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No Subforums Show Up/Permission Problems

MoatmanMoatman Registered User new member
Whether I'm logged in or not, I can only see this, The Rules, and The Christmas Hangout forums. If I try to get to threads through other means (bookmarks or links), I get a message that says "Permission Problem" and then "You don't have permission to do that" (screenshot). This happens with every subforum and post I try to go to outside of the three mentioned above.
ETA: I've tried clearing cache and cookies, and have both Firefox and Chrome do this

Moatman on


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited December 2013
    This is working as intended. Since the switchover to Vanilla, the traditional hangout has been missing. It has now returned to its rightful place.

    zerzhul on
  • E-gongaE-gonga Registered User regular
    Just to clarify; only three forums will be open this Christmas?

    Have all existing threads been moved into the Christmas hangout? I've tried searching for the GTA thread but can't find it.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited December 2013

    No. Secret Santa threads will likely get moved over to the hangout.

    zerzhul on
  • MechMantisMechMantis Registered User regular
    E-gonga wrote: »
    Just to clarify; only three forums will be open this Christmas?

    Have all existing threads been moved into the Christmas hangout? I've tried searching for the GTA thread but can't find it.

    Well you should make a Christmas GTA Thread, for enforced Christmas Cheer.

  • MoatmanMoatman Registered User new member
    Cool, thanks.

  • AthenorAthenor Battle Hardened Optimist The Skies of HiigaraRegistered User regular
    My favorite part of this is seeing how all of the subforums basically make their most popular threads, which gives a good feel of what is popular in the entire community.

    This'd be a hell of a time to do the census/opinion...

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  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    Regular forums will return around December 26th. Nothing from the old forums have been lost.

  • Undead ScottsmanUndead Scottsman Registered User regular
    Bookmark data is saved too? My bookmark list will repopulate after the 25th, right?

  • IcyLiquidIcyLiquid Two Steaks Montreal, QuebecAdministrator, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    Bookmark data is saved too? My bookmark list will repopulate after the 25th, right?


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  • cB557cB557 voOOP Registered User regular
    I feel the obvious question is: why?

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  • agoajagoaj Top Tier One FearRegistered User regular
    cB557 wrote: »
    I feel the obvious question is: why?

    rituals dating back thousands of years.

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  • SpoitSpoit *twitch twitch* Registered User regular
    @icyliquid @ notifications don't seem to be working in the holiday forum

  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    cB557 wrote: »
    I feel the obvious question is: why?
    It's been a tradition for years now to shut down everything on Christmas and let everyone get together and share some holiday cheer with one another. Traditionally it only happens on Christmas but, since we skipped two years due to moving to Vanilla, we decided to make up for it and bring back the Hangout in a big way.

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  • Hahnsoo1Hahnsoo1 Make Ready. We Hunt.Registered User regular
    I, for one, welcome our Christmas forum overlords.

    Yay! The Xmas hangout is back! I've missed it.

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  • Steel FireSteel Fire Gunboat Diplomat PAI MarketingRegistered User regular
    edited December 2013
    Taking away the few things I participate in and access to those I participate with does not put me in the Christmas spirit. Bad way to start vacation.

    Steel Fire on
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  • StericaSterica Yes Registered User, Moderator mod
    People you interact with have not gone anywhere. Everyone can post in the Hangout.

    The threads you were posting in will return in a few days. If you cannot wait that long, then maybe a moment to reflect on a few things is in order.

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  • intropintrop Registered User regular
    This ... this is brilliant.

    Forum links are suddenly bitrotted; any useful information stored within, such as, oh I don't know, server IPs and how to access community games and conversations about running projects, are now unreachable.

    That's super-smart.

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  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    Oh shit sorry, I forgot that we owe you something

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  • SkeithSkeith Registered User regular
    This has been a thing long enough that people can prepare for it. Now drink your goddamn egg nog.

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    cB557 wrote: »
    I feel the obvious question is: why?

    A. It gives the moderators a couple of days off to spend with their families
    B. It gives everyone a chance to interact with each other where they otherwise wouldn't
    C. It's enjoyed by the vast majority of people
    D. It gives me a chance to populate my list of shitty whiners

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  • NightslyrNightslyr Registered User regular
    Can we have more hangout occasions? I mean, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and my birthday is the day after, so those would make sense....

    Not kidding. I like things getting changed up. Our avatars could have a heart border, and all the post backgrounds could be pink.

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  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    We did it for Hanukkah once but the raging of the goy was too intense.

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  • JacobkoshJacobkosh Gamble a stamp. I can show you how to be a real man!Moderator mod
    to be fair

    to be fair

    the mohels were a bit much

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  • Ash of YewAsh of Yew Registered User regular
    I think it's stupid and I'm just gonna consider the forums down for the next few days. What a horrible tradition.

  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    I, in turn, cannot conceive of how you can possibly have developed into such a colossal fuckwit.

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  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    This one is resolved I think. Thank you @moatman for bringing it to attention.

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