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PAX East 2014 Parties



  • KumaKuma Registered User regular
    I hit up the Bethesda party and went downstairs to the Infinity Crisis party. Bethesda party was very well polished. The experience of it was crazy fun and interesting. They had a band, a guy dressed up as a German official, paid dancers, swag, food, drinks.

    The Infinity Crisis party was simply free drinks and food in a club but we didn't need to wait in line since we were already in the club. We were one of the first ones there and it never seemed to get super crowded, so that was nice.

    I also met Dan Tack at the Bethesda party and was talking to him about what he enjoyed at the show and Diablo 3 for a bit so that was fun. He's an editor over at Game Informer.

    I really liked Infinite Crisis. They had both clubs on the bottom floor, free drinks and a friggin Batman ice luge! It didnt hurt that I knew a lot of people there.

  • RidleyDragonRidleyDragon Registered User regular
    The wolfenstein party was incredible, it was the first party I've ever been to that actually made me decide to buy a game I had no interest in before

  • ClixClix This guy I know Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    edited April 2014
    The Bethesda party was well worth the walk. Free food, free drinks, swag, live music, odd theme, and a much easier wait to demo Wolfenstein then it was on the expo hall floor.

    Clix on
  • surettesurette kill the switch Boston, MARegistered User regular
    Glad to hear the Bethesda party was awesome again this year. ESO party last year was so incredible that that alone made me want to attend the Wolfenstein party, but timing didn't work out.

    Also sounds like Asus party wasn't great, so I'm no longer as bummed that we skipped afterparties this year.

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