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[Year in Review] Tell me about your 2013 D&D.



  • DynagripDynagrip destroy everything you touch Registered User, ClubPA regular
    I got married. We've been together for 5 years and that hasn't had any noticeable impact really. My career seems to be progressing well and I got a solid raise and a fair amount of acclaim for my accomplishments. A couple of instances of the feeling of being a returning hero, as much as a engineer can be anyway. I was the pro tem engineering manager for a bit and I kept the wheels from falling off the bus, which was a minor feat.

    Afted a couple of vet visits all signs pointed to my dog Gus having lymphoma, which was super hard on me. Like I was crying at random times at work and stuff luckily I had an office to myself. Even better it turned out that Gus had a thymoma, an operable tumor on his thhymus. After $texas in vet bills he's as good as new. I'm thankful that I had the means to keep him around a few more years. He's old though , just turned 12, if I'm lucky I've got 3 more years with him. The lymphoma scare was good preparation but it's going to really suck when his ticket is finally punched.

    I looked into buying a house but the Houston market is bonkers right now and it made the search pointless. Will give it another shot this year. We'll see how that goes.

    My family managed to avoid melting down, which is always a pleasant surprise. I was diligent about taking care of myself and have come out well through my periodic health issues. Dealing with it can be an annoyance but I have a really good doctor and the self discipline to keep shit together.

    I've been working on self improvement type crap with stuff like mind bloom and lift but I think I need to put In more work. I like who I am but there's always something to work on.

    All in all it was a good year for me. I want to work at being a more positive person and getting in better shape. It would also be nice if I good get into !more of a leadership role at work. Those are my main targets for 2014.

  • NecoNeco F- Registered User regular
    edited January 2014
    Bad stuff:

    Lost a friend to a drug overdose
    Lost another friend to suicide
    $12,000 panic attack

    Good stuff:

    Started the very early parts of transitioning
    Made new friends
    Reconnected with old friends

    So 2013 was a year for me. Some really great stuff happened, along with some really NOT great stuff. Overall, I am not sad to see the year end, but I think I set up 2014 to be a pretty good year... hopefully...

    Neco on
  • LoserForHireXLoserForHireX Registered User regular
    Bad Stuff:

    My anxiety ratcheted up. I got to go on a second happy pill to avoid panic attacks.
    I was unemployed for a long time and thus simply existing was kind of a bummer.
    Got my heart kind of pooped on a couple times. That was lame.

    Good stuff:

    I started being a TA, and I started legitimately working on a PhD program.
    I got to have a sweet thanksgiving with some awesome people
    I got laid (there are years where this doesn't happen)

    All in all I feel pretty good about 2013. Wasn't bad as far as years go. I have pretty much everything nailed down in my life. Just need a nice lady to share some cool stuff with.

    "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to give into it." - Oscar Wilde
    "We believe in the people and their 'wisdom' as if there was some special secret entrance to knowledge that barred to anyone who had ever learned anything." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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