QRANE - A choose your own adventure (about battle robots in a spooky castle)

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My favorite possible thing is being able to summarize it just like that.

It's 48 'pages' right now but it's a pretty fast read imo.


It's been a little hard to get feedback on this thing, but I remembered how reliable you guys have been about projects I've brought in the past.

On /tg/ of 4chan (possibly the greatest, most courteous board they have) I started a 'Quest Thread' mere hours after I learned they were a thing. If I wasn't an avid follower of Two Best Friends, and their Super Best Friendscast, I wouldn't have known to watch this video.
And by extension, I wouldn't be on this project now.

For a couple months, I'd been backburning this idea about a kick-and-jump robot who is making the best of a weird situation, in a giant elaborate dungeon suspended in the sky filled with oddities at every turn. And I was just gonna set it aside as a normal action comic, but now that I've seen the fun that comes out of reader-involvement, I wouldn't have it any other way. I changed the premise a little bit (making him a recovering/rebooting amnesiac) to fit that format's immersion.

I do hope to get a site for this eventually, with its own individual forum, where decisions are easier to organize (on 4chan you have to worry about bumping threads or they -die-). But before that, I'm interested in hearing what non-/tg/ folk have to say about it. /tg/ is currently where all the crossroad decisions are made. Sometimes choices are simple as "Either do X or Y" but there's a lot of tangential stuff that makes its way into the blend.

Would love to hear any and all thoughts, as well as converse about the format itself. Recommended reading of this kind, perhaps. You might be familiar with Kazerad's comic, Prequel.

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    Let me preface this with, I like your drawings and I hope none of this is discouraging. Personally, I feel like the format is a little over played right now. Its not a critique and more of a personal preference, but every time I read a comic in this format I kinda think "Oh look, a homestuck" and then move on. I know that Prequel probably has its own merits, but I just cant. I also fell completely off of Hussies train too, so there's that. I'm mostly saying that because I think it would be unfair to pretend that wasn't coloring my opinion. If you love the format and really want to work that way, that's totally cool.

    You should know that the format itself comes with a lot of draw backs. One of the biggest? Its going to heavily rely on your ability to write over anything else. Your comic needs to be either super awesome to look at, have a great story with super engaging characters, or both. This format lends itself to a quicker, simplistic drawing to allow you to keep up with the update pace, because you are getting bite sized amount of time panel to panel. So what needs to hold it up are the characters and the plot progression.

    Unfortunately "Character with amnesia wakes up in a strange place" is pretty much a snooze fest story wise. You could get around this by putting A TON of time and detail into each panel so that your comic is simply a wonder to look at, but this format does not really lend itself to it. You are basically presenting me with "Whats all this weird shit?? Get excited!!" and I'm like "...why?" If I want to have the complete discovery and wonder of taking control of a blank character and walking around a strange land, the perfect format for that is a video game. If I want to read a comic, I want there to be some meat there. If you really want to do it this way, You need to push something pretty crazy interesting to not look and sound like the rest.

    So, You can take that all with a grain of salt. Your drawings are functional for what the comic is, and are a bit to stylized to really critique with much use. If you want crits on the art itself, I suggest posting more in the actual thread so we have something to focus on.

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    It is a little discouraging. Namely that Hussie has squeezed the format so hard that this kind of snap reaction is impossible to avoid. I say that on the kindest possible terms. If I said I haven't ruled out a lot of content because of its first impression I'd be lying through my teeth.

    I am glad you spoke up because there have been times I've brought this project up (sometimes with friends, sometimes in a chat) and just gotten silence. Like there was possibly an elephant named 'Homestuck' in the room. Silence is the only thing I hate getting. I do believe there's more to this format that Hussie hasn't gotten anywhere near, and that there isn't exactly a 'right now' that needs worrying about.

    And the whole amnesia thing is meant to be super temporary. A very small tutorial part of the intro, meant to show what the character is capable of doing rather than bullet-pointing all the things at once. He can jump, he can use his scarf as a telescopic hand, he's a powerful force with his feet. It's not meant to be a "Who am I?" story for very long. The memories/protocol returning has a countdown and everything. The countdown should be about over, once the current battle is done.

    The exploration would be better served as a video game, I agree. My biggest inspiration has been Radical Dreamers. If you've played that, then bless you. And I'd absolutely love to do it sort of like that, in a hybrid Radical Dreamers + Metroidvania sort of way, if I could wrangle some dudes willing (no idea where to begin.) I'm no Konjak, unfortunately.

    Also, tangent question. Do you ever go to /co/? Something about what you said reminds me of a thread I was in.

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    Nah, I'm not a chan-type, I'm sure my opinion of the format isn't unique, though.

    I will say that I am a super flighty reader, and get bored easily. If you plan to move the story forward, that's really good. Personally, I would still try to find ways to not live under the homestuck shadow, I mean, input from readers is (well, was) a novel concept, but honestly unless you are in the thick of it (Like, in a 4chan thread) your average reader is going to take it all at face value. Ask yourself what it is really adding to the work.

    I'm glad you are only a little discouraged, but I really don't mean to be at all. You have the freedom to do what ever you want with these characters. You can push the mold however you want, allow yourself the flexibility. Try and be inspired. I mean in some ways, hussie is married to the monster he created. You really don't have to be.

    If you haven't, I would pick up Scott McCloud's books on comics. His Ideas about what to do on the internet with comics are sort of dated, but at the core his advice about using the media to maximize its potential for story telling is sound.

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