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Thurs. April 10th Looking for people to see a concert with.

zombiestumpzombiestump Registered User new member
THe Decible Tour is the night before PAX East this year, and its great timing if you like Metal music. Carcass and the Black Dahlia Murder are playing at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. Anyone interested? the site says tickets are 30 bucks, a very reasonable price for seeing two legendary bands. I ask because no one I am going with likes either Bands and don't really wanna go solo.


  • sillyzombie666sillyzombie666 massRegistered User regular
    this is very tempting i have a hotel on thursday so i might look into this if nothing comes up

  • rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    i may depending on if i do the pokecrawl or not

  • rascrushrascrush Registered User regular
    just looked them up lil to heavy for me I like metal but not that heavy I will have to pass thanks anyway

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