Somnambulistic Tendencies

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I am trying to improve my artwork. No professional ambitions, simply a hobbyist. Yet I like drawing and would like to see some improvement so I am planning to update this thread weekly and see if consistent effort and your feedback and crits can up my game over the next 12 months or so.

Any thoughts you have, comments, crits, suggestions would be great. I struggle with color, lighting and backgrounds a good deal but anything you see, I'd love to hear about.

Thanks ahead of time!

An illustration of a pattern of self destruction based on my experiences:

Port of a friend and his son who lives across the country (poster sized):

A tattoo I designed for a friend. A bit wonky but I like the idea:

Port of a friends daughter:

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    Hey man, Welcome!

    There is some cool shit going on here, I think the first one and the tattoo are actually pretty fun. The two portraits start to uncover what I assume is just a lack of formal training. The bad news is the skills that you want to improve require the most technical areas of study, as you are essentially looking to improve your base level understanding. That is a sort of tedious process that will require you tackling some exercises that are on the boring side. The good news is, those skills are the easiest to look at completely objectively.

    More good news is, we have some threads that can help. I suggest checking out the Noahs art camp thread, because it gives you some idea of what sorts of exercises can propel you forward. I'll try and get in there and put in the last three weeks of lessons.

    We also have the monthly enrichment threads:

    If you are going to keep up with portraits, I'd recommend these proko vids:

    Anyway, sorry to throw a bunch of links at you, but its the best thing to do with some of these basic concepts. Keep posting work, and we'll try to be as helpful as we can!

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    Zounds! Thank you for the links.

    You are right that I have no formal training. I took a zinc plate etching class in college and that's about it.

    I like the Noahs Art Camp thread and think I will try to do some studies over the next few days and see where it takes me.

    Thanks again.

    Edit: Just watched the Any Angle Head Proko video. I've seen that breakdown of the head in many books but never heard it explained like that. Very cool.

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