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Just One More Turn....



  • GihgehlsGihgehls Registered User regular
    edited April 2007
    Man, I used to play games until my eyes bled, but that was when I was a child. The only games to make me do this in my adulthood has been Half-Life, HL2, and HL2 EP1.

    Gihgehls on
  • mrsnackroadmrsnackroad Registered User
    edited April 2007
    When I was much younger, the entire second semester of 7th grade was spent pining away for my SNES after being banned from it...


    After spending a whopping 23 hours playing Earthbound.

    Stupid Starman Deluxe, GIVE ME THE FUCKING SWORD.

    mrsnackroad on
  • BallmanBallman Registered User regular
    edited April 2007
    Oh god. That reminds me, I probably spent two days trying to get a stupid pink tail from a pink puff in FF4. Finally, by the time I gave up, I was so ridiculously overpowered that I killed the final boss (crap I can't remember his name) in 2-3 minutes.

    Ballman on
    JC of DI wrote:
    Mr. G wrote: »
    So, there's a video of Kurt Cobain in [Guitar Hero 5] out. I feel dirty watching this, he just looks wrong.

    Well Cobain's mo-cap session was completely useless, so you can't blame them.
  • Gorilla SaladGorilla Salad Registered User regular
    edited April 2007
    So, do you need HL2 to play Distopia?

    Gorilla Salad on
    Organichu wrote: »
    The main rub is that, fuck, I'm already paying some to upgrade the length... why not pay a little bit more to upgrade the length AND width?
  • Tails CorraTails Corra Registered User
    edited April 2007
    Two tales to share...

    This one was my fault... Lunar Eternal Blue Spoileriffy story...
    It was a little after midnight, and I just beat the fake Red Dragon. I saved my game and figure I'll poke my head out and see what's comming up. Towers get destroyed, Zophar revives, eats the Goddess Palance, steals Lucia...

    ... okay I should put this down and go to bed...

    Ghalleon comes to gloat, I kick his arse, we go to Zophar's Domain...

    ... maybe I'll just scout ahead and see what I'll be up against tommorrow...

    Rush through the palance, almost blindly, running away from fights. I'm terribly under powered and I don't even have Hiro's Triple Slash yet. Oh... this place looks cool... Zophar, oh bloody hell. I'll fight him and see just how much I can do...

    In a battle that probably lasted at LEAST an hour if not two... I swear the elation at seeing Zophar's pretty-boy face crack could never be matched...

    I watch the ending... save the game... okay NOW I go to bed...

    ... after I see how the epiloge starts...

    This next one was my fault too... but I lay blame on the game too. Resident Evil 2 (N64 version)

    Playing the second story with Leon. I'm just about to enter the sewers but my inventory is getting a little packed. Well, it seems pretty status quo any Typewriter I've come across usually has some ribbon next to it. I'll just drop all mine into the safe box and I'm sure I'll find either or soon enough when I have more space.

    A few hours later, no safe boxes, no ribbons, typewriters gallore.

    Needless to say, I was screaming like a girl when the Tyrant cornered me in the security hallway of the elevator.

    Thankfully, while left in Critical condition with no more healing items, I found the security room at the bottom of the elevator. Okay I think it's time for bed now.

    Tails Corra on
    Wii FC: 4136 3615 8283 3576
    Brawl: 3265 4738 2973
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