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black and white [chat]



  • KalkinoKalkino Buttons Londres Registered User regular
    So I won a very nice bottle of champagne in a dance off tonight at the work Christmas party.

    I was quite proud of my opening move, where I took my jacket off slowly and then handed it to my opponent like he was my butler.

    Freedom for the Northern Isles!
    Dread Pirate Arbuthnot21stCentury
  • TTODewbackTTODewback Not a Lizard Person Center of the EarthRegistered User regular
    the big red button just teleports you to your closest Taco Bell

    Bless your heart.
  • PonyPony Registered User regular
    The worst part of reading about all this is seeing people who are, without a hint of irony

    suggesting that this stupid kid should get 20 years in prison because


    because poor black kids do a lot

    and he should too

    even though it's fucking bullshit when those poor black kids do

    because well

    something something

    even it out

    i guess

  • 21stCentury21stCentury A Deadly Mix of Ambition and Drive Registered User regular
    Kalkino wrote: »
    So I won a very nice bottle of champagne in a dance off tonight at the work Christmas party.

    I was quite proud of my opening move, where I took my jacket off slowly and then handed it to my opponent like he was my butler.

    Congrats on being a pawn of the danceocracy.

  • PonyPony Registered User regular
    Ludious wrote: »
    or we could just give this whole humanity thing up, admit defeat, and all agree to press the big red button


  • ElkiElki get busy Moderator, ClubPA mod
    Geth, recycle this thread now.

  • GethGeth Legion Perseus VeilRegistered User, Moderator, Penny Arcade Staff, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    This thread is no longer active, and will be recycled.
    @Shivahn will create the new thread
    @Pony is backup

  • ElkiElki get busy Moderator, ClubPA mod

    KalkinoTaminJacobkoshRear Admiral Choco
  • JacobkoshJacobkosh Gamble a stamp. I can show you how to be a real man!Moderator mod
    Feral wrote: »
    Seen on tumblr:
    starfleet: we're glad you're home
    starfleet: we've been reviewing your records
    janeway: k when is my promotion
    starfleet: what makes you think you're getting a promotion
    janeway: my future self told me all about it when she broke the temporal prime directive and brought me stolen future technology
    starfleet: yeah so in that vein there are some things we need to discuss
    janeway: if there's a problem with the paperwork blame chakotay
    janeway: i don't do forms i do holographic irish bartenders and former borg drones
    doctor: i can assure you that while in the delta quadrant we conducted ourselves with grace and dignity according to the highest principles of starfleet
    b'elanna: yeah step off our balls you weren't there you don't know
    tom: yeah you weren't there that time we stole a keg of omega molecules from some douchebag aliens who were going to blow up the quadrant
    harry: or that time we played space nascar and ended up in the center of a terrorist plot
    tom: or that time we were all super horny and built a fake irish city so that we could get drunk and laid
    harry: or when we tied that guy to a chair and waited for the aliens to eat him because he wouldn't tell us what we wanted to know
    tom: oh shit remember that time i got 30 days for ignoring the wishes of some foreign government and destroying their mining operation
    harry: that was almost as crazy as the time you restored that old shuttle but then it fell in love with you and tried to kill b'elanna
    b'elanna: speaking of which remember when that bomb i made for the maquis came back and tried to kill us
    chakotay: that reminds me of when seska stole my dna and tried to impregnate herself with my child
    tom: nothing will ever compare to the time me and the captain had kids and left them on that planet
    janeway: we were young and innocent then
    tom: how many lizard years to a human year i feel like i should send a birthday card
    janeway: like 6
    tom: you don't even know you're just saying that
    janeway: you should talk you're such an absent father
    tom: oh no you didn't
    janeway: i didn't even want kids
    starfleet: is there a reason you stenciled PARTY BUS on the side of voyager
    janeway: is there a reason i shouldn't have


    @Feral omg

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