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The PA Report - It was a great two years, but now it’s time to say goodbye



  • 3lwap03lwap0 Registered User regular
    This one hits me right in the feels Ben. I loved the PA Report. I can only wish you the very best to you and yours, and the rest of the PAR crew. Where ever you land on your feet, I'll be sure and visit there too. *brofist* Keep your chin up mate.

    I think Pringles original intention was to make tennis balls... but on the day the rubber was supposed to show up a truckload of potatoes came. Pringles is a laid-back company, so they just said, "Fuck it, cut em up!".
  • iamnamelessiamnameless Registered User regular
    I didn't agree with PAR on pretty much a single review, and most of the stuff on the site lately is reposts from other sources. That being said, a lot of issues raised on PAR were interesting to think and talk about. The Cut was probably my favorite rubric.

  • PrufrockPrufrock Registered User new member
    Shame. I came for the comics but stayed for the commentary: it was refreshing to read thoughtful writing. Your words rose above the din.

    If you start a new site, I'd visit regularly.

  • MexichuMexichu Registered User regular
    This is unexpected and sad, I really liked PAR even if i didn't always participate or agree with the editorial slant. Sad to see it go, let us know where we can keep up with you Ben.

  • MukkanMukkan Registered User regular
    I'm shocked and more than a little upset. Over the past couple of years the PA Report had become my primary source of gaming news and reviews. Between all of your articles and the cut I had found everything I wanted in one place. I'm really sorry that it's ending. Hopefully I'll be able to continue to follow all of you individually wherever you go next.

  • Urban AchieverUrban Achiever Registered User regular
    Don't let it end! Please! I'll bake you a fresh batch of dickerdoodles if I have to!

  • DarmakDarmak lsjkfghkletry Registered User regular
    Well I enjoyed PAR and hate to see you go. Good luck with your future endeavors, you're all hella talented and I'm sure you'll find another chance to do what you love and what you're good at!

  • maxnicholsmaxnichols Registered User new member
    You've been my favorite source of industry commentary, and a refreshing breath of fresh-air. More than anyone, you've shown what game journalism could be striving for.

    You will be missed... and I'll watch your next project with great interest!

  • cbricharcbrichar Registered User regular
    Well, damn. As others have already said, you will be well missed. It was incredibly satisfying to have a go-to place for games reviews, news and interesting and thoughtful writing about the industry - especially one that was supported in such a way that it was free from the ties to developers / production houses / retailers that some other sites need to deal with.

    I hope very much that you find another channel to get this stuff out there. Thanks very much, and the best of luck.

  • MoBoMoBo Buffalo NYRegistered User regular
    Damn, very sad to see the end of the PA Report. I think Polygon, Ars Technica or maybe even Giant Bomb would be lucky to add Ben to their staff.

  • l-o-ll-o-l Registered User regular
    This is the best damned games/tech site out there. If it failed commercially it's due to lack of marketing and not the content. Start again Ben, but involve business folks who can focus on your needs. PAR was simply too much for Robert it would seem, as incredibly talented as he is.

  • AstaerethAstaereth In the belly of the beastRegistered User regular
    I'm incredibly saddened by this. PAR may not have fixed game journalism, but it certainly provided a shining example of what the best games journalism can be--and it was often refreshingly open about the process of journalism itself, in a way that made it easier to read between the lines of stories in other places. Both the original articles here and the ones PAR linked to helped me see video games (specific ones and in general) in new and exciting ways. This is a loss for everyone, and I hope y'all find new places at which to continue doing great work.

  • GG CrewGG Crew Registered User regular
    Thank you, @Ben Kuchera and team.
    As more sites have moved to video content, I appreciated your commitment to written articles. I can rarely watch videos (for a mix of technical and social reasons), whereas I can read almost anytime.
    I also believe that good writing conveys more detail and nuance than video, especially when they have identical production time frames.
    Again, thank you for your work here, and I look forward to reading more from you.

    (Since the site is going away, I'm tempted to start upvoting/downvoting again. The code is still there, after all...) :)

  • IxianIxian Registered User regular
    I was surprised by your apology at the end, because I never thought you'd own up to it. Coming out of the gate by declaring all video game journalism was broken and that you were here to fix it was....well we know what it was, and so, apparently, do you.

    I know you have kids and I hope everything works out for you ok. You burned an awful lot of bridges in the industry but I imagine a couple at least are still standing. Though I disagreed with a great deal of what you wrote (particularly where the Ouya was concerned) you at least had a point of view that was worth reading, whether I liked it or not.

    Good luck.

  • mattyoungmarkmattyoungmark Registered User new member
    Always looked forward to reading the PAR. I'll miss it.

    Choose Your Own Adventure books for adult nerds? I say HELL YES.
  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    @gg crew I will have you kidnapped by insurgents

  • TiberiusEsuriensTiberiusEsuriens Registered User regular
    Well that explains the slowing of content lately. It's sad to see you go, but I wish you the best! It was quite excellent.

  • rosetterosette Registered User new member
    Thanks so much for your great work - always enjoyable and interesting to read. Best of luck to you and the PAR team!

  • HazHaz Registered User regular
    Unfortunate, because I'm not aware of any other gaming website with a similar format. As others have said, I didn't always agree with Ben's opinions, and I became less of a fan of Ben himself after the Eric Kain incident, but I liked the format of the website, and the comment discussions are leagues better than anything you'll see on IGN (just idiots and trolls), Kotaku (terrible hive of groupthink and meme pictures), or any other gaming site I've visited.

  • mrgenremrgenre Registered User regular
    I'm not much of a gamer anymore, but PAR alone has kept my passion going. Ben, you've written while working in a field with one of the most difficult fan bases for any journalist to handle, and you've done it well and acted professionally throughout your tenure here. Thank you.

    Your articles, especially those on parenting in this crazy world in which we live, have been a delight, and I look forward to following your career elsewhere. Truth be told, your perspective and opinions are often rare in a world that seems so dominated by "younger" opinions on gaming, and I've appreciated finding someone to follow with whom I share so many things.

    This is an unfortunate decision, in my opinion, and you should know that many of us are much more attached to your journalism than we are to the Penny Arcade brand. Web comics were an idyllic part of my younger self and led me to this site, but it's the writing, especially yours, that I and others will continue to follow.

  • AngrydurfAngrydurf Registered User regular
    This is disheartening news. PA Report has been my go to site for gaming news since it launched and it is sad to see it go. I can't say that I disagree with Jerry and Mikes choice to focus on their creative endeavors, I look forward to more from Lookouts, Daughters, Thornwatch, Automata, and likely whatever else they come up with as those have been thoroughly enjoyable. But it is sad to see that PA report is the cost. It is more sad I think to see that this kind of games journalism, (One where the advertisements for the games being reviewed are not what pays the bills) is unsustainable, not surprising but sad. Ben is a brilliant journalist and editor and I'm sure he'll be back producing excellent content somewhere soon, unfortunately I think he'll lack the freedom he has had here to really shine a light on some of the darker parts of games journalism and hte gaming industry as a whole.

    Sadly this does mean that PA is going to shift from a daily click to a mon-wed-friday for me.

  • FrostByte32FrostByte32 Registered User new member
    You will be missed! Enjoyed the site!

  • WilWil Registered User new member
    Thanks Ben and staff for a great two years. There isn't another group on the net like you.

    With PATV and PAR gone, I'll be taking Penny Arcade out of my bookmarks.

  • LGscoundrelLGscoundrel Registered User regular
    First time I've ever disagreed with Jerry and Mike about them doing whatever the hell they wanted to do. PAR didn't fix gaming journalism but it was better for trying. And it was just about the only damn place on the internet I could read or post in the comments and feel like I was actually participating in something.

  • salad10203salad10203 Registered User regular
    Yea this is lame. Hopefully they will allow Ben to create a similar site on his own, but who knows what freedom they have in their contract.

  • SiddownSiddown Registered User regular
    salad10203 wrote:
    Yea this is lame. Hopefully they will allow Ben to create a similar site on his own, but who knows what freedom they have in their contract.

    Not like it really matters anymore, but it's likely any such clause in a contract would become void once PAR is shut down, as he would not be competing with PA anymore.

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    I highly doubt Ben has a non compete.

  • tautologicotautologico Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    I commented here only rarely, but I was always reading. I never liked PA (the comic) very much, so I never came to the site. I had read some of Ben's stuff over at Ars Technica, but when PAR started I was here and I followed it regularly. It was because I was often here for PAR that I started watching Checkpoint and came back to Extra Credits. I even read some of the strips ocasionally, though they didn't change my opinion of the comic. I also found out about Strip Search because I was coming here. PAR and Checkpoint were my 2 top things on the site, with Extra Credits getting an honorable mention. If none of these things will be here anymore, I will get back to not having any reason to come here. Of course, it's their site and they can do whatever they want.

    But it is a shame. PAR had a distinct voice and was my go-to site for gaming news, not only for what was produced by the site's writers but for the great service that was The Cut, highlighting good game writing elsewhere; I've read many a good piece because of The Cut. I even read the stuff on e-sports here, it was truly interesting. Thanks Ben, Sophie and Andrew for the good stuff.

    tautologico on
  • DreamingDemonDreamingDemon Registered User regular
    I... I don't know where to get my news. This was where I got it from exclusively ever since it came out.

    Goddamnit. I'm gonna fucking miss this.

  • ChimneyImpChimneyImp Shifty Eyes BostonRegistered User regular
    It's been incredible - PAR was the best gaming news website bar none. Ben, wherever you go next, I will read what you write.

  • Oblivion_NecroninjaOblivion_Necroninja Registered User regular
    This is sudden. Did something happen?

  • XavinNydekXavinNydek Registered User new member
    I'm generally supportive of Mike and Jerry, but seriously, fuck them. Do a kickstarter and start your own site.

  • OldSchoolChickenOldSchoolChicken Registered User regular
    Totally surprised! I've made PAR and parts of PATV part of my daily surfing! I like Mike and Jerry, and I get they are doing their own thing, so good for them... It just makes a bit of a mess all the same! Sucks at the moment, but I expect good things for (or is that from?) you Ben, as well as a couple of the PATV shows! Good luck!

  • JackdawGinJackdawGin Engineer New YorkRegistered User regular
    Thank you for providing excellent content for this site for so many years. I'm not sure where I'll get my gaming news now, but I look forward to see what content you produce in the future.

  • ParatechParatech Registered User regular
    I'll miss checkpoint and extra credits and wish everyone the best, but as far as PAR goes, too often it felt like opinion was presented as fact and that gamers were being talked down to as though they were lesser than the writers.

    There's nothing wrong with having an opinion and discussing it, but Ben and company came off as 'preachers' to me, and I didn't care for that.

    I hope they get to go elsewhere and continue to do gaming, but I hope they learn that everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it goes against their opinion and that their opinion isn't always right.

  • drunkenpandarendrunkenpandaren Slapping all the goblin ham In the top laneRegistered User regular
    I can't believe it has been two years! It feels like it just started!

    Origin: DPPandaren
    Steam: pandas_gota_gun
  • anomagnusanomagnus Registered User regular
    To be quite frank, this site failed in its primary goal. IMO games journalism is now so badly broken that it is impacting on the entire gaming industry. This site had promise, real promise in the beginning. And over time, it just devolved in the same cesspit of negativity, over the top hysteria and cynical hit mongering as Eurogamer, Kotaku, and every other site dedicated to scoring page views using games as a medium.

    Won't be sorry to see PAR go. Sucks to see people lose income, but IMO again, this site just turned out to be another Kotaku, rather than something dedicated to gaming.

  • bottlefacebottleface Registered User regular
    I'm going to miss PAR. This is one of the few places I ever bothered to comment on anything as many of the comment threads were actually quite enjoyable. Also, PAR and the cut were what I used to stay relatively up to date with gaming news. Like so many others in this thread I'm not sure where I'll go for that kind of content now.

    At least with PAtv I can find that stuff on other sites. PAR actually became something that I would actively search out at times as opposed to something I just happened to notice when I clicked on PA. It was fantastic and had a rich variety of stories. So long and thanks for all the fish.

  • IshanjiIshanji Registered User regular
    Fuck this noise. Mike and Jerry are shutting down one of the better gaming news sites and one of my favorite YouTube channels so they can work harder on hocking shitty overpriced pins and milking their brands for every dollar they can? This gargles my sweaty taint water. Why couldn't they just put ads on PAR to fund it? Why couldn't they do a Kickstarter for it? Christ, I'm so angry I don't know if I'll even check Penny Arcade anymore.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Ben, and likewise to the rest of the PAR crew. I've really enjoyed the past two years.

  • RingoDhansayRingoDhansay Registered User new member
    A big thanks to the whole PAR team! Nothing lasts forever, but you guys used the time allotted to you spectacularly. You've really broadened my gaming horizons and I'm sure this is true for many others as well. Over the last two years you've provided a perspective that has always been interesting and has often highlighted issues that I would otherwise never have considered. The insight you've provided into the industry, from AAA teams to one-man indies, has been eye opening.

    Some might agree it was arrogant to assume you could fix game journalism, but I truly feel that you've shown us what's possible. Again, a big thanks to Ben, Andrew, Sophie and everyone who supported you.

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