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Looking for a desktop mic for chatting/Skype etc.

honoverehonovere Registered User regular

I am using my PC with a TV in the living room. That means I am sitting about 2-3m away from both. Now I am looking for a microphon that I can put next to the TV for chatting and voip. I tried a desktop mic from the local electronics store but that was useless as it couldn't really pic up anything further away then half a metre without huge distortions.

Can someone recommend me a suitable mic? Hopefully not to pricey? 50 would be my preferred upper limit.

Thanks in advance.


  • JAEFJAEF Unstoppably Bald Registered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Anything you put next to the TV is that can pick up your voice from 2-3m away is going to pick up every sound the TV is putting out, making it useless. Depending on what your setup looks like you're going to want maybe a long distance corded clip-on mic, headset or something wireless.

    Edit: Or a long distance USB hub would open up more options

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  • hsuhsu Registered User regular
    Get a USB mic meant for podcasting, from a real audio company, like Samson ( or Blue ( They'll easily pick up sound from 2m away; we use Samson C03U mics in our conference rooms at work, and they pick everything.

    You want the USB mics, because they have power and a dedicated analog to digital converter. 3.5mm mics have crap for power and use your motherboard's crappy A/D converter. Pros use XLR mics, but those require additional equipment to use with computers.

    Given your budget (which is very low), I would suggest the Samson Q1U or the Blue Snowball USB; both are about $50.

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