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Zig21: Opponent of Free Speach

Thug LifeThug Life Registered User
edited August 2004 in PAX Archive
*Seriously. -Zig*

Thug Life on


  • FallFall Registered User
    edited August 2004
    You've taken one too many hockey pucks to the brainpan if you honestly believe soliciting someone to buy alcohol for a minor is "semi-legal".

    Fall on
  • terrixterrix Registered User
    edited August 2004
    He should ban you.

    No one said you have free speech on message boards, the agreement you check when you register says that. Thats at the discretion of the admins who own or are entitled authority over a board which is hosted on a private server in a private database and whose contents are at the behest of those who pay to have it hosted and give authority to who they please. No one said you have to allow anyone to put anything they want on your website or property, a message board is a privilage offered by the owners of a website to those who agree to follow their rules.

    The sooner you realize that the less of an idiot you'll be. You want free speech, start your own website with messageboard that you pay for or manage then you can put whatever you want on it, and people can choose whether or not they want to read it or not. Thats free speech.

    Selling alcohol to a minor is as illegal as selling drugs. It's against the law period and businesses get shut down for allowing it. Its immature kids like you who are the reason the law exists as obviously you don't act like someone who needs beer as who knows how stupider you will act considering how much self control or common sense you are exercising sober. Also, if you need beer or its that important to you to have fun at PAX, you have problems.

    Zig21, your the man.

    terrix on
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