up. Their reasoning just can't be right.

    Pavio on
    PAX Prime '07, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17
    PAX South '15
    PAX East '16, '17
  • OhoniOhoni Registered User regular
    What the hell guys? I love PAR! It doesn't pump out the quantity of stories that some other sites do, but it's always been solid on quality. The stories I get here I don't find anywhere else, and while I don't always agree with the opinions, I at least always respect them. Well, whatever you end up doing next, I hope it's as good as what you've done here.

  • MuffinsMuffins Registered User regular
    This is staggeringly heartbreaking. I just don't understand why PA would abandon PAR and PATV. I feel like Child's Play is the only humanitarian thing left in PA. Everything else is just a product now.

    Frankly, I don't think I want to be a consumer of what Mike and Jerry have to offer after this. I suppose I should feel grateful that they made PAR possible and gave the content of PATV a muchly deserved spotlight...

    But really, I just feel burnt.

    I felt like PA was a beacon for the gaming community, a guiding force for a new generation of gaming.

    I don't feel that is true any longer.

    I am done here.

  • krizoitzkrizoitz Registered User new member
    The utter arrogance and sense of entitlement flowing from some of these posts is simply astounding. PAR isn't your birthright. It's not enshrined in the Constitution, hell none of you even PAY for it. You aren't owed it and if Gabe and Tycho want to take PA in different directions you can disagree and be dissapointed but for crying out loud be adult about it. Tychos "mid-life crisis" are you kidding me with crap like that?

    You may not care about the comics or the pins or whatever else they are going to shift PA towards but plenty of people do. I for one have no interest in the pins, but so what, no one is forcing me to buy them. The PA gang enjoy them and enjoy making them and if *gasp* they make money doing it good for them. It's not like they are flogging interns to pump out that stuff and paying them $1 an hour to do it. Should they not be trying to make money? The site and it's staff aren't funded by some magical money fairy after all. If you can do something you really enjoy and make money doing it in an ethical and fair fashion, congratulations you win. Would that we were all so lucky.

    If you don't like the direction PA is going, that's fair. If you think Gabe can be an asshole, that's fair (I do). If you are going to stop visiting because of PAR going away that's fair, it's how things are supposed to work, you stay if you like it, you leave if you don't. And yes, if you want to offer critique by all means do so. But you don't have to be a dick about it. And the whole "screw them for doing things I don't care about" is so astoundingly self centered and egotistical it's amazing you can fit your head through a door. Get over yourselves.

  • cB557cB557 voOOP Registered User regular

    Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits! Tits!
  • GizenGizen Registered User regular
    So, this is bit of a tangent, but I'm noticing quite a few comments by people who are cheering that the PAR is going away, and how much they hate it and are happy they don't have to see it anymore, and I'm just sitting here in sheer amazement. Like, are you people kidnapping victims or something? Is Ben holding your web browser hostage so that it defaults to PAR as your homepage everytime you start to browse the internet? Or are you all just a bunch of tsunderes, shouting to the high heavens about how much you hate PAR while jerking off to it when nobody's looking? If you don't like something, the correct thing to do is to ignore it and not go out of your way to track it down, read every single word and comment on it. That's some seriously stalker behaviour right there. That's not hate, that's barely restrained lust and obsession. No one is forcing you to come read the articles here, and if you dislike it you were free to stop anytime. Contrary to what the internet may try to make you believe, it IS okay to like things guys, you're allowed to come here and enjoy the articles without having to write fake comments filled with false rage so as to hide the fact that it gives you a hard on.

    As to the actual news about PAR ending, I'm very sad to see it go. Along with the Escapist, PAR was my go-to place of choice for news and opinions. I didn't agree 100% of the time (Xbone voice commands still stupid, Ducktales Remastered still awesome), but they were at least well-reasoned and researched, which is more than you get a lot of the time.

    Truthfully, I am a bit confused as to why PAR is closing down at all. While I can understand Jerry's post about not wanting to grow the empire anymore, I'd have thought that the growth that already happened could still be safely left alone? I mean, I doubt PAR needs Mike and Jerry's constant personal supervision to function, I would've figured it was fine to just keep running on its own so long as the paychecks got signed, so I can only assume that PAR was a drain on funds/resources and wasn't recouping the investments, which is a real shame.

  • EggerslololEggerslolol Registered User regular
    Thanks for everything! PAR was one of my 'game news' regulars, I enjoyed the articles and I haven't found anywhere else that does an equivalent of The Cut so I'll be sad to lose all that. But yeah, good job everyone, and thanks again!

  • Death_ClawDeath_Claw Registered User regular
    :/ oh well, good luck for all involved on making this one of the high points of my daily news browsing. Thanks for all the good honest feedbacks on everything from gaming to the industry state to tv shows and basically everything we love...

  • mo__mo__ Registered User new member
    Like a bunch of commentators before me, I specifically created this account to, in my first and likely last post, say thank you to you Ben, and the other people behind the Report. From the early days two years ago to today, PAR *was* gaming news for me. If I read articles on other sites, it was mainly due to them being featured in The Cut.

    I can understand that Mike and Jerry want to focus more on the comic and rid themselves of things that detract resources from that, but still, your work will be missed. You did not 'fix' gaming journalism, but you certainly provided a quality that was a cut above a lot of other sites. I happily read articles on games that I knew I would never play, just because I knew I would enjoy the writing.

    All the best for the future of everyone at the Report, and I'm sure you'll all continue to do a great job, wherever and whatever that might be.

  • PavioPavio Registered User regular
    @KRIZOITZ Did you write that post to yourself? I'm having a good laugh about it. People are voicing their opinions and you're just bashing them.

    PAX Prime '07, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17
    PAX South '15
    PAX East '16, '17
  • E-gongaE-gonga Registered User regular
    *smiles* I've been reading the comments from the bottom and working my way up (works well in the bedroom, too) and once I reached a comment that was still going after two or three scrolls I just knew it was a @Casey Reece special.

    I'll miss the community here.

  • E-gongaE-gonga Registered User regular
    @Jaffa - Your name always made me suspect that you tasted of oranges. I guess now I'll never know.

  • rowan_urowan_u Registered User regular
    Will be scouring the internet to see where you end up, Ben! I hear the Escapist is decent ;) Thanks a ton for all the great articles, especially the Oculus Rift stuff. Will miss you a ton!

  • SiddownSiddown Registered User regular
    Pavio wrote:
    @KRIZOITZ Did you write that post to yourself? I'm having a good laugh about it. People are voicing their opinions and you're just bashing them.

    He's bashing some posters for their insane sense of entitlement, like somehow Mike, Jerry and by extension Robert shouldn't have the right to run their own company how they see fit. PAR is just not something they want to do any longer, bashing the rest of what PA does (like some are doing) isn't going to get PAR to stay. Whether those posters like to admit it or not, the PAR readers who don't like the rest of the stuff PA does are the minority.

    @Ben, this was the only game site I read, so thanks for that. Best of luck in the future.

  • DrKoinDrKoin Registered User new member

    I've been having some issues with PAR the past months, where I felt it wasn't doing its "job" properly. Like, quick, uninspired articles, praising things that shouldn't be praised in the industry, glancing over pretty huge issues, sometimes even praising those issues. I was feeling less research and insight was being poured into the articles. Sometimes, there was a genuinely good article, reflecting what PAR was when it began. A third party, neutral, cheek-in-tongue approach to videogame-related journalism, a bowl of fresh air in the domain. Slowly, it started, I felt, to turn into something not so neutral, less critic about some very specific products or brands.
    However, now learning of PAR being put to a stop, I wonder if my feeling wasn't simply the reflection of a what was going to happen. Maybe you guys at PAR were aware that PA was going to shut you down and this started to be felt into your articles. I don't know.

    But for all issues I had with PAR those last past months, I do not think you deserve this. Well, nobody, or almost nobody, deserve to loose their job.

    I also have been having some serious issues with PA, ongoing for years now. And completely confirmed now.
    Penny Arcade was created by gamers for gamers, when the Internet was slowly rising to its god-like status. It followed us in our journey, like a funny friend or a comic relief, commenting the events, releases, etc, we also experienced. But then, they married. Then they had kids. Then they had more kids. They grew "old". Then PA felt like it had turned into a big industry. Jerry and Mike's focus turned to children, and children, and sometimes children. They delegated the videogame part to third party, barely putting their interest into PAX. Even the comics started to drop their strong video game vibe in profit of children - how often did we read, either in the strips or in Tycho's text, a story about their own kids?
    I mean, it's fine, when you reach your 15th year of doing something, to have deviated from your original purpose. Really, it's hard to keep your focus for so long.
    But they didn't just "deviated". They completely changed focus. Lookouts, Daugthers, ? kids, kids, kids. The New Kids, which, imho, was one of their lamest production ? Well, kids. Hell, SAND ? Couldn't help but put a kid in it and have it turned out to be a "mother caring for her children" kind of story. I dread the day they will pursue Automata, my favorite, if they ever dig the project up. Kid automata... ?
    Oh, and dicks. Kids and dicks. Hugh, those two words in the same sentence are... Ew.

    Again, it's natural to loose focus. But now, they announce they stop every video-game related third party ( or almost ) in order to fully concentrate on Lookouts, Daughters, New Kid, etc, etc. Ok, some of us did grew old too, did married, did have kids of their own. Still, PA was that little imp mocking the various flaws of the industry, that refreshing little troublemaker reminding us that not everybody was dupe. They grew thanks to gamers, we gave them their wings, and now... they just take off and slap us in the face.

    I just don't know where I can get my fix of "people that aren't dupe, people that don't get blinded by false promises and fluff", and show it with humor. Or even with a real thinking behind it.
    Now I feel like I'm condemned to go to sites getting their checks for saying good things about the crap we are sold, whenever I want to know what's going on in the industry. Whenever I read my video-game news.

    That's what those announcements from Tycho is doing to me. A sense of betrayal, slap in the face, "we don't care anymore". it's sad, and most of all, it's deeply disappointing.

    Sorry to hear you go, PAR team, even if I didn't always agree with what you had to say.

  • WarpZoneWarpZone Registered User regular
    Penny Arcade is basically the Biggest Thing In Video Games Ever. If you couldn't succeed at Garemz Jurnalizm, who the fuck can?

  • rabsrabs Registered User regular
    Too bad, I loved PAR... Hope you'll be doing something similar somewhere else.

  • BenIncarnateBenIncarnate Dallas, TXRegistered User regular
    This is disappointing news. Penny Arcade Report has been my most-visited part of the PA empire from the start. To have it cut - particularly at this time of year - is a shame. I'm not sure why some folks feel like now is the time to pour out their gripes. Thank you for all of your time, Ben and crew. I hope you find new places as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

  • MachinesMachines Registered User regular
    I could sort of tell this was happening, but didn't expect it to be so soon.
    PA did a good thing bringing PAR and PATV into the fold, but I can understand why they need to drop these channels. It's just not sustainable. They're not so rich they can afford to keep these people in a job indefinitely.

    It's a real shame, I thought PAR was getting good up until the time Andrew left, then I heard warning bells tinkling. (Just assumed it was sleighbells)

    Welp, smooth sailing to all of you in the comments! It was an okay ride.

  • SlinkerSlinker Comic/animator wannabe www.joakimj.seRegistered User regular
    Damn, that is sad to hear. I started to read PAR a few months ago and enjoyed its articles. Thanks for the time!

  • OverloadedOverloaded Registered User regular
    Sorry to see you guys go. I've drifted away from the site as the articles have gotten more clickbaity in recent months, but it's always sad to see something end.

  • MaalivateMaalivate Registered User regular
    I came to PA for comic strips, stayed for the articles, settled in for PAR. I do agree with some of the posters here, about the recent drop in quality articles, and I rarely posted a comment, but I am sad to hear about this and see you guys go. Whatever criticism we can have about PAR, you had a dedicated team and your work was much better than the average. I really hope you guys can find a new place to do what you love doing and do well.

    As for me, well, I'm not sure I want to stick around for dickerdoodles and Lookouts. I'm sure I can find better things to read.

    Best of luck, to all of you, and godspeed.

  • itchy richitchy rich Registered User regular
    You are the Roger Ebert of video games! Best wishes with whatever you decide to do next!

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