Grand Battle--MMO Strategy:War

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Grand Battle--MMO Strategy:War

It is a free Android MMO game which needs you to Lead your army, tanks, and real battle forces to launch a bloody war against your enemy in the fierce battlefield.

You will experience a realistic world of commander and with lifelike scenes, realistic fierce battles and military weapons. With stunning graphics and well-thought gameplay,you can be addicted to the game.
Free-to-play MMO android battle game;
Lead your alliances, chat with members, and fight together with your people;
World-class defense system with Oracle, Rhino tanks of Red Alert, Gun Turret and Mortar Towers;
Various military forces such as Infantry, Tanks, Jet Fighters, Missiles, Cannons, Landmines and Atomic Bombs;
Spy satellite locating your enemy






YouTube Videos:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks3McMfiu20


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    RosaurRosaur Registered User new member
    A very great game I have played all the time. Thanks for sharing. By the way, the game has updated to 6.2.1.

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    RosaurRosaur Registered User new member
    Very Fun MMO game,no people noticed it??

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    RosaurRosaur Registered User new member
    The game has updated to the version 6.4.3.

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    vanvoonavanvoona Registered User new member
    it's really a fantastic game
    like it alot

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    RosaurRosaur Registered User new member
    New version 6.60 for Grand Battle Available on Google Play Now

    What’s New in V6.6.0:
    1. Add a new defense building: Anti-air gun turret;
    2. Add a Monthly Card: receive free medals every day;
    3. Add General Skills removal function;
    4. Add alliance leader transfer function;
    5. The top level for Emblem and Books are upgraded to Lvl 15
    6. Add different types of General Skills;
    7. Add strategy choices when in defense or in battle
    8. Optimization in alliance battle when scouting enemies, Mammon and scratch card
    9. Fix bugs in Defense activity, Arena and others


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    DivebommahDivebommah Registered User regular
    Sooooo, how's that monetization coming along?

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