Camp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Maybe

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imageCamp Weedonwantcha by Katie Rice — Maybe


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  • donnellhudsondonnellhudson Registered User new member
    Merry Christmas Katie, and beautiful comic as always.

  • jkeyjkey Registered User regular
    Merry Christmas all, I love Camp Wedonwantcha! It's like Peanuts for my generation!

  • TzivyaTzivya Registered User regular
    Tie it to a rock, put it in the river, never speak of it again.

  • DasilodaviDasilodavi Registered User regular
    A guilty secret at camp is a heavy burden when your time there is FOREVER.
    You gotta tell him, and swallow that bitter pill. Maybe give him a feral cat as penance.

  • funkymonk017funkymonk017 Registered User new member
    My favorite number has always been 17 so, naturally, when you first introduced your creation on Strip Search I geeked out and immediately assumed Seventeen would be my favorite. But nope. Brian's gentle, stoic and always helpful demeanor has won me over.

    ps. I love how his hands stay firmly planted in his hoodie when he runs.

  • mushymushy Unprofessional Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    The art of the flat whistle is beautiful

  • MuffinsMuffins Registered User regular
    Oh Seventeen, so bright and wide eyed. : P

    But seriously, cool feature of her character design.

  • Justin138Justin138 HartsvilleRegistered User regular
    Katie rocks. So awesome.

  • cubbylostboycubbylostboy Registered User regular
    "Maybe he won't notice" Ahhh, words I still use today.

  • ReiskaReiska Registered User regular
    Rocks have rocked many ties to mental stability through the hidden past.

    Solid rock seldom fails.

  • ThesammichmasterThesammichmaster Registered User regular
    Polecat is in the first panel.

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