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Rumble in the Bronze 2013! - Child's Play Fundraiser for the mob's enjoyment

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Hello Penny Arcade forumers!

It's that time of year again, to raise money for Child's Play, through the mob's enjoyment of watching poor saps battle it out with the video game equivalent of giant sumo suits.

That's right, it's time to ...

The event will be THIS Saturday 12-14 at 3 PM EST / 9 PM CET, at

You all know what Child's Play is, so we won't go into too much detail about that awesomeness.
In case you don't though, you can visit their website or watch this video for some behind-the-scenes information.

About the event: The Rumble in the Bronze is a tournament / charity-fundraising event put together by 100% community volunteers from THESE forums. It is a combination of hard-core Bronzesque play and fun showmatches with pros. Since 2010, we've gathered together to let low-level players duke it out for the entertainment of the masses, while raising money for a good cause. All combined we've raised over $26,800 due to the generosity of the gaming community.

Here's a small taste of the Rumble... a sincere look at the community members that make up our contestants.

We're so excited to do this again this year. Heck, even Day9 tweeted us! *swoon*

So please join us for a good cause.
$5 donations let you send a message viewable to the stream for maximum bragging rights.
You can even use it to have one of the most expensive internet conversations ever. For charity!

Some VODs from our previous rumble events:
Rumble in the Bronze 2011: Throwdown in Tinsel Town

The End of Liberty 2012

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  • SLyMSLyM Registered User regular
    Oh man I'll be at work. Still looking forward to watching it afterward, these are tons of fun.

    My friend is working on a roguelike game you can play if you want to. (It has free demo)
  • MMMigMMMig Registered User regular
    Ah also, since you guys are super cool being from the forums, you get first view at our 2nd trailer before it goes proper live. ^_^

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  • MMMigMMMig Registered User regular
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    Hey. You.

    Yes, you!

    Nothing to do?

    Trigger finger itching?

    I have the solution to your woes!

    Go to this link and upvote, to help spread the word and bring games to many sick children around the world.

    Also, in case you weren't aware, Child's Play is now also donating games to children in domestic abuse shelters.

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